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SeoCustomer Hot Tricks & Tips 2012 Q1 - SEO, SEM, Social Media Traffic and Link Building from 2012Q1


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SeoCustomer Hot Tricks & Tips 2012 Q1 - SEO, SEM, Social Media Traffic and Link Building from 2012Q1. Read more at

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SeoCustomer Hot Tricks & Tips 2012 Q1 - SEO, SEM, Social Media Traffic and Link Building from 2012Q1

  1. 1. Page 1/81 The Complete SeoCustomer Guide 2012 Q1 SEO, SEM, Social Media Traffic and Link Building
  2. 2. Page 2/81 Welcome to my “Complete SeoCustomer Guide”................................................................................... 4 Search Engine Market Share (November 2011) ....................................................................................... 5 This happens every minute on the internet ............................................................................................... 6 Boost your SEO with your customer reviews........................................................................................... 8 How to Get 10.000 Visitors to Your Website or Blog............................................................................. 10 The biggest change in the history of Google?......................................................................................... 12 Get your emails opened – and get your traffic NOW ............................................................................. 13 SEO User-generated Content You Need to Know .................................................................................. 15 What is Google Display Network ........................................................................................................... 19 How to check your ranking – free software............................................................................................ 21 How to Use Twitter for Your Business.................................................................................................... 24 The 5 most common mistakes running Google Adwords....................................................................... 28 A must read – Google Update January.................................................................................................... 30 Get Free Advertising on Google ............................................................................................................. 31 Save time and get higher CTR ................................................................................................................ 35 Know a Donut and Know Everything about Social Media..................................................................... 37 Get More Customers – More Ways to Improve Your Adwords CTR ..................................................... 39 The most overlooked SEO techniques? .................................................................................................. 40 How to Make Lead Generation using Social Media............................................................................... 45 Stand Out On Twitter .............................................................................................................................. 47 Design and Usability............................................................................................................................... 48 301 Redirects and SEO ........................................................................................................................... 51 Check-in and get high? ........................................................................................................................... 52 Important Link Strategy for A Blogger................................................................................................... 53 Google Alerts for Link Building ............................................................................................................. 54 Boost your conversion rate with dynamic keywords on your landing-site............................................. 55 How to Get Likes On Facebook.............................................................................................................. 58 Google Heat Maps and SEO ................................................................................................................... 60 How to use the SEO Pyramid Strategy................................................................................................... 62 Don’t Use the Black Hat – Link Building............................................................................................... 64 Ranking is dead – and welcome to the new SEO baby named Joe......................................................... 66 Infographic for Social Media .................................................................................................................. 69 How to Use YouTube for SEO................................................................................................................ 71 Hot Tip – Get Better Offline sale from Adwords.................................................................................... 75 The Future Is Here – Check out Google’s New Glasses......................................................................... 78
  3. 3. Page 3/81 How to Get Started with Social Media For Small businesses – Hot Tips............................................... 79
  4. 4. Page 4/81 Welcome to my “Complete SeoCustomer Guide” This is my 2nd version of the Complete SeoCustomer Guide. If you have a blog you will know – that after a while your articles will disappear from your website – because you have new articles coming all the time. But the older articles still have great content. That's why I made this guide in the first place. I hope you all got the “Complete SeoCustomer Guide 2011” or else you can still download it at This guide is not made because I want to make an e-book. This guide is made because I have a passion for SEO, Social Media Traffic, Link Building and SEM (PPC) – so it will only be a great e-book if I know you are using some of the tips and tricks I am writing about. So go to the blog and leave me a comment :) Well …. No more talk... The coffee is hot; the music is playing (Paul McCartney of course). So enjoy the ride and see you at the end... As always – all the best to you Henrik PS - let’s stay connected... Facebook - LinkedIn - Twitter -!/HenrikSandbergJ Google+ - Illustration 1: Image: Stuart Miles /
  5. 5. Page 5/81 Search Engine Market Share (November 2011) When we are talking SEM – we often only think of Google and Google Adwords. But remember there are more search engines where you can put your ads. So even though Yahoo has a market share of around 7 to 9 percent – it's still a lot of people coming there. And most of the time you can get a much cheaper click price at the other search engines. Let me hear from you... Have any of you ever used Yahoo Search Marketing? Hit me a comment and show me you are alive First the global market shares… Global: Google 84.72% Yahoo 6.42% Baidu 4.67% Bing 2.14% 0.56% Other 0.49% And here are the market shares in the US… United States: Google 83.18% Yahoo 8.23% Bing 5.15% Facebook 1.43% 0.78% Other 1.13%
  6. 6. Page 6/81 This happens every minute on the internet I came across this on the internet (source and I wanted to share it with you. Do you know what happens on the internet every 60 Sec? Let me tell you just a few things.. • 98.000+ tweets • 370.000 minute voice calls on Skype • 13.000 iPhone applications downloaded • 81 iPad sold • 75.000 dollars added to Google revenues • 168 million emails are sent Check much more here…
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  8. 8. Page 8/81 Boost your SEO with your customer reviews So what is this SEO all about? To get high ranking? To get traffic? No it’s not it’s all about getting more sales without paying for online or offline advertising. So I want to tell you how you can get higher ranking and get more sale. Sounds sweet right? The trick is to encourage customer reviews is what it's all about. Often the websites are great The companies try to stand out from the competition. Often they have easy navigation and a great platform; they give good customer service and offer a great range of products. Often the problem is the web shop. The actual product pages. I see a lot of websites with a standardized product description and only a couple of images. The product is standardized and could be sold in many hundreds of other websites. And because it's a duplicate content you will have an issue with the search engines. They don’t like duplicate content – and so they don’t like your website. And you will not get the higher ranking you deserve. So as we know – content is king right? So first make some high-quality, unique content for your products. This will be the backbone of your SEO campaign. One way to create high- quality content is to encourage customer reviews on your products. This will not only boost your SEO rating – it will also boost your sale. Reports from shows that customer reviews can boost your online sale with an average of 18%. So with customer reviews you will get unique content, higher ranking in SEO, more sale from your existing customers. Sweet right? You benefits With this customer reviews you will earn trust and reliability which are very important factor to Google. You will get unique content without spending a lot of time and money making it. But there are much more benefits. The customers will share the information with their friends on Facebook, twitter, Google+ and other social media sites. So remember to have a lot of visible share buttons. According to reports from Hitwise (an online retailer) each of their Facebook fan is worth 20 additional visits over the course of a year. So remember to make sure your Facebook like/fan is visible. So use Facebook in your marketing strategy. We all know that our friends on Facebook – are very much like ourselves. So if we like a product it’s very possible that our friends will like it too. You get my point right? How to encourage customer reviews? Customers like incentives. So a good way to encourage customers is to offer a discount or maybe a special offer coupon that they can use next time they are shopping on your site. You can also give the 5 percent discount (but we want SEO without paying for the add right?). You can also do free shipping. Another way to get your customer reviews is to do like Amazon and others. A week after the purchase (they must have received the product before you can ask them) you got to send them an auto responder (email) where they can click and quickly give you a feedback that will show up on the product webpage.
  9. 9. Page 9/81 Ask people to leave a constructive feedback to you about your product. If the review is bad but constructive, you can respond to the bad review and change the bold experiment to a better one. If somebody tells you that your red product wasn’t red at all. You can write back – saying that you have now been in contact with your supplier to make sure it’s red from now on. You will have control over the reviews – and no – if the comment is factually incorrect, harmful or defamatory you should not publish theses reviews. You can write on your page that those kind of comments will not be published. The conclusion Remember to take your actual product pages seriously. Write a unique content about the products and let people help you make them unique. This will help you to boost your sale and boost your ranking. Okay time for some coffee now… Take care out there… Henrik
  10. 10. Page 10/81 How to Get 10.000 Visitors to Your Website or Blog You have a blog or a website and now you are thinking of starting making a newsletter. But what do you do? Newsletters are old-school? So you might be thinking that making a newsletter is old- school. But think again. 1. It complements your Web site like a cup for your coffee. The coffee is not good without the cup right? 2. Email newsletters are more cost-effective than print newsletters. I don’t have to say anything about this. We all low something that is free or almost free. Of course we do If you print a newsletter you have costs for printing and then for mailing them. 3. E-newsletters are interactive so you will of course send a link to your website. So you will get experience about the opening click rate and with the link click rate in the mail. So let’s say that you have 100 people in your database. Maybe 50 percent will open the mail. And maybe half of the people that open the mail will click the link inside of it – right? Well then you will get 25 people on your website. Well what if you build up a database with 40.000 people than 10.000 people will click to your website. (That’s not old-school – that’s a lot of clicks). 4. You can test its effectiveness. Which headlines are working? Is it better to show pictures – and which pictures? In most email programs you can do A/B tests. 5. E-newsletters encourage word-of-mouth advertising. It’s easy to forward a newsletter. So your friends can tell other friends about your amazing article 6. You subscribers love you. Your best customers are the ones that sign up for your newsletter. They love your tropic and they love your website so much that they want to hear more. So be sure to send them a mail when you got news for them. Don’t wait so long that they will forget you. And of course don’t send a mail every day or several times a day. Treat them like great customers. 7. Get started now and you will have your backbone. Don’t wait for something. Start today – Start now. Start building up your email database and you will get your backbone in your marketing. Now which Email program should you use? The heart in every email newsletter is the database is the software. So take a trip around and search for a great software program. The reason why I chose Aweber was that... 1. I received many emails from experts that I could see was using Aweber 2. They had great forums with support 3. It was affordable 4. When I was searching for auto-responder it seems that it was the standard that all the other programs wanted to beat
  11. 11. Page 11/81 It’s still new to me but it's very easy to set up. I think I used 10 minutes from the time I signed up until I could start to collect emails. I was checking out a single video about it. Why Aweber Let me admit it – I love my Aweber already (and yes I am still new to the program). Here are some of the reasons why I love it. • Tons of Email Templates (remember to make your own – but that’s easy too) • Email Blog Updates Automatically • Track Who Opens Your Emails • Twitter & Facebook Integration • Publish Your Emails Online • Hundreds Of Sign-up Form Templates • Create Awesome Sign-up Forms • Unlimited Subscriber Campaigns (you can make a lot of lists without paying more) • Segment To Send Target Emails • Immediately Engage Subscribers • Track and Improve Performance • Set Your Own Delivery Hours • Live Support • Knowledge Base I have an affiliate with Aweber. So if you check it out. And check other programs too and you finally want to use Aweber please click my affiliate link here – then I can get some of your link love.
