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Together sweatshirts and Jakkers take up most of the upper body clothing, without being mundane or unfashionable and the ‘boot’ is a specialized shoe made out of rubber , canvas or leather.

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Jakker,sweatshirts,Sko,Støvler for SmartGuy.dk

  1. 1. Cycle of Fashion trends from Jakker to sweatshirtsAuthor: Henrik HoltAfter the toil of the day in the office, any person wants to let his blood run likethe highway traffic. It can take the form of various sports or a leisurely jog in thepark, but whatever be the mode of livening up the dumb muscles, one thing thatis an essential ingredient in all these activities is a sweatshirt. A sweatshirt is alsoknown by various other names, depending upon the common parlance of thearea. A random visit into any apparel store will show you the enormous shelf space occupied by sweatshirts of different materials from cotton to Lycra, and various necklines such as V-neck, turtleneck and the crew neck. Sweatshirts are not as mundane as may seem, since they are an essential part of casual wear and because of their acceptability in various activities we do they are frequently purchased than say a pair of jeans. A sweatshirt gives an air of nonchalance and freedom without being stifling. Sweatshirts are usually made from heavy cotton and have other accessories such as hoods; such sweatshirts are alsocalled hoodies. Top sports apparel companies such asLotto, Nike and Addidas sell the merchandise of variousinternational football clubs and since sweatshirts of theseclubs go hand in hand with jeans and are a craze amongtheir fans, a lot of revenue of these companies comesfrom the simple looking sweatshirts.
  2. 2. On the other hand ‘Jakker’ is not far behind when it comes to being fashionableand contemporary; in fact it has the advantage of variety. Jakker is usedsynonymously for jacket. A Jakker can be casual or formal, thus lending the genrethe flexibility in terms of design and innovation in style. Worlds top apparelcompanies like Zara and H&M have significant revenues coming from Jakkersales. Jakkers go equally well with formal or casual wear and unlike sweatshirtscan be below the waist as well. Variations in the type of cloth used make Jakkersideal wear round the year, from sunny days in Seattle to rainy Phoenix.Together sweatshirts and Jakkers take up most of the upper body clothing,without being mundane or unfashionable. WHEN FUNCTIONALITY MEETS FANTASYWere I to pick one accessory that is the stuff dreams were made of…it would be sko, nodoubt about it. What started as an item to protect the feet from dirt and unfriendlyground realities has undergone a huge transformation over the ages to emerge as anobject of fantasy, fetish ,fashion and utility that rules commerce. The earliest shoe dates back to 7000 years before Christ while the oldest leather shoe originated in Armenia. Leather, canvas, textile, wood, plastic and other synthetic materials are the most commonly used raw material for shoe manufacture. But the ‘foot bags’ of eons ago have now metamorphosed into major statements that cater to a multitude of functions while maintaining high aesthetic appeal. While Oxfords, brogues, moccasins, slip-ons and espadrilles are more popular with menfolk, women prefer high-heeled sandals, mules, slingbacks, ballets or pumps; the sneaker being the undisputed unisex choice. The ‘boot’ is a specialized shoe made out of rubber , canvas or leather. It covers the entire foot and extends up to the knee or beyond and is usually worn for the specific purpose of skiing, hunting, strenuous activities or travel through ice, water, mud or dirt. Needless tosay, støvler also make major fashion statements and aredesigned accordingly.Burgeoning affluence and global exposure along with rapiddevelopment in technology have given rise to the discerningcustomer who demands exclusivity and shells out the cash tomeet his requirements. Thus we have the high-endoutrageously priced Jimmy Choo creations fighting for topplace with the likes of Prada, Balenciaga, Gucci or Vera Wang
  3. 3. to name just a few. Customers are influenced by the ‘image’ that each of these brandsprojects and these organizations leave no stone unturned as they undertake initiatives tomaintain brand equity.India stands second in line after China which is the largest shoe manufacturing country inthe world. Catering to the mid-level domestic and international markets for men, womenand children, shoes of various kinds are produced in more than 4000 units across thenation , 55% of which belong to the small-scale sector. These units adhere to high qualitywhile catering to the latest popular trends.It doesn’t take only an Imelda Marcos to show us how valuable this accessory is. Frommorning to night, giving us protection, comfort and style shoes become the essentialsecond skin for our feet.But do you prefer to call us, you are obviously welcome. The number is: (+45) 59 20 7075. Lines are open Monday - Thursday 07:30 to 22:00, Friday 08:30 to 19:45.In case of return refers to enclosed return form as completed and returned with thegoods they may want. Also completed and printed here: www.SmartGuy.dk trip. Do youhave any questions related to those addressed retur@SmartGuy.dk remember to quoteyour order number. Contact SmartGuy.dk SmartGuy.dk Bødkervej 5 4450 Jyderup CVR 25286510 Email ID: kundeservice@SmartGuy.dk Website URL: http://www.smartguy.dk/