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Get some tips and tricks here so you can get more traffic to your website or blog. SlideShare can be a huge source for your traffic when using it the right way in your marketing. Since social networking sites are definitely here to continue, we will discuss a new website on the line – the Slide Share, and why integrating it to existing social media helps produce leads to your business. Check out more at

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Get more Traffic with SlideShare

  1. SEO OPTIMIZER The same with the concept of YouTube in appearing in the search results in many search engines, the results of Slide Share such that their keywords are optimized, often appear on page one of search engine results.
  2. LEAD GENERATOR Slide Share will not just let you share contents to other social networking sites, which ultimately allows you reach other users, but also its premium users can particularly trace downloads and views to exactly know who viewed or downloaded files.
  3. SOCIAL MEDIA INTEGRATOR You can simply line Slide Share with your other tools by placing its share button on the website of your company and share the latest uploads to other sites like Facebook and Twitter. Also, the acquisition of Slide Share by LinkedIn permits a distinctive incorporation of the two networks, which makes LinkedIn unique distribution medium for Slide share content.
  4. COMPETITIVE EDGE By considering Slide share, you will place your business ahead of the other in terms of lead generation game. Also, thanks to the huge database of this social media tool, you can already inspect how other businesses with your field worldwide are utilizing the posting contents and other features of Slide Share.
  5. EBOOKS By adding a story and a bit configuration, you can already convert your presentation into an interesting eBook. Smartphones and tablets have been making eBook a lot easier to read while on the run and Slide Share can help with that as well.
  6. CALL-TO-ACTION Take advantage of each chance to solicit Twitter follower, or an email subscription. Consider your presentations are a front-end advertisement that has to make a change.
  7. UPLOAD REGULARY As regards content marketing, the more you will have to give, then the more you will receive. Add a Slide Share eBook or presentation to your publishing calendar monthly.
  8. OPTIMIZE Slide Share includes a search engine that makes searching for a particular topic much easier. Keep in mind that when there is a search engine, there is a need to optimize. Consider placing one or two targeted keywords as your presentation tags.
  9. PROMOTE YOUR CONTENT The Slide Share also has sharing buttons to share your contents. Requesting for a sharing within your content may influence a reader to click the retweet button. Make sure also that your LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter followers and friends knows that you have new contents available.