  12. 12. Page 12/81 The biggest change in the history of Google? Read here about “Search Plus Your World”. Google is now introducing a brand new search tool called “Search Plus Your World”. This new tool will be fully launched this week. Right now it's only used if you sign in to and searching in English. This tool combines content that you shared with the user privately together with the normal public web in one single body of results. Suddenly all our SEO is being mixed with privately shared content – which is content from friends and families. The user also gets the option to shift between searching their personalized information and searching the public web. So the user will be able to see posts, photos of their friends, profiles of friends and conversations from Google+ when they search people’s name – according to “The New York Times”. The personalized results mean that it will find “Henrik Sandberg Jensen” (me) and if you knew me in private it would boost your search ranking. And this is very important for us in SEO. Now we have to tag Google+ much more serious. If you take Google+ just as serious as Facebook likes and Twitter followers you absolutely need some Google friends in your circles. If you have a lot of people in your circles your search ranking will take a boost. So now I am going to start doing Google+ much more than I thought I would. So in a couple of days you will see my icon for Google+ on these pages for There are some concerns about the privacy issues here. Suddenly Google makes the private content more public. Google may also get some criticism that they will favor their own content rather than the content from Twitter and Facebook and other Social Media. It's not a new thing that Google uses personalized results in the search ranking. It started in June 2005 where the web content was given a higher ranking based on interests, habits or behavior of the online user. This personalized result was expanded in February 2007 and in the December 2009, where the personalized results have enabled also for not signed-in users to Google. Now in January 2012 with the Search Plus World you will have personal results based on online habits and interests with social results and public search. But here it is folks – it only covers Google+ (and Picasa) not Facebook, twitter, Flickr and other Social Media networks. Check it out here in a video from Google. Take care out there … Henrik (Yes yes yes yes… remember to add me to your Google+ Circles)
  13. 13. Page 13/81 Get your emails opened – and get your traffic NOW If you read my article about “How to Get 10.000 Visitors to Your Website or Blog” you know that it's important to get your email letter started. So now you got to know something about emails. Your email must have one or two desired actions. Maybe it’s to click on a link to get to your website, or maybe it’s a retweet button. Here in this article I am going to tell you something about 1. How to get the email opened 2. How to get your email read 3. How to get the desired action So are you ready? Go and get your coffee and put your favorite music on. Getting the email opened I have found 2 reasons why a recipient want to opens your email. 1. If they know you already and they know that they will get some value using their time. Your email will be opened. 2. Or if your subject line is so exciting and so compelling that they just can’t help opening it to listen to what you have to say. (OMG when I am going to make an email about this article I am going to work hard on the subject) There is no magic formula, what you are going to write in the subject, but there is a methodology that you can use to test your subject lines before sending your email: 1 make a list of all the subjects which your reader may be thinking already. It could be about the economy, if he or she is completely stressed, maybe worried about how he is keeping his job.. and so on 2 Now you are going to write some positive and negative subject lines about it. So you can address what’s already on your reader's mind. 3 Now speak out loud the subject line. Does it work you think? Hopefully it will strike an emotional chord like envy, greed, lust, fear, curiosity… If your reader doesn’t even open your mail... Well you will not get any desired action from him right? How to get it read Now the reader has hopefully opened your mail. So now the question is …. Should you make the email long or short? Maybe the whole article or just a teaser. I have found some different examples. 1. Informational or How-To email. When you are writing informational or How-To related emails, I have found that you should keep it to about 500-700 words in length and include the entire article in your email. 2. Offer emails. If you are offering something. Like I did when wrote about the free
  14. 14. Page 14/81 Complete SeoCustomer Guide 2011, you should keep it short. Like a teaser. The click should lead the reader directly to a long sales page (landing page). 3. News updates. This could be a summary of what has happened on your blog or website the past week. Make sure your first text address the topic from your subject line. How to get the desired action – Increasing Email Click Rates Whatever you want to say in your email you got to have a call to action. So let me tell use the 3 examples again. 1. Informational or How-To emails. Here you are going to tell your reader something helpful, maybe a tip, trick or idea, suggestion or how-to something. You would like the reader to spread the word, so remember to include social link tags in your mail (I do that too.. Please spread the word). Encourage your reader to retweet your email, use Like or bookmarks. 2. Offer emails. Keep it short. Lure them to your landing page, where you can show them more items. Don’t try to sell anything in your mail. Make them curious and sell whatever you are selling on your landing page. 3. News updates. Again you want to tell your reader to go to your website or blog and read the whole article or articles. So keep it short and make it impossible for your readers not to hit the links to your website or blog. Remember that more and more people are now using mobile devices. So be sure your website or blog can be read on a smart-phone. If you are using WordPress for your blog you can get a free plug-in for this. Remember to add me to your Google+ circles. Henrik
  15. 15. Page 15/81 SEO User-generated Content You Need to Know Most of traffic to e-commerce sites comes from search engines like Google. So the SEO is becoming very important for the e-commerce site. Most of the big website does an amazing job, but there is one thing that a lot of them are totally forgetting – and it’s the user- generated content. Why you have to take User-Generated Content (UGC) seriously • Your customers will leave you additional information about your product. Maybe you have forgotten to say that your product weights 20 kg. • You will get some extra valuable keywords. Your customers will maybe say “cheap black car” a word phrase you are not using in your text, but now your page will be found. (Remember to say thx to the customer) • The customers will give you a higher keyword density for the keywords you already have. Maybe you are driving your traffic to your site using the word phrase “cheap cars”. And if all your UGC are talking about “cheap cars” it will help your ranking. • With the Google Panda and other updates from Google, it's now more and more important to have fresh, relevant and always new content. With the UGC you will get that. • It's not only product reviews. Remember the social networks like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Questions and Answers, discussion forums and much more.. You can use the UGC on a lot of your pages, but the most valuable inputs are the ones that are shown on your product page where people can actually buy your product. If the UCG leads the customers to another page first (like your Facebook page) you will lose a lot of people for every click they have to do. So put your product reviews on your product page! Don’t say you are going to do this later.. DO IT NOW. How to let your customers work for you
  16. 16. Page 16/81 Here is how it's going to be done. Take a look at
  17. 17. Page 17/81 But there are also a lot of top e-commerce site that doesn’t use the UGC on their sites. A big site like Dell...
  18. 18. Page 18/81 Even Best Buy is not having their product reviews indexed directly on the product page from Google.
