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Design 2 Sell - 5 Tips for your Webdesign

When you design your website you will have to be creative. But a good looking website alone will not help you to sell your products or service. You will have to convert your visitors to buyers. Let me show you 5 great tips for better conversion.

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Design 2 Sell - 5 Tips for your Webdesign

  1. 1. You need to convert visitors to buyersNo matter if you want your visitors to sign up for your newsletter, download aPDF or to buy a product.So I let introduce you to some marketing techniques you can use when youare designing your website.
  2. 2. Prevent Choice Paralysis
  3. 3. Prevent Choice Paralysis• Don’t give your audience too many choices to choose between. To give achoice is great. But don’t overuse it. You will confuse the buyer. If youconfuse the buyer they might just leave you right away.• Make it easy to be a visitor on your site. If you want your visitors to sign upfor a newsletter be sure you have a visible call to action.• If you are writing about a product tell which one of the choices you likethe most. With your design you can make your suggestion product picturebigger than the other ones. Make it with another background picture.• There is no doubt that SEOmoz wants you to buy the PRO version of itsprogram right. They are telling you want to do. Just by using differentcolors. And you only get 3 choices.
  4. 4. Subliminal Suggestion
  5. 5. Subliminal Suggestion• This was a big hit in marketing a few years back. But you can still use someof the elements. Newer research shows that it really didn’t help that muchanyway and most of the sneak messages were eliminated.• A very famous example that everybody is still talking about is about ahidden ad picture in a movie, and suddenly everybody in the cinemawanted to buy that product. Well this wasn’t true I have heard.• The advertising industry is still using some subliminal messaging, and youcan use it for your website design too. Today, you can meet subliminalmessaging for personal development, when trying to stop smoking and alot of weight loss aids. You can still buy theses CDs and DVDscommercially.
  6. 6. Subliminal Suggestion• When you are choosing your pictures for your website, you must thinkabout what kind of messages the pictures are sending. Choose picturesthat embody your message or feeling. Don’t just use the first picture youfind – think carefully about your use of pictures. No stock photos (please).• You get 2 different feelings with the bikes on the other slide right. Onepicture is selling adventure the other picture is just selling a bike.• What kind of messages do you want to send to your visitors?
  7. 7. Aesthetic-Usability
  8. 8. Aesthetic-Usability• Out in the real world (yes you can still sell products in the real world I amtold) you can see and touch the products. Sometimes you can smell it too.In fact I am sitting right now eating strawberries – I can taste them, smellthem (I tell you they are awesome). But how do you want to sellstrawberries on the internet.• Well show your product. We can’t make smell so we will have to show theproduct. Maybe make a video. What about a 360 degree photo.• A lot of companies selling software forget to show the product or thescreen dumps. Show it – show lots of pictures.
  9. 9. Aesthetic-Usability• Often people are making their judgments based on how the product lookslike. Appearance is important – it’s an indicator of a product’s usability.This is also known as the aesthetic-usability effect.• The product on the other slide is Rank Tracker. But the company hasshown it in a kind of physical box. A great way to show a virtual productright?
  10. 10. Design and let People Try It
  11. 11. Design and let People Try It• It is becoming more and more popular to let people try the product.Maybe try it for free 30 days or a limited version of the product. Peoplewill get used to the product and after the trial period they just need tohave it right? If you want the full version you will have to buy it.• This is really a great way for software products to sell.• I know – this is not a design element. But you can still get a lot ofconversions. And get your sale.• Aweber which is a newsletter software (I use this software – awesome)has a sign up for just 1 dollars and the first month free. Then you will getyour first sign ups with this program – so why change after 1 month?
  12. 12. Design by the Gutenberg Rule
  13. 13. Design by the Gutenberg Rule• I love this rule. The Gutenberg rule. Johannes Gutenberg was a Germanblacksmith, printer, publisher who introduced printing in Europe. Hisinvention of mechanical movable type printing started the PrintingRevolution (Wikipedia). If you haven’t heard of him – go and check himout.• The theory is that a reader uses his mental path when he is viewing adesign. This is called reading gravity. Here in the western world we readfrom left to right and top to bottom. So with this knowledge we can makethe Gutenberg diagram.
  14. 14. Design by the Gutenberg Rule• So we read a page or design from “Primary Optical Focus” and end up inthe “Terminal Area”. This is why it’s good to have a call to action in thebottom right instead of the bottom left. Let me show you an examplehere.• Market Samurai (great program about finding the right keywords) have afree trial for download.• Remember now we are talking about elements. Of course you can usecolors and pictures to control your readers’ eyes too.