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Ranking is Dead


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Well the new baby on the internet is Social Media right?
So if you think of the SEO as a stand-a-lone industry – you have to redefine your thinking. The baby Social Media is here to stay – or at least for a very very long time.

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Ranking is Dead

  1. 1. Why ranking is dead?
  2. 2. because Traditional ranking is dead because of • Social media • Local searches • Personal searches Google search will give each individual a different result
  3. 3. Social Media
  4. 4. Local searches
  5. 5. Personal searches
  6. 6. Times are changing Living in the age of the social and personalize web. Google and other search engines will know you more and more. And it will give you a very personalize and local result for you.
  7. 7. personalize results
  8. 8. Let’s call him joe think of Social Media optimization as a form of SEO. You have to face it – the real-time search is here. We will have to reborn our SEO. Maybe we should call the baby for Local Social Media Optimization – LSMO. Or maybe Joe…
  9. 9. Old seo is dead long live the new seo Read more at