  19. 19. Page 19/81 What is Google Display Network The Google Display Network is a very large group of websites, email programs, blogs, who has partnered with Google to show Adwords ads. In the Google Display Network you can show text, image, video or rich media ads that are targeted based on your keywords list. You can target websites such as YouTube or other specific Google websites along with Google display partners. In the old days we all used to say – don’t you ever use it – But now the Google Display Network (GDN) has become one of the world’s largest ad networks, reaching more than 80% of the internet users worldwide. So yes you have to check it out. The question is when you should use this opportunity. Give the GDN another go? In general it's a good tool if your goal is branding – awareness of your brand. I have read about Jordan – a division of Nike – who did an innovative campaign targeting the niche basketball audience. This result in 188 million impressions and 296,000 clicks. Great awareness right? Another example is American Laser Centers. They used GDN to start a chain reaction of leads and conversions. With the GDN text and image ads their conversion increased with 365%, while cutting impressions in half. Again to create awareness of a brand/chain. 3 reasons why you should consider GDN 1) Below the fold filter out. Google launched a new feature to filter out “below the fold” ads. When people need to scroll down a page to see your ads, this placement is considered below the fold. If ads are visible immediately when someone visits a page, those ads are above the fold. You can use the “Below the fold” category exclusion in Adwords for your brand campaigns to show ads only when users will be able to see them as the page loads, and exclude placements that may appear in a lower section of a website. People use different web browsers, monitor sizes, and screen resolutions, and these factors generally determine if an ad appears above or below the fold. Google considers that ads are above the fold only if they’re 100% on-screen when the browser window loads. 2) Re-marketing. This is a feature that not so many have heard about. If you have had visitors that previously did visit your website but didn’t convert – you can now re-market to those users and show them different messages. So if the customer thought that your site or product was worth visiting they are interested in your product. So showing them other messages – like “did you know we have 3 years buy back guarantee” you might get them to convert. I tell you this is awesome. 3) Campaign Insights Tool. This campaign Insights tools gives some reliable data about how your campaign has raised the brand awareness or active user interest in your product or service. This tool is only available for US and UK advertisers. How to get the most out of your marketing budget using Google’s display Network Revenue increased by 28 percent, and the CPC’s increase by 5 percent from 2010 to 2011. So it’s a marketing channel that needs to be run effectively so you can maximize your ROAS. ROAS stands for Return On Advertising Spending and represents the dollars earned per dollars spent on the corresponding advertising. To determine ROAS, divide revenue derived from the ad source by the cost of that ad source. If companies are taking this marketing channel so seriously that the percent can increase with 28 percent we need to get more insight about using this Network.
  20. 20. Page 20/81 Display Network requires a totally different frame of mind. Now we are no longer talking about the Quality Score. Now you have to understand who your customers really are. Is it male or female, how old are they, where are they living, when do they buy, why do they buy. You will have to do a lot more segmentation of the customers then you do in your normal Google Adwords campaign. These days we are all living in a digital age and all kinds of people are online and searching online. So like in the printed ads you will need to target your audience. If you are selling female running shoes you messages should be very different if you are talking to a 18 years old woman or to a 52 years old woman. So how do you choose your sites? You might have noticed Network Partner Sites that are not showing up in the Adwords Placement Tool. So first you will have to identify all the potential Network Partner Sites. A good strategy is to create a separate campaign, where you can create multiple ad groups for very different keywords themes and let them run for maybe 2 weeks. Soon you will see Network Partner Sites that weren’t on the Adwords Placement Tool. This way you can identify sites that could be very relevant to your audience. Branding your message Always test your banner ads and use different messages for your different audiences. You can also use different banner ads for people that have visited your site but they didn’t buy anything from your website. So a different message could show another benefit of your product. In the end you will find the different messages that will target your different audiences. Use Facebook to learn about your audiences Facebook ads is a great way to test your ads. With Facebook ads you get a lot of information about who is interested in your ads. Who is clicking on your ads? Theses information you can use when targeting your Display Networks Partner Sites. It gives you a chance to learn fast who, what, where and when your audience is clicking on your ads. So Google Display Network Partner Sites might a good way for you to promote your product. But use it with all the insights you have about your customers. Use it the right way before you just throw in a lot of money. And now the Google Display Network secret The Display Network will provide you much cheaper traffic then Google’s Search Network. This is a fact. I have been doing campaigns for large companies using GDN. And yes you get your click much cheaper. Many people are worried if they run their ad in the display Network that they might get a lot of unqualified traffic and ends up with a big bill to Google. But in my experience this is not true at all. The Google Display Network has improved a lot doing the last couple of years and you can get tons of great traffic, and it might as well convert better for you than the Search network. The important thing is to do a little test before running the big campaign.
  21. 21. Page 21/81 How to check your ranking – free software One of the most important thing to do when you do SEO is to get a higher ranking right? But if you want to get a higher ranking you have to check your ranking to see if all your efforts are working. Yes yes yes I know... Also if you want to keep your boss happy. So lately I have been looking out for a great ranking checker program or tool. Let me show you just a few of them – so you can get inspired. And yes I want to start with a free one. One I just discovered here a couple of days ago. Free Monitor for Google I am so amazed. I just wish I knew this tool way back. Very easy to use. And one thing I really love is that you can put the setting to your country. Free Monitor for Google supports about 50 regional Google data centers. Google web rankings may vary significantly depending on data centers. If your site is on top in one country, it may rank lower in other countries. So if you (like me) want to check (from Denmark) you can do that too. And yes – of course – you can also check Currently supported countries: Argentina, Australia, Austria, Belgium, Bolivia, Brazil, Canada, Costa Rica, Cuba, Denmark, Ecuador, Fiji, Finland, France, Germany, Guatemala, Hungary, India, Indonesia, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Jamaica, Japan, Luxemburg, Malaysia, Malta, Mexico, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Panama, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Russia, Senegal, Seychelles, Singapore, South Africa, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Taiwan, Thailand, Turkey, United Kingdom, USA. Free Monitor for Google is a free search engine position software designed for SEO specialists and webmasters. But if you are working in marketing you can (of course) use it too. Free Monitor for Google sends a query to Google and shows you a position of your site by your target keywords and also how well your competitors are doing. It keeps statistics for several URLs and several lists of keywords. Try it now, it is free! Just add your keywords and you are going. Love it guys. You can download it for FREE here tracker-tool/ Rank Checker Let me show you this video about Rank Checker. Rank checker is another free tool. This tool is an add-on for Firefox. You can check two Google domains in one report but you can also check the search engines Bing and Yahoo. Another ranking checker where you don’t have to install anything and where you can check your local Google ranking is You can get 30 days for free. So go and try it now. But remember it will cost you some money if you want to use it after 30 days. Advanced Web Ranking
  22. 22. Page 22/81 I am using the Advanced Web Ranking. It has over 800 search engines and is very quickly to find out if you are moving up or down in ranking, or if your site is listed at all. You can save your positions and compare the positions in reports. It will track your progress of your ranking over time. You can use the scheduled updates ability so when you get to work in the morning your reports will be ready for you in your Inbox. Awesome. Let me list some of the key features of Advanced Web Ranking. • Unlimited number of projects. • Unlimited number of URLs and keywords in a project. • More than 300 international and local search engines. • Uses Google API to search on Google. • Uses Google Suggest to help you find relevant keywords on Google. • Generate keywords for your projects. • Friendly to Search Engines and their resources. • Safe to use for users: no URL data being sent to search engines. • Stop the update if the URL is found. • Search engine auto-updates within 48 hours when page or query format changes. • Automated checks and updates when new search engines definitions are released. • Operation indistinguishable from that of a regular web browser. • Tracking of the progress of your rankings over time. • Powerful, highly customizable graphical ranking reports (charts). • Powerful, highly customizable tabular ranking reports. • Custom URL colors for quick identification of the competition. • Apply Page Markers to your graphical charts. • Function from behind a firewall, gathering data through a proxy server. • Optimized bandwidth usage with simultaneous multithreaded searches. • Backup and Restore functionality for project data • Custom search for localized Search Engines for both language and country. • Import keywords from a file and from the META tag of a website. • Export keywords from projects to local files • Import URLs from either files or web pages • Export URLs from projects to local files • Import historical data from Web Position Gold projects • Schedule project updates at the time and date of your choice • Localization: English, French, German, Italian, Spanish • 30 days unconditional money back guarantee • 12 months free maintenance plan (product and search engine updates)
  23. 23. Page 23/81 • Free email support • Check here how to set up a new project You see very easy to use It's not free. So check out the prices. There are different plans you can buy. Check it out here. PS… just be a little careful – don’t run the program every day… maybe ones a week or once a month. If you ask to check much below the first page of Google then you are at risk of your IP address being temporarily blocked by Google! This is also why the program has some time delay between the checks
