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Makes you fashionable smart

  1. 1. BH and Bluser – Makes you fashionableAuthor: Henrik HoltThere are a variety of items that are used for swimming and bathing purposes.BH, is a special item of clothing that is specifically designed to wear when you gofor water based activities such as swimming, diving, water skiing, scuba diving,and surfing.Swimwear is of two types, one designed for men and the other for the women. Swimwears are made in wide ranges, from the ones that cover most of your body excluding face or cover some part of your body. You can find swimsuits that allow you to expose most of your body parts as well. The choice could solely be yours depending on which country you belong to, if there are laws and restrictions imposed on body exposure. It is also dependant on the wearer’s needs like some prefer most parts of their body covered to prevent from sun burns and others love to wear swimsuits and take a sun bath. For men, swimwear is used to normally cover the lower part of their body. They come in various names and cuts like the swim trunks, jammers, briefs, thongs, boardshorts and g-strings. Women’s swimsuits are known as one-piece, thongs and bikinis. A new innovated swimwear for Muslim women is the full body covered burqini. At times swimwear is worn
  2. 2. to conserve body heat in cold temperatures.Be careful when using swimsuits. Due to moisture and damp, bacteria, fungusand other harmful germs can breed on your wet skin. It is advisable to removewet swimsuits immediately after use.Bluser were traditionally worn by men and women alike in earlier times. It wasdesigned as loose fitting clothing worn to cover the upper part of the body andmostly worn by artists, peasants, women and children. Recently blouses are moremostly associated with ladies wear. The blouses are made of cotton or silk fabricwith long, short or three-quarter sleeves or no sleeves at all. It might include highneck collars or can be designed as a deep neckline garment. It can be customizeddepending on one’s imagination and preferences. A tailor can use embroidereddecorations, ruffles, frills at the neck or arms, a tie or a bow at the neck todecorate the blouse. The blouses can be designed with buttons at the front or theback. One can attach a gemstone broach to the blouse to make it look attractiveas well. Unveiling the new age brides The big fat Indian weddings are growing with every passing season. But bride-to-be wants to experiment on the fashionable wedding dresses. No one wants to be dress-up covered in ornaments and heavy saris. The New age brides are opting for far more fashionable wearable attires that are apt for their weddings as well as beyond. More women are going for trendy and practical ceremonial dress. The latest style mantra is of light Makeup, rather than those conventional dark layers of makeup on the face. It is welcome change to spot newer colors, drapes and materials. There is mix and match of velvet, chiffon, silk and organza to name a few. Unconventional colors like black and white are making an entry into bridal wear which are indo- western styles. Evan the cuts in the Bluser arevarious and look awesome on the western draping style of saris and cholis. TheIndian weddings are high on sentiments so it is very unique way to mix andmatch.Today there are many options to choose from apart from the regular, one-timebridal wear. Talking about the grooms, the colors of the shervanis and kurtas areample nowadays. Off-white, black, dark green maroon and even pink are thecolors which are used for the groom’s outfits. People have an option to choose thecolors according to their complexion in which they can look the best. The bling
  3. 3. factor is kept subtle in the dresses with resham work, brocades, zari borders andcrystals. For the past few years there has been a steady demand for destinationwedding wear as well as re-usable bridal wear. Hence, there is a scope tointroduce funky, youthful colors. The bridal wears today are more like fusion wear.There’s a huge demand to style them as the colors and silhouettes are becomingmore and more experimentative. Instead of the usual golden and red combo thebrides and grooms are trying other combinations for the D-day. Today’s brideswant to sport a fashionable trousseau and that is very common. The gown-sari isin demand is more like a pleated skirt and one can wear the pallu around theneck and also draping it in different style to make it look different every time. Thepallu can be draped around the neck or the waist or simply can be carried in thehand. Traditional and contemporary is mix and match for an enhanced andbeautiful look. Make a splash!!!Swimming is an activity which not only gives the required physical exercise but itwill also relax your mind and gives you the required peace. No doubt thatswimming is sport and also one of the games in Olympics. When swimming istalked about, we obviously can’t ignore talking about the BH. Perfect swimsuitcan define the perfect body shape as it sticks to the skin. So, it is very importantto choose the right swimwear for yourself, the one which is comfortable andwhich also looks decent. If you are beach lover then the swimsuit is not just worefor the swimming purpose or water activity but to mingle around the beach andparty. Thus a swimwear should be trendy enough to define be considered as achic dress.Roam around and you can find that world has so much to offer in the swimwearand cover-ups. And don’t think swimwear is only for those with perfect bodies. Allsizes of swimwear are available in market. Those days are long gone whenswimwear used to be just bikinis or one piece suits. Currently, swimwear featuresmore styles and color selections that people often choose to own not one, butseveral special styles. One of the trendiest types of smart swimwear offered is thetankini. This swimsuit features a top that looks analogous to a Bluser. The basepart of the swimsuit is a bikini bottom. This style of swimsuit is available in a widearray of colors and patterns. If you get numerous pair you can easily mix andmatch to create your individual style. If youre not comfortable in exposing muchskin, you can effortlessly find a tankini that covers more of your skin.When you imagine of striking swimwear you almost certainly think of women. Butthe swimwears are also available for men, which are stylish and are perfectlyflexible. If you are planning to attend a private gathering, then you can go for theswimwear which are acts as piece of party wear as well as useful in wateractivities like surfing and diving. Bikini and exotic swimwear with cover-ups isprobably the option for you. Unusual swimwear includes bathing suits that picturemore of your body or that are considered with exclusive shapes and styles. The
  4. 4. recent trend is of printed cover-ups which can be stripes, plaids and bold floral.Whatever you choose, dont let attractiveness trounce your handy needs. Transforming mediocre into gorgeousIn modern days looks have gained lot of importance. People are becoming increasingly conscious about their looks and appearance. These two are different yet interrelated terminologies. Looks are mostly related to face and the appearance has to do with the overall package of looks including the clothing. It is very much required these days to dress up as per the occasion. People have developed a code for dressing and makeup for each and every occasion. These two things can change the way person looks. Clothes can define the body and enhance it. Clothes can also hide flaws in one’s figure. Designers can add frills and flares to garments to enhance or hide. For example, it is recommended for the women who have heavier bust line, to wear Tørklæder. It serves dual purpose, one , to hide the bigger bust line and second, to cut the line of plain garment. It is very much required in dressing to cut any monotone. Be it in thedress or color. Normally, blouses with patterns or designs at the yoke do notrequire any more enhancing. But if the top is plain or is just simple, then a scarfaround neck or hanging down shoulders can also make a style statement. Normalboring office wear can be turned into a very interesting one by adding a brightcolored or multi- colored scarf.There are various tricks used in changing the way they look. One of these tricks isby applying Makeup. This is a key word to transform a mediocre looking face intoa gorgeous one. It is the easiest way to change the look. This trick has beencommonly used in the motion picture industry. The original faces of our favoritestars are way too different from what they appear on screen. This is an art andthere are many courses offered to master this art of applying right makeup onface and wherever required. These artists are highly skilled and keep updatingtheir knowledge by undergoing training sessions for brushing up their skills. Manyof the stars have their own stylists and artists. They are aware of every plus andminus of their star. There are various companies in market which producedifferent types and range of beauty products. Whatever it may be, inner beautywins hands down!
