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Learn how to set a great mission & vision for your company by following a few very important ground rules. After watching this presentation, you'll be set to write the mission and vision for you company, which in turn should be reflected in your company's actions.

In my other presentation, I will tell you everything you need to know about Objectives & Key Results (better known as OKR).

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How To Set a Great Mission and Vision - Perdoo

  1. How To Set a GREAT Mission & Vision By Henrik-Jan van der Pol @henrikjanvdpol
  2. Introducing... Mission and Vision are words we already heard a million times. So how hard can it be setting them? That’s the pitfall. A mission and vision are crucial to your company. Your mission is your reason for being. Your vision provides you the focus for that mission. Defining them is no rocket science. However, you should follow a set of ground rules.
  3. Why you need it It fosters discipline, alignes effort and creates focus
  4. What is a mission? A mission tells everyone why you exist. It’s the reason your company was first created: to fill a need. “It’s a formal, short statement of the purpose of a company.” If someone asks one of your employees what the company does, the mission should be the answer. (so keep it short & simple!)
  5. How to set a GREAT mission • Keep it short (no exceptions!) Your mission drives behavior. If it’s long, it won’t do that. • Keep it simple (no exceptions!) Use language that your customers and employees use. • It must be operative It needs to drive initiatives. It needs to help the company take decisions regarding the allocations of human and capital resources. • Apply the rule of 3. More than 3 won’t stick. • It must clearly define what you do (and therefore what you don’t do), how you do it and whom you are doing it for. (and that’s 3)
  6. Examples “To help people save money so they can live better.” “To enrich our customers’ lives through the unique power of mobile communication.”
  7. What is a vision? A vision takes into account the current status of your company and serves to point the direction of where your company wishes to go. “It’s about what you want to be and become. It’s the dream.“ A vision is complimentary to the mission. It helps to provide a focus for it.
  8. How to set a GREAT vision Think of a vision as a ‘photo’ of your company at some point in the future. Describe what that photo (your company) needs to look like. • It must be aspirational • It must inspire It should inspire the hearts of the people that are working at your company. Something you and they get excited about. • What do you want to become?
  9. Examples “To become the worldwide leader in retailing.” “To be the communications leader in an increasingly connected world.”
  10. About Perdoo is the first OKR tool. To set OKRs (Objectives & Key Results) it is crucial to have a great mission & vision in place. This presentation is aimed at helping users of Perdoo to improve theirs. Want to know more about OKR? The Basics of OKRs – Google’s Secret Sauce Click here to signup for a free account Henrik-Jan van der Pol @henrikjanvdpol