  24. 24. Page 24/81 How to Use Twitter for Your Business Is your business on Twitter? Well if not you better get started. Write 140 characters in a tweet and you are going. Last time I read about it Twitter had 200 million members – sending around 65 million tweets every day. So yes your business should get started now and get in touch with all these people. But remember – there are a lot of differences between the social media platforms. You cannot establish or engage people the same way on Twitter as you do on Facebook or LinkedIn. Let me tell you about some of the unique aspects of Twitter. And yes – also how you manage it and make effectively communicating to your potential customers. Are you ready? Okay coffee in your cup right? Music on? (Yes yes yes play some Sting or Paul McCartney)... How to get followers If you only have 1 follower (your mother) or 10 or even maybe 100 your marketing communication will not work. You need followers. Your readers can search your content – they are all public searchable. Your followers are your community, and they are the people you want to engage. If you are very popular like – Charlie Sheen or Lady Gaga, you don’t have to do much. You will have millions of followers instantly. But if you are like me (well okay I admit it – I am not Charlie Sheen lol) – you will have to do a little work first. The normal way to get followers on Twitter is to follow somebody and then many of them will follow you back. Also click on the “who to follow” link suggestions. You can also do some marketing for your twitter account on your normal website or blog. Remember also to use your e- mail distribution list. When you write an email put your Twitter address just under your name. Make sure everybody knows you have this twitter account. There is a free tool called TweetDeck which is a very powerful tool for twitter. It can help you to organize and schedule your tweets. With TweetDeck will let you view and manage a lot of your different social media accounts like Facebook, LinkedIn, MySpace, Google buzz and Foursquare. So it's a great tool to post updates to various connected social networks. You can also manage several Twitter accounts and monitor them all at once. You definitely have to try this tool. A tool like Tweet Adder software could help you a lot. Well I do have some more tricks to get many more customers. Read my article here about how to get followers – You have a Twitter account but no traffic from Twitter? How to engage your audience You will have to know the basic of Twitter to get it going. Get to know the best practices – like direct messaging, “@”, replies, and “retweeting”. You can send a direct message to a follower of yours. You can just type in the letter “d” in front of their username in your tweet. Then its only your receiver that can read it. You can also use “@” when you replies to somebody. Maybe when you make a comment to a tweet. If you really love a tweet, you can choose “retweet” just by including
  25. 25. Page 25/81 the letters RT at the beginning of your tweet. All these different kind of tweets makes your audience noticing you. When you are retweeting something, remember to add something to the tweet. Keep the conversations going. After this you can make a Group Tweet which will enable you to communicate with a lot of people in a group. Don’t use slogans Maybe the biggest mistake business are making when they start communicating on Twitter is to use their normal old-fashioned marketing. Maybe using their slogans like some kind of a billboard, or maybe the headlines from a printed ad. But you have to engage your audience with your thoughts and make a conversation with your audience. Social media is all about engaging in the conversation. It’s not the old-fashioned marketing !! Social media is all about conversation right? And a conversation is a 2-way talk. Not 1-way talk. So make sure your tweets provide value to keep your audience interested in you and your business. Make retweets to keep the conversation going. Try to make your tweets entertaining, witty, original. You must position yourself as an expert in your field. Be sure the audience and see your personality. Only 140 characters You only have 140 characters in a tweet. So if you have a long webpage address you can say much right? The solution is to use services like or Here you can put in your long address and you will get a shorter one back (amazing right). I use for my tweets. If you are using you will get some additional value by gathering some valuable metrics which you can use to monitor the success of your tweets. You can check how many clicks any of your shortened links get and also some information about where in the world you get the most action (this can give you some good information for your business. Where are the people most interested in your business – right?) Software that can help you I will tell you a secret about Twitter. Did you know you can do much more with Twitter than just type in 140 characters? What about pictures? Well you can start trying out software like TwitPic or Yfrog. Then you can send photos or video clips via Twitter. That will engage your audience I promise you. Now you don’t have to tell people what is happening around you – you can show it in a video I want to do pictures on my Twitter account too now… Wow I get inspired myself now… Love it. Well that was all about pictures. Another great thing you can do is polls. Try to use a service like twtpool. Or you can use chat rooms like Nurph. If you are standing out from the crowed, you will get much more attention. And your audience will start to put more attention to your tweets. You can also integrate your Twitter account with other software location-based services like Foursquare. Then people will know where you are. People in that area will get curious and you will have their attention too.
  26. 26. Page 26/81 No no no no I am not done yet… Much more to come. Still ready? The coffee is still hot? Have you ever heard about Klout? I really love this. How well are you doing with your tweets – do you know? Are you good at engaging people? How much influence do you have on your audience? Well with Klout you will find out. I know my score is 33.. But well I am not Charlie Sheen – I just told you right? A fantastic tool is Timely. It will take all your past tweets and it will estimate what time of day your audience favored them most. And with this knowledge it will auto-schedules your future tweets according to this (I am amazed). Hash tags Do you know about hash tags? Well its the # symbol followed by a keyword. This hash tag makes it much easier to search for your tweets. Again you can use TweetDeck but also a tool like A very common hash tag on Twitter is the #FF which you can include on Fridays together with the name of the account you are following. A golden rule is to reply back to say thank you when somebody is writing #FF to one of your tweets. This is a great way to get the attention of new potential new followers. Another way to use hast tags is to tweet about a topic while it’s popular. So this is what you can do. First you will have to set up a Google Alert ( to your email inbox. Then you will know what it's going on, and what people are talking about, and writing about regarding your topic. So make a tweet about an upcoming event, or what is hot in your topic. So if you are in the business of cars you can put in the hash tag @cars in your tweets. (I will start putting SEO into my tweets from now on). Many people are like-minded You know many of the people that will follow you are like-minded. They have a blog or a website or a small business and want followers like you. So remember that not everybody is hanging around just waiting for your golden tweets. Well I am sure they are all waiting for my tweets of course lol. A great way to check your followers is using Klout or PeerIndex. Then you will have an idea of how many of your followers are actively engaged. When you have enough followers you will have to change your strategy – and not just following back. Then it’s time to let your Twitter account speak for itself. Then it’s time to let the word of mouth build quality followers. But you still have to post great engaging tweets Twitter is not a miracle Unless you are Lady Gaga or Charlie Sheen don’t expect Twitter to be a miracle for your business. Twitter is a great tool for your marketing. For engaging your audience. To get into the conversation. So you can say it’s a little miracle. But it will not give you 2 million dollars from day one… lol… You will have to get to know Twitter. How can it help you? How do you want to use it? But I tell you – all your competitors are here... So if you are not you are already loosing future market shares. Does it right and Twitter is a very very very powerful tool
  27. 27. Page 27/81 Okay... I know the music has stopped already. I am going to put some Stevie Wonder in my CD player now. Was that 8 golden rules. I am not sure if I wrote 12. Hmm next time I will make the article a little shorter. Lol.
  28. 28. Page 28/81 The 5 most common mistakes running Google Adwords If you are doing marketing in a small business, you probably do the Google Adwords yourself. Google Adwords is a perfect place for you to get traffic. You only pay for the clicks you really get. It sounds amazing – and it can be amazing. But it can also be a lot of wasted money if you don’t do it right. Here in this article I will get your attention on the 5 most common mistakes navigating in the PPC waters. The good thing about this is – that the mistakes are very easy to fix. So if I did help you send me a comment – deal? 1. Not using specific ad copy in your PPC ads There is not much space in the Google Adwords or in your Yahoo ads. With Google Adwords you have 70 characters all together, and in Yahoo you 190 characters in a text ad. So you have to be very specific in your text. But listen here. You have to use your keyword in your text. And the more times the better. Your keyword will light up with bold letters. So use it as much as you can. The headline has to be very captivating and make the people curious. In The 2nd line you must tell the potential customers the single biggest benefit that they get. What makes your company better than the other ones. The 3rd line of your ad should tell about a feature of your product or service – and remember to use your keyword here too. Then you would probably ask me - do you have to make a lot of ads for all your different keywords – and the answer is yes. Sometimes you can make a group of related keywords. But to use an ad for each keyword will do much better. (Another trick is to use a code so you can write the keyword automatic no matter which of the keywords a customer is searching for. Using this trick in the headline can make all the difference too – read about this in my Free Complete SeoCustomer Guide 2011). 2. Using your home page as the landing page No matter which search engine you are using don’t ever use your homepage as the landing page. Every time a customer has to click on your page you will lose some of them. Maybe your ads told the visitors that they could get “cheap pants” but on your homepage you are telling people to look at your clothes shop. Visitors don’t have time to read a lot of stuff and then try to locate your cheap pants somewhere on your website. So – if you are telling people about “cheap pants” take them to your page about cheap pants. 3. Not customizing your landing page to your keyword searches In the perfect PPC world the customer search for “used cars” and he finds your ads very exciting. So he reads your ad – and he loves what he reads. So when he clicks on your ad don’t disappoint him. Use the same headline. Did you promise him a cheap car? Did you promise him a free test drive? Use the catchy headline from your ad as the headline on your landing page too. So yes customize your landing page to the keyword.