  5. 5. History of the BikiniThat’s it! Guys must have sat up in their chairs! This is the history of the swimsuitwhich is the most favorite attire which most men like to see.Ancestors of this type of swimsuit can be found all the way back to the ancientpast. In Sicily, mosaics have been found with artwork depicting scantily cladwomen which most probably resembles bikinis. The mosaics belonged to theDiocletian period from the Greco-Roman era. The 10 women found in thesemosaics have been dubbed the “bikini girls”. Excavations in Pompeii have alsorevealed several statues of Venus whose attires closely resemble what can easilypass as this particular swimsuit today.The bikini, however, has been said to be formally introduced in the year 1907when an Australian performer was arrested by police on a Boston beach, on thecharges of wearing a tight one-piece swimsuit which was improper beach attire.The trend caught up and became fashionable by 1910. Carl Jantzen was the firstto come up with a form fitting two-piece swimsuit for Olympic swimming in 1913.By 1930 necklines plunged both ways, sleeves vanished and sides were slicedaway. Hollywood immortalized this form of BH in many films. The real glamourcame to it when Esther Williams wore costumes as ‘Double Entendre’ and ‘HoneyChild’ in a movie. By 1934, new materials were experimented with like nylon, andeven latex. The bikini became more figure hugging. By 1940s, it was a craze towatch Rita Hayworth, Lana Turner, Esther Williams and Ava Gardner in thisswimwear. In Makeup and bikini, they appeared like goddesses, and men reallyworshipped them. There posters sold like hot cakes!It was the year 1946 when the modern bikini met the world. It was invented by acar engineer! Louis Reard and Jacques Heim (a fashion designer) were working ona new costume to be worn on the beach. Reard said that his inspiration camefrom lingerie. He marketed his suit as “smaller than the smallest swimsuit”. Henamed his suit the ‘bikini’ because he hoped it would create the same awe andexcitement as America’s nuclear bomb on Japan. The term bikini comes from thegroup of islands called ‘Bikini Atoll’ where the nuclear bomb was first tested.There are many variations of this suit like the monokini (topless), tankini (with atank top), seekini(transparent), hikini etc. One also finds the variant ‘string bikini’to be gaining much widespread popularity than any other version.
  6. 6. Jingle BellsWith the largest number of disciples, Christianity is the most widely followedreligion in the world. December is the reason to celebrate for all Christians. It istheir happiest time of the year. Not only is it the time for snow and sweaters andTørklæder. It is the time for Christmas. The 25th of December is celebratedevery year as Christmas. It commemorates the birth of Jesus Christ, the son ofGod. Christmas is time of great enjoyment. Especially for the children. They canwish all to their heart’s desire and they will hardly get a ‘no’ in response. It is thetime of giving and gifts.Speaking of gifts and Christmas one is invariably reminded of Santa Claus. SantaClaus is actually named after Saint Nicholas who wore therobes of a bishop. In modern times, Santa is depicted as aplump, white bearded and good spirited man wearing a redcoat with fluffy collar and cuffs and red trousers also withwhite cuffs. He also wears a big black leather belt and highleather boots. This image of Santa is particularly popular inThe USA and Canada, popularized by popular culture andfolk, TV, songs, radio and print media. The British have theirown counterpart of the American Santa Claus. They call him‘Father Christmas’.The most narrated and popular of all legends associatedwith Santa Claus is that he lives in the far north. By farnorth, one means the North Pole! It is said to beperpectually snowing over there. Santa lives there with his missus and spends aquiet life. But it’s all busy-busy-busy during the winter. Santa and his army ofnumerous magical elves start working day and night packing gifts and presentsfor little children around the world. Santa then gets on his magical super-fastsleigh drawn by eight flying reindeer. He showers gifts upon all children the wholenight. Santa is said to have a list of ‘naughty’ and ‘nice’ children. Children aresupposed to hang Strømper over the mantelpiece and keep a glass of milk andcookies for Santa. When Santa comes down the chimney he leaves toys andcandy for the ‘nice’ children, but leaves coal in the socks for the naughty onesurging them to become nicer. This goes on the whole night of Christmas Eve.
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