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How Customer Focus Can Improve Your Top And Bottom Line Significantly


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Tips and tricks to how you can improve your top and bottom line significantly

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How Customer Focus Can Improve Your Top And Bottom Line Significantly

  2. 2. back to basics make your customers to the core of your business - not your CRM, not your ERP, not your email system , not your webshop
  3. 3. one intelligent customer system Collect all your knowledge about customers in one system One intelligent customer system CRM Webshop ERP Account system Online
  4. 4. How to get it started You will have to know your customers URL • When you submit an offer, make sure that the offer is on your website so that when the customer clicks in the email to see the offer , you know the URL • When you send out newsletters , then you have a personal code. When the customer clicks on it , you know his URL. • Soon you have a URL field in your database of most of your customers
  5. 5. holistic marketing the new black
  6. 6. How to use your new knowledge Web design
  7. 7. Web design You know the person looking at your site, so make a personal website… – Show the customer complementary products – you know the person's interests from the web pages he has seen last time – show him something interesting on the front page – If a person has seen on a special product maybe 3 times in the course of a week , he is very interested in that product. How about giving him or her a deal -10 % only today. – a general website is old school !
  8. 8. How to use your new knowledge Email newsletter
  9. 9. Email newsletter Marketing email automatic • Intelligence driven automations • Utilize interactions and behaviors from your web sites and apps • Personalization • Campaigns on autopilot • Dynamically show different content in your messages depending on your contact's data, interactions, social data, and interests.
  10. 10. Congratulation I have seen examples showing up to 73 % improvement in the bottom line I would be happy with 50 %, 25 % or even 10 %