  29. 29. Page 29/81 4. Not securing high enough placement with your bids Both Google and Yahoo use a combination of relevance and biding to calculate the placement of your ad. It is estimated that 85% of all the PPC happens in one of the 3 top positions on a page. So be sure your ad is placed there. You can use a keyword tool like Wordtracker or Google Keyword Tool to do some research on your keywords. Look for keywords with enough traffic and without a lot of competitors bidding for the same keyword. A simple trick is never to use just a one word for a keyword – always use a 2-word phrase. So don’t use the word “pants” instead use “cheap pants” or “quality pants” or “super pants”. Or maybe even 3-words phrases like “Super Quality Pants”. One word keywords are in general must to expansive for you to get into top3 placement. 5. Not testing your ads Most people forget to test their ads. You can never really be sure what will trick the audience to click the ad. Which of the heads is the best, which of the features do they like most? So always, always, always make 2 ads for each keyword and do the split test. You can let Google Adwords automatically choose the ad that is performing best. So when you know which one is the best, take the other one away and do new splits test. This will be a never ending story. But the good part is that your ad will get better and better all the time. Like testing the ads you will have to test your keywords. Which ones are performing good and which ones are bad? You will have to continually take away the bad ones, try new ones – and all the time makes your PPC campaign better and better. So remember never to start a PPC campaign and just let it run on autopilot. Google Adwords or Yahoo is not traffic on autopilot. You will have to keep an eye on it, test it and make it better and better all the time. Get your Free Complete SeoCustomer Guide 2011 with more tips and tricks I think that was 5 common mistakes. And you can see – it’s easy to fix theses mistakes. So take a cup of coffee and log into your Google Adwords campaign or Yahoo. And fix your ads. Make the split test, remove your bad keywords, customized your landing pages. You will be amazed. Remember to add me to your Google+ circles and sign up for the Free Complete SeoCustomer Guide 2011. You will find a lot tips and tricks – also about PPC campaigns. And remember to come back here and give me a comment so I can hear about your results too. As always – all the best to you Henrik
  30. 30. Page 30/81 A must read – Google Update January Google is constantly making changes and evolving its algorithm. So a challenge for all working with SEO is to keep up with Google. Let me tell you what happened in January. The biggest change was the “search plus your world” so you will have to take Google+ much more serious now. But there have been other changes too that will affect your search ranking on Google. Let me give you a short summary of the other changes here. Improve detection of recurrent event pages. Google made several improvements to how they determine the date of a document. Google want to show fresher and more timely results, especially for pages discussing recurring events. Fresher results – Google made several adjustments to the freshness algorithm that was first released in November. Google wants to show the user the freshest, most relevant results. Auto-complete spelling corrections and better spelling full-page replacement. Google is trying to improve its corrections used in auto-complete. So when I am searching for SeoCustomer Google will show me the results for “Seo Customer”, because Google is sure I am spelling it wrong. Most of the time it’s a great thing. So Google will automatically show the results of what Google thinks are the right searches. High-quality sites algorithm improvements with Panda updates. Google is still trying to improve its Panda update that was launched in 2011. So again this is a way to show fresh content. Cross-language refinements. Google will make a better attempt to auto-detect the language of the original display language. If a user is typing a query in Danish he or she might see Danish query refinements, even if the user language is set to Danish. English on Google Saudi Arabia. Now the users in Saudi Arabia can more easily choose an English interface to search on Ready for more ? I will just get me another cup of coffee here Okay back... Improved image search quality. This is a small improvement to Google’s image search ranking algorithm. This improvement will help high-quality landing pages to get higher in images searches. So remember to tag your pictures with your relevant keywords – right? More relevant related searches. When you are making a search on Google you will see a section called “Searches related to” at the bottom of the screen. Google has now updated its algorithm for showing more relevant website to the user. So as you can see Google is focusing a lot of its attention on freshness. So why not make sure you get comments on your page and remember the product reviews from your customer. And you did read my post about Google+… maybe the biggest change in the history of Google? Please add me to your Google+ circles. And did you get the free Complete SeoCustomer Guide 2011 with a lot of tips on SEO, SEM, Link Building and Social Media Traffic.
  31. 31. Page 31/81 Get Free Advertising on Google Did you know that you can get a FREE advertising on Google? Yes you can. But many small business owners and shop owners are not aware of the possibilities. Get traffic, leads and customers in your shop NOW and FREE. Google has been trying to increase their value of their local searches and their mapping application. That’s why they have made a very simple way for you – if you have a local shop – to tell them about your information about your business. And the really cool thing for you is – that they are putting some of this information into their main search engine. So what is this all about then? In short – you get free advertising on Google – yes yes yes yes. This can help you to get more traffic, get leads and customers in your shop… so go and sign up for it NOW. According to Google 97% of consumers search for local businesses online. Be there when they’re looking for you with Google Places for business – a free local platform from Google. So let me tell you a little about how it works and why you should use it TODAY. Don’t miss out the business opportunities. So you have a little shop on Manhattan selling coffee. Go to and write “coffee Manhattan New York” in the search bar. You will see this… Amazing right? The customers can you see where your shop is placed. They can see a short text about your shop. If you click on the shop to the left - you will see a pop-up with the shop on the map.
  32. 32. Page 32/81 But the customers don’t have to go to Google Maps to check out the local business or shops. The results are included in the general search results. Let me show you the general result for the search “Coffee Manhattan New York” in
  33. 33. Page 33/81 So you see your local searches are very very visible to the customers even in the general searches. Claim your listing NOW If you have been in business for a while or if you have had different shops, you might be listed in more than one list. Multiple address and different phone numbers can lower your rank in the local listing. So sign into your Google account and claim the listing. You will need to require verification by phone and you can fix wrong information. And remember to add all your great text that will make your listing stand out Categories After you have claimed your local listing – you will have to make sure that it will show for the keywords that make sense for your shop. So select the appropriated categories or make your own. This is a huge part of SEO for your local listing. You will have to pick one category that is provided by Google. But you are in control of the rest. So if you are selling coffee in Manhattan. Make a category like “coffee for sale” or “Irish coffee” Use of keywords
  34. 34. Page 34/81 When you are writing the business description – it should contain your keywords as well as your marketing text. Make your description unique and use your keywords in a natural way. PS … I was just told that in order to effectively optimize for local business – you have to add your place/lactation along with your keywords in the description as well as in the categories... Well I still learn too So if your shop or local shop is not on Google local listing – you got to do that now. Get the traffic going, the leads and the customers to your shop. Today. Good luck. Henrik
  35. 35. Page 35/81 Save time and get higher CTR If I can promise you that you can save a lot of time and you will get high CTR in your Google Adwords – what would you say? When you are running an Adword campaign you are probably checking your keywords at least every week (maybe every day if you are curious as me), deleting the inefficiency keywords, – the bids to get on the first page. There can be a lot of work with Google Adwords. But did you know you can use automated rules? You have had the possibilities for around 1 year now I think. So let me show you what you can do with it. Google Adwords automated rules started testing around December of 2010. And in February of 2011 it became available on all accounts. The feature really is that it lets the user do some frequently repeated tasks without manual adjustment. You can make some advance rules, such as excluding specific keywords, apply rules to multiple campaigns (I love that). So how can it give you a higher CTR then you can do manual? I tell you why. It really is an amazing tool. And you can run 24/7 /365 without you using a lot of time and energy. And at the same time give you a higher CTR because it runs all the time and now only make changes when you have time to make them – right? Here is what you are should do 1) Go to your account and click on the Automate button. You can find the automate button on the campaigns, ad groups, ads, and keywords tabs. The menu options are different depending on your location. 2) Select the type of automate rule you would like to run. Check it out here Automated Rules Options Keyword Level Ad Level Ad Group Level Campaign Level Change max CPC bids Pause ads Change ad group default max CPC Change daily budget Raise bids to first page CPC Enable ads Pause ad groups Pause campaigns Pause keywords Enable ad groups Enable campaigns Enable keywords 3) Next you will select the parameter or criteria for your rule 4) Remember to check out the preview of the criteria. This will help you to make sure you have set it up correctly. 5) Manage your rules and keep track of all your changes..
  36. 36. Page 36/81 6) Remember only 10 rules can be created per user per account. 7) You are all done Easy right Best practice… I have been collecting some of the best practice automated rules. Ready? Don’t forget your coffee – it might get cold. 1) Setting up ads to run at specific times like weekends, promotion evens, seasons or holidays) 2) Setting up specific ads to turn on or off for promotional or other events. 3) Turn on or off ads, keywords or campaigns with very low CTR or with a high cost per conversion 4) Automatic bids that will adjust your bids until a keyword reaches a target position or match the target cost per conversion 5) Adjust your bids at different times during the day, week or year 6) Automatically increasing your budget for your effective campaigns 7) Make a different budget for a specific time of the week or year 7) Putting your campaigns on pause when you hit a specific number of clicks I hope this can give you some good ideas for how you can make some automated rules for your Google Adwords. All the best to you as always. Henrik
  37. 37. Page 37/81 Know a Donut and Know Everything about Social Media Yes it's true. I will tell you everything about Social Media with a donut Just take a look at this picture... I will tell you about the difference between all these social media – Twitter, Facebook, Foursquare, Instagrain, YouTube, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Last FM and Google+ Source – Awesome right? Have a great day out there.. All the best to you as always – I will go and get
  38. 38. Page 38/81 myself a donut now Henrik
  39. 39. Page 39/81 Get More Customers – More Ways to Improve Your Adwords CTR If you are doing Google Adwords you will know that it's very important to improve your CTR. Google will reward you if your CTR is high. The reward will be for you to pay less for a click and there to give you a higher position. And we all know that a higher position will leads to more clicks. So yes you will probably pay the same, but will more clicks to your website. Read my article Good Advice before You Start Doing Google Adwords about how you improve your CTR. Delete the bad keywords try new keywords and always split test your ads. This is pretty much standard today. And did you read about an automated rules article. But honestly – how many of you have been working with time of day and days of the week? Well I admit it… I haven’t done much until lately. But it really works and you got to check it out. Now Google Adword gives you the possibility to show your ads at particular times of the day or 24 hours a day. So you will have to check your CTR and your conversion rates. Maybe if your ads are showing at night – people are clicking on your ads. Or maybe they will never click on your ads and therefor your CTR will become low. But you can see that you almost never sell anything between 11 pm and 7 am. So in fact it’s a waste of money. And maybe your overall CTR will get down because your CTR in the evening and night is low. The CTR can vary a lot doing the day. So you will have to determine which of the hours your ads produce the worst CTRs, and then you can choose not to show your ads at these times. The result is that your overall CTR of your campaign will get higher – Google Adwords will reward you and give you a higher position for the same click price – and you will get more clicks. Pretty simple right? This is what you will have to do 1) Choose the campaign you want to optimize 2) Select the dimension tab 3) Click the view sub-menu and select hour of the day Now you can see what times of the day your ad group is under performing. Now you have to exclude your ads from showing when your CTR is low. Now go to advanced settings – ad scheduling. And now you're a done. Best of luck to you all. Remember to add me to your Google+ circle if you liked this article (also if you didn’t like it lol). Henrik
  40. 40. Page 40/81 The most overlooked SEO techniques? Optimizing your 404 error page is one of the most overlooked SEO techniques. With an optimized 404 error page you can keep the customers on your page a long time. And keep them on your website. Okay grab your cup of coffee – ready? First what is a 404 error page? Well there can be several reasons why a visitor might get a 404 error page from you? Maybe you have moved a page that can still be found in the search engines. Maybe your visitor has typed in a wrong URL Maybe they have clicked on a broken link within your website (you can do something about that right) So you see – often you can’t ready stop visitors getting a 404 error page. But you can write to the customer on the error page and make them come back to your site. So let me show you what you can do. How does this error 404 page look like? Typical an error 404 looks like this: Maybe your customers have been searching for something interesting and they have thought they
  41. 41. Page 41/81 had found it on your website. And now they are just getting an error 404 page. So give them something great. Your customer is frustrated and they will most likely leave your website. Now how do you optimize your error 404 page? There is a lot of great content you can give your visitor. First of all – you have to let the visitor know that the page can’t be found. That’s the most important content. Put a link to your site map. This can sometime help the frustrated customer Put a link to your FAQ page Why not show the most recent post or the most popular posts. Include your search bar. This will allow the visitor to find the page that he or she is missing. So you can avoid dead end with broken links or URLs that is leading nowhere from the search engines, or misspelling from the visitors – but try to keep the potential customer on your page. So go and fill your error page with great content and great usability Ready for some inspiration? Let me show you some few examples of how you can make great content on your error 404 page – from New York Times, Apple and Dell.
  42. 42. Page 42/81
  43. 43. Page 43/81
  44. 44. Page 44/81 I hope this can make you feel inspired Time for another cup of coffee? Henrik
  45. 45. Page 45/81 How to Make Lead Generation using Social Media The ultimate goal for companies evolving in social media is leads – really rock steady, solid lead right? And it doesn’t matter if we are talking B2B or B2C. So grab your cup of coffee – ready? To do a serious job we will have to talk lead management This will allow you to track why and how people are generating interest in you and your product and how you will track them through your sales funnel. It's really simple – it will tell you why your potential customers came to your site, what they were looking for, how they behave on your site. And who you actually do make a sale too. Make a plan So put first thing first. Make a plan. Go and write down on a piece of paper the process you want people to do. If you are selling a high complex expensive product, you can’t just make a Google Adwords ad and lead them to your basket right? They will probably want to know something about the offer, something about you, why they should buy from you and not your competitor. So make a written plan and review it on a regular basis. In a lot of companies there are a sales department and a marketing department. So after marketing has done its job and made some leads they are will stop tracking the potential customer. It's important that the sales department and the marketing department sit down and discuss what a good lead is. Which criteria should be fulfilled before a sale lead is passed on to the sales department. And it's important that the marketing department get a feedback from sale. Which of the sale leads did make a buy and which of the sales leads didn’t make it. So marketing will be able to deliver better and better leads along the way. Online and offline Online and offline are not so different. If you are attending a trade show and get a lot of potential sales leads. You want the sales department to start with the most important ones right? Let say you have got 200 sales leads from a trade show. And you only have 2 sales people. So also here you will need some criteria. Who would you contact first? If you are gathering leads from the internet – your website. You want to know how the people found your site. And from which source. Let's say you are using Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook and sending emails from your email club. Maybe you are spending 12 hours a week on Twitter and only 30 min on LinkedIn but you discover that 99 percent of the sale comes from LinkedIn. So be sure to check what is working and what is not working for your company. If a social network like Twitter it’s not working don’t just leave the social network. Do some tests. Maybe change your strategy, use another landing page, user other sales arguments and so on. Quantifiable leads are the new black Remember it’s not always important to measure how many leads you will get from your social media, but you should rather measure how many of the leads which are quantifiable. We all want
  46. 46. Page 46/81 great leads right? In the next couple of weeks I will do more posts about how companies should use social media so come back and check it out. You can also sign up, and get updated with email from SeoCustomer. Sign up here. Okay... Time for another cup of coffee Henrik
  47. 47. Page 47/81 Stand Out On Twitter If you have a twitter account and maybe 500 or 1000 followers you know the problem. There are so many tweets going on twitter. So how do you stand out? How can you get the attention from people? One way is always to tweet 3 or 4 tweets after each other. You should always do it this way by the way. But this is not what I want to tell you about today. I will give you a little easier but effect full advice. Make a moving profile picture How to make a moving profile picture It's very simple – so even I can do it… So listen here… this is what I did. 1) Go to 2) Click on the “add pictures” and upload at least 2 pictures… 3) Choose the speed between the pictures… 4) You are done - Easy right? Now you have a profile picture on twitter that will stand out and get attention from your followers. Yes yes yes… I know... You have to upload the GIF you just made to your twitter account. Remember you can follow me on twitter... Just click this link. Have a great weekend all... Enjoy Henrik
  48. 48. Page 48/81 Design and Usability You only have 3 seconds to show most of the visitors what your site is all about. So if you are losing the customer when they get to your website – all our great SEO isn’t worth anything right? So don’t confuse them. Is your website credible and trustworthy? Does it look professional? The visitor will think of your company the way your website is looking. So how do you want to sell to a customer if your website looks unprofessional? And the people today have no patience. So if they can’t find the information they are looking for they will Google another website. So when you are doing your design remember that – Don’t let the visitors think. Make it easy for your customers. Use a common sense approach to web usability. Be serious about your design. Here are some few general guidelines for you. Guiding the Eye – don’t let the visitors think Remember your visitors are not interested in your design, colors and so on. They are interested in your information. Your design and colors will help them when they are visiting you. But don’t make it the main thing. The main thing is your information. Normally the logo is placed on the top left corner. So unless you have a very special design and got a very unique idea, give the people what they want. Let's say you place it in the lower right corner. Your visitors don’t know who you are, they can’t find the logo (well it will take them 1 min.), They will have to scroll down. And suddenly the visitors have used 1 or 2 min. On the website without concentrating on the information. And remember often 1/3 of the visitors will leave your site if they are confused after 5 or 10 seconds. So unless you have great plans for it… don’t let the visitors think. Think precedence. You should help the visitors' eyes. Guide them. Use a stop color if you want the people to pay attention to something special. You are in control of the user's eyes. So be sure what you are doing. Position — if you want the visitors to see something place it on the upper part of the page. We read from top – left to right (not the whole world I know). Color — Use bold if you want to draw attention to a text. A special typography will also tell the visitors what kind of text they are looking at. So let a quote look the same around your site and so on. Contrast – contrast makes things stand out. But remember that also make the other things fade out a little – right? Size — big draws attention. Elements – maybe you are using a special kind of graphic element that can draw attention from the visitors.
  49. 49. Page 49/81 Spacing Don’t be afraid of space. Spacing can make things look more exclusive. Line Spacing. Line spacing can make it easier to read your text. Padding. Padding is the space between text and elements like images. They should never touch each other. White Space. Don’t be afraid of white spaces on your website. White spaces can help you to do other things stand out and make your site look more exclusive. Navigation Maybe you have heard the new buzzword. Usability. Well navigation is king of the usability. Lol – no it’s not. But it’s very important. You will probably have a top navigation bar. But you can also have navigation on your pages. A link to another page on your site is also navigation. The main thing is that people should know when it’s a navigation link. Normally when you can click on a navigation link you will have it underlined. Again don’t let the people think. Make it easy to find and use your navigation. If you have many sub-pages a good idea is to use drop-down menu. If you have a large website (a website with many pages) a good idea is often to use a bread crumb trails. So people always know where they are on your site. Typography When you are choosing your typography – there are some things that are important to consider. Font choices – be consciously about your choice. Do you want a modern slim look, retro look? If you are selling hot fashion you will probably not have an old fashion typography Font sizes – Remember that people have to be able to read your text. Get your grandparents to read your text. Line length – Don’t make your lines too long. The longer the lines are the harder they are to read. Color – Don’t make your text in a color that have to low contrast to your background. Paragraphing – Maybe you should use spaces around your paragraph. There is no general rule about this. But do a test or two. Usability Many people are saying content is king – but I heard more and more people saying – Usability is king. And even though they might be wrong – it’s still a very very very important element. Take a step away from your computer. And imagine what your people want to do on your site. Let's say you have a website with used cars. So a visitor on your site is maybe looking for a used car. But how will the visitor search for it. The type of car, the size of car, the color of the car or… Really the best thing you can do is to make some usability test. Invite people over. And give them
  50. 50. Page 50/81 a test. Like to find a black Toyota from 2008. How long time did it take them to find the information. If you had 10 people over was it only one person who could find it in 5 min. What can you do to help people? You can also get ideas from other websites about used cars. Check them out. Write down the good elements, the bad elements. Take your visitors seriously. Consistency Consistency is very important for your website. Make sure you are using the same font, headline, subtitle font, colors, and navigation. Using consistency means that you are making it easier to visit your site. The easiest way is to use a template. Then you know it will stay the same. Okay… did you get the Complete Guide 2011? Well its with all the tips and tricks from SeoCustomer in 2011. Sign up for our newsletter and get it now for absolutely FREE. And if you like the article invite me to your Google+ Have a great day out there…. Henrik
  51. 51. Page 51/81 301 Redirects and SEO I am sure you all know the “404 message” or the “Page Not Find” page. You will see this a lot of the times. You can read a lot more about 404 messages here. Typically you will get the “page not find” when • Maybe you have moved a page, which can still be found in the search engines. • Maybe your visitor has typed in a wrong URL • Maybe they have clicked on a broken link within your website (you can do something about that right) So what is a 301 page? When you are changing your website or blog. Your page will change the address. And suddenly your customers and the search engines can’t find your page. Normally you will get a 404 page. But with a 301 redirect instruction you can send the customers to the right page – or an alternative page. If the original page was deleted. Maybe you are selling used cars. And the car on the page has been sold – so you have deleted the page. But the reference to the link is still out in the search engines. So you need to make a redirect. So when you redesign or moved pages remember to use the 301 permanent redirects so you don’t have to get started all over. You will keep your ranking in the search engines. Awesome right? So when to use a 301 permanent redirect If you have only website. If you 2 address but only 1 website. Like me I have but also I will need to fix this so there is only one website available. I think I will pick and make a redirect of the other one. Get more link juice (Duplicate Content). If half the incoming links are linking to and the other half is linking to each page will only get half the juice. So I am spreading out my links. I need all the links to only one page. And get the double juice. Domain change. If I decided to change my domain name to all the work I have been doing to get my links out has been wasted. So if I did that I would surely need a redirect. It will tell the search engines that my pages are still out there and I will keep my ranking. Multiple Domain Names. A lot of companies buy other domain names to protect their product or brand. So instead of just lead the people to a dead end, it's much better to redirect them to your active website. Enjoy your day out there… take care Henrik
  52. 52. Page 52/81 Check-in and get high? Do you think it's an invitation for a party? Oh no. Google has just confirmed a brand new Panda update. Google announces 40 search updates. So a lot of things are going on at Google. The latest Panda update is making the search ranking more accurate and sensitive to recent changes on the web. So its still great with fresh content. It was the same with the Panda 3.2 update. I hope you all make people comment on your pages – right? But I will tell a little about local search ranking. Google has made some improvements in ranking in local search results. (Launch code-name “Venice”). This improvement improves the triggering of Local Universal results by relying more on the ranking of our main search results as a signal. You can read and hear about how local search ranking works on Google’s blog here http://google- Google is telling that they use – Relevance, Prominence and Distance for their local search ranking. If you have a business you can’t do much about the distance factor. It's all relative to the geographical place of the searchers. Regarding relevance you can only do very little. You must of course use your main keywords on your website and online profiles and remember to select the right business categories. Read my article about free advertising on Google here. So now what about prominence? The question is how is Google is measuring this. When Foursquare was getting hot – both Facebook and Google started to use the same kind of check-in. Google is constantly chasing signals from the users to find the most relevant websites for its users and check-in is suddenly a factor where the users and tell a difference. In 2009 Google rolled-out their check-in service Latitude. And they continued to imitate Foursquare. And Google has a lot of bots that it is used for spying pages – so they can also very easily get the number of check-ins from both Foursquare and Facebook. But it's still a secret from Google if Check-in is a local search ranking factor. But if I was a local business owner I would certainly get everybody to check in at my place. Why not give a dime in discount if people check-in at your coffee shop? Wishing you all the best… Henrik
  53. 53. Page 53/81 Important Link Strategy for A Blogger I will tell you a secret. Search engines don’t really like blogs. I will tell you why and what you can do about it. When you have a blog you are writing a lot of posts about your subject – your main keyword. Maybe your subject is “used cars”. So one day you write about the prices of used cars. The next day you write about used cars from different countries. And suddenly you have maybe 20 articles about “used cars”. Every time you you make a new post, you will tell about it in your social networks, your bookmarking sites, your groups. And some people might love your article and link to it. So that’s all good. The problem is that the next day you have a new article, new people loves it, and new people will link to your new post. So here is the problem. Suddenly your main keyword for your site – “used cars” – is not linked to one page. But to maybe all your 20 articles. So you might get 10 incoming links to each of your post – instead of getting 200 incoming links to one page. Google will love your page if it knew you had 200 incoming links – and rank it very high, but instead you have 20 posts each with 10 incoming links each. You follow me? Repeating visitors or getting found on Google If you have repeating visitors to your site – they will love that you have 20 fresh new contents on your blog. They might get an email about your news, or maybe they have your RSS feed. But the visitors from Google or other search engines will not find you. So that is basically why it’s so difficult for a blogger to get high ranking in Google. The solution So we have to create something that the search engines really like. So you are going to make a “Content Page” that Google will love. The search engines love the more stable content pages. So make a general page, where you can write something general about your subject, and remember to have links to your posts from this page. So now you will have a stable content page with comment from people so it keeps fresh two – and Google loves that too by the way. Your visitors will also love your content pages, because they will know that they can find your content and posts from this page. I have just made my SEO content page. I will do more text on the content page. But well it’s a start – right? Conclusion So if you have a blog remember to make sure you have a stable page that the search engines love. And get the traffic you deserve.
  54. 54. Page 54/81 Google Alerts for Link Building Google Alerts is maybe one of the easiest strategies to use for your link building. Google Alert tells you when somebody writes about your product or maybe your website. It will give you opportunities for possible link acquisitions though your email. And we all know that Google will love backlinks if they are related to your subject – and Google will give your site higher rank. So if somebody mentions your product on a website - you will get an alert – then send an email to the website asking them to please link to your website (if they are not using a hyperlink). Yes I know this sound very simple – and yes it is. But why make it difficult You can set up a Google Alert for almost everything and get a mail when it triggers your alert. The Google Alert will automatically notify you when there is new content from news, web, blogs, video and/or discussion groups matches your set of search terms. The notification can be sent to you by email, as a web feed or to be displayed on your iGoogle page. You decide the frequency of checks for new results. You can choose between “once a day”, “once a week” or “as it happens”. Henrik
  55. 55. Page 55/81 Boost your conversion rate with dynamic keywords on your landing-site Okay this time I will tell you something really awesome. I will show you have you can boost your conversion rate using dynamic keywords insertion. Hope you have a cup of coffee – because you have to read this really carefully. If you are doing pay per click like Google Adwords. You are maybe aware that you can use keyword insertion in your ad. You can read more about it in this article here. Keyword insertion in a Google Adwords has really helped me when I do Adwords. It will boost your click through rate on your ads. Let me give you an example of a Google Adwords with dynamic keywords insertion. Here is how your ad could look like Headline: {Keyword: Used cars} – Quality Description line 1: Buy our super {keyword: Used cars} Description line 2: 5 free car checks Notice that use of the {KeyWord: Default} in the Headline and Description line 1. So the user who is searching for used cars will see the headline exactly matching his or her search. In the second line he will see the search term in bold. He will think that this ad will get him to the page he is looking for. This is why it works. So if somebody is searching for “used cars” the ad will look like this: Used cars – Quality Buy our super Used cars 5 free car checks If somebody is searching for “used blue cars” the ad will look like this (you have different keywords for the same ad) Used blue cars – Quality Buy our super Used blue cars 5 Free car checks
  56. 56. Page 56/81 This is the best kept secret of Google Adwords. Now we will go a step further Take the dynamic keyword insertion beyond the ad. Now this is what this article here is all about. Use your dynamic keyword insertion on your landing page too. So if your customer is searching for “used cars” he will see “Used Cars” as the headline on your landing page. If your customer is searching for “used blue cars” he will see used blue cars as the headline. “That’s one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind.” Well I know you could create a different landing page for each keyword you have, as well as a separate ad and ad group. But if I have 100 keywords I think I will use this technique. The Benefits with this technique You will have more benefits using dynamic keywords insertion on your landing pages. First of all it will make your page much more compelling. Your customer will see your page customized just for him. So if you want a quicker conversion rate improvement – dynamic keyword insertion is one way to get it. The second benefit is that it will improve your quality score. When you have the same keyword as the headline on the landing page as in the Google Adwords your quality score will improve. I have seen examples where the quality score jumped from 5 to 7 on every keyword in their ad group. So how do you do it In order to use dynamic keyword insertion on your landing page, you will just need to make one change on your Google Adwords text ad. The change is made in your destination URL. If your display URL is:{KeyWord:Blue-Car} And your destination URL is: Now change the destination URL to{keyword} This “?kw={keyword}” code passes whatever search keyword was used to enter your landing page. Now on your landing page, simply place “<? echo $_GET['kw'] ?>” Wherever you want to keyword to be placed. There is more than one way to do all this. And your landing page would need to allow PHP. So check out how you can make it work. It’s really worth checking out.
  57. 57. Page 57/81 Play around with this until it works for you. You will be amazed with the result. Wishing you all a great day out there. And remember to get the free Complete SeoCustomer Guide 2011. Henrik
  58. 58. Page 58/81 How to Get Likes On Facebook In February 2012 Facebook had more than 845 million active users. The users have to register before using Facebook, and then create a personal profile, add other users as friends, exchange messages, and including automatic notification when they update their profile. 845 million active users … amazing right. The world's population today is 7 billion people. So over 10 percent of the people in the world are active Facebook users… wow. And this is why you have to be on Facebook. Also if you have a company. But to be successful on Facebook you have to get some likes. So people can read about you or your company. Are you ready for this list about how you can get likes for your Facebook? 1 Post a Status Update Post an update where you are mentioning your Facebook page. Post the update on other social sites, websites, blogs. Tell people to join you on Facebook. 2 Get fans to upload and tag photos Make or attend an event where some of your fans also attend. Get the people to upload their pictures to your Facebook page, and/or tag the pictures. Then it will show up on their walls, and will lead to more traffic from your fan friends. 3 Offer an incentive for people to sign up Make a dynamic Facebook landing page using a reveal tab. This way it will only show for fans of your page. It's important that the incentive is valuable to your fans. This could be a white paper/PDF, a gift, and discount in your shop. 4 Use Interactive YouTube Annotations to Drive Likes You can use to add link overlays to your YouTube videos. So you can link out to external sites like your Facebook Page. I haven’t made any video yet. But I am thinking about it 5 Facebook groups Join groups related to your subject and make sure you can post update in the group. Pages send updates, but groups send messages directly to a user’s Facebook inbox, triggering an email alert. 6 Join your page via SMS You can send a text messages to 32665 (Facebook) saying ”fan yourusername” or ”like yourusername” (without the quotes).
  59. 59. Page 59/81 7 Encourage Likes in Your Employee’s E-mail Signatures How many emails do you and your employees sending out every day? This is an easy and quick way to send out links to your Facebook page. Try to go to your send box in your email account. How many emails did you send out last year? I am using for my e-mails. 8 Install a ”Like Box” into your website If you install a like box on your website – your visitors can become fans without leaving your website. 9 Suggest your page to friends Remember to use ”suggest to friends” feature of your Facebook page. If can be a little annoying t- so don’t use it too much. 10 Install a like page button on your website With a like button people can post your website page on their activity stream. This will make you visible to the friends of the visitors that have visited your site. 11 Connect your page to Twitter Post to your Twitter followers about your Facebook page, so you can convert your twitter followers into Facebook fans. You can connect your Facebook status to your twitter account. So every time you make a twitter update, it will send the update to all your Twitter fans too. Remember to have a link back to your Facebook page. You can make the connection here… 12 QR codes Using QR codes in the real world. Put QR codes with your products and make the people like it. When you make an old fashion ad – show a QR code directly to your Facebook page – so it will be easy to like it. Remember to like my Facebook page here… And go and grab my Complete SeoCustomer Guide 2011 here.. It's all FREE. Best regards Henrik
  60. 60. Page 60/81 Google Heat Maps and SEO Nielsen has made some usability studies to show the focus areas on a web page. Using this study you can get a lot of tips – both for your SEO and for your SEM. Let me show you a typical Google search page. Heat maps from user eye-tracking studies. The users are looking the most are colored red. The yellow areas have fewer views and the blue areas are the least viewed areas.
  61. 61. Page 61/81 So what do we learn from this First of all – it's important to be above the fold. We read from the top and down and from left to right. Not only do you have to be on the first page, but you also have to be above the fold to be noticed in the Google search results. And of course the heat map shows that most people are looking for the natural search results and not the paid ads. But on the other hand – we know that people click on Google Adwords. So Google Adwords is still working. If you are paying Google Adwords you have to be in the top 20%. You will have to get the 1. or 2. Position if you really want to get results. I have seen other heat maps and they all show the same pattern. Most people stop at the 1. Page of the search results and some will go to the second page. But after the second page – it really doesn’t matter. The same pattern on the 2. page – you have to be above the fold to get noticed. A sample of over 8 million clicks shows that over 94% of users clicked on a first page result and less than 6% actually clicking on the second page and selecting a result displayed there. Free Marketing Giveaway Remember you can still grab my Complete SeoCustomer Guide 2011 – with all the articles from 2011. A lot of tips and tricks for SEO, SEM, Social Media Traffic and Link Building. Have a great day out there Henrik
  62. 62. Page 62/81 How to use the SEO Pyramid Strategy You might have heard of Maslow’s hierarchy of needs – you know the one with Physiological needs Safety needs, Love and belonging, Esteem, Self-actualization and Self-transcendence. But have you heard of the SEO Pyramid? I think it was first created by Rand Fishkin from Seomoz. To work with the pyramid you have to start from the bottom of the pyramid. You have to get the basic right before getting to the next level. Quality content and accessible – the basic So you will need some high quality content that will keep your visitors engaged. Your site content and structure go hand in hand. Your website will need to be very structured according to your content. This is what you make when you are making your navigation and/or categorization. Here on my site I have the four categorizations – SEO, SEM, Link Building and Social Media Traffic.
  63. 63. Page 63/81 A golden rule is that you need to have at least 4 categories for your content and have at least 4 posts under each of your categories. And of course use the categories in your navigation bar. After the content and the navigation/categories you will have to be sure your sites has no crawl errors. Check out my article about 404 errors. To check out if your site has any crawl errors, you can use Google Webmaster Tools. Time for keyword research and targeting – on-page Now you will need to focus on your on page optimization. So now it’s time to find your keywords and make sure you have been using your keywords in your header, tags, meta titles and description. Have a look here for inspiration about the perfect SEO page. Be sure you get all the internal linking done too. Use your keywords in your internal linking structure. Remember to use different anchor texts. Internal linking can help you to distribute your site’s Page Rank and it will lower your bounce rate. The bounce rate is the percent of your visitors that only are looking at one page of your site. Link Building – of page Yes I love this part – link building – and so does all the search engines. So pay some attention here. Link building to other sites is not always so easy – but read more about how you can build links to your website here and get inspired :) Remember you can build content based links with article marketing, write on other blogs and do some press release submission. Social Media – the top of the pop Get social – join the conversation. Join groups on LinkedIn and other forums. Answer questions, post articles to your groups. Which social media is best for you? Remember the big 4 – Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Google+, remember to let your audience share your content with social sharing buttons. When you are showing theses buttons and asking your visitors to use them – it will increase your social media traffic and therefore also the search engine rankings. Making a Facebook page for your business, make a Twitter account and of course now you will have to have focus on Google+ also (personal search results will be more and more important). Free Marketing Giveaway So guys remember to share this article too – thank you. And remember to grab The Complete SeoCustomer Guide 2011 – for free now. Time for coffee Best regards Henrik