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Clothes form a very vital part of our wardrobe or may be very important part of our lives. Can you ever imagine a day without clothes , well most of the people would feel miserable without them but ya there are a few of them who would not ind going out without them, but yeah most of them don't admit it.

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Clothes for all -

  1. 1. A different mantra altogether!Author: Henrik HoltWinter is the finest season to beautify you in very decent way. You have the option to mix and match a range of outfits. Be it your jackets or socks there is fashion in everything. Different kinds of fashionable winter collection are present nowadays unlike the olden days. Gone are the days when people used to wear just the woolen attire to warm their bodies. Fashion has indulged everywhere. Today people wear stylish winter clothes during this season and make a hot fashion statement with this stylish winter fashion clothes during this season of snow. Winter clothes merge trend and task to beat the challenges of today’s dynamic lifestyle. Winter fashion could be as trendy to you as the summer fashion if you only know the tricks. There is not only fashion in women winter clothes but alsothere is a growing demand of designer winter men’s wear.Woolen garments are soft and cozy but there are number ofother materials of which winter clothes are made, so we get avariety of winter clothes to choose. Materials like Acrylic,polyester and other synthetic fibers have many textures, fromfurry to silky and come in lots of colors and knits. The best wayto keep away from repetitiveness is to have a number of piecesof winter scarf in the wardrobe. You should make sure that thefashion and quality of your Tørklæder goes well with youroverall collection. Choosing the right winter socks is vital forkeeping your feet safe from rashes and warm during the chillyseason. Unquestionably, there are many of socks to choosefrom. When in hesitation, try them on and see what feelsperfect to you. Whether they’re heavy or light, wool or silk, themost essential part of your socks choice is comfort level. Thematerial which you choose for your Strømper is an important thing for example
  2. 2. if one wears cotton socks during winter weather makes your feet colder becausecotton socks have little insulation value as they absorb and hold humidity. Thefeet may become very cold or damp and you can catch cold or fever due to thatreason. Fabrics that do not absorb sweat will avoid your feet from freezing fromcold. Thus, one should go for socks made of synthetic materials designed forkeeping the feet warm. Whether you’re using them for skiing, shoveling snow, iceskating, snowmobiling or just waving away the winter melancholy with a cup ofhot coffee, there are various winter garments available for you. The vows are incomplete without the classinessWeddings in India are a highly structured event and are illustrious around the world. They are celebrated with great zeal and enthusiasm. Indian marriages in different regions are of high importance and bring fame to families they are remembered for decades to come. The most vital thing of the marriages is the ceremony which the bride and groom have to perform for this reason they are known as “big fat Indian weddings”. The guests which are invited to the wedding are an essential part and so concentration is paid to tiny particulars of the marriage from location to cuisine to decorations to even the wedding attire. On the day of the wedding every bride and groom wants to look the best as it is the most important dayof their lives. On the D-day the wedding outfit becomes the most significant partof a bride’s prettiness along with other elements like ornaments, hairdo, Makeup,henna application and footwear completing her wedding dress. The weddingcostumes in India play a bigger part as it becomes an expressive bond for thebride and her family as it is passed on as an heirloom.Indian wedding dresses are vivid and vibrant, enriched withbeautiful designs. The brides commonly wear red coloreddresses in their wedding but it is now replaced by diversecolors as brides are getting more tentative.The most accepted styles of Indian wedding dresses areSarees. Sari is a six yards long piece of cloth which isdraped in a sole manner. A woman looks attractive in asaree and it has become a national garment for women inIndia. Blouse and petticoat are two other fundamentalgarments that are worn alongside with a saree. Wearing a sari is a very feminineway of dressing up and defines the beauty of a woman’s body perfectly. Sareesare the dresses that can be worn in both traditional and fashionable ways and stillgive you a modish look. Indian sarees are known for their diverse ways ofdraping. It can be worn up with Bluser of different styles and forms. Sari hasbecome a fashion statement and a lot of designers have their elite collection ofsarees and cholis along with array of designs of blouses. The Indian sari is known
  3. 3. to be sexy and a lot of credit goes to the type of blouse teamed up with thistraditional wear. It is the peak-a boo element of a blouse that make it so alluringand eye-catching. Blouses have lots of variety, like backless, tie-up, off-the-shoulder, high neck, bejeweled transparent, halter, spaghetti and one with strings. Travel makes a wise man better, and a fool worsePlanning is necessary in every occasion of life and traveling is something whichcannot be done without proper planning and arrangements. Whether it is a picnicor a long tour of months strategic scheduling is what makes the trip successful.This includes the packing and the places where to visit. Detailed information ofthe place and the weather conditions in that place of the particular season shouldbe checked before going there. The best source of information is usually local.Check out Tourism Offices to get fair opinion on the best lodging to go well withyour needs. Also one should Obtain compulsory permits and salt away campsitesin advance, and check local rules and regulation to avoid fines. Traveling in truesense will be successful if the real purpose that relaxing and having fun is met.Thus, stress free traveling can only be done if it is planned properly.Packing plays a vital role as we have to carry it no matter where we go. Take asfew clothes as feasible. Distinguish what you can carry and how long you can cartit devoid of straining yourself. When you are packing things into a knapsack,place the lighter stuff at the base and the heavier ones on top. It is also smart toplace the things you use the most on top. The way of packing things also matters,as it is observed that bags will hold more if the clothes are rolled rather thanfolded. If you roll in tissue paper, the clothes will also get less wrinkled. Packeverything in clear zip lock plastic bags. If the trip consists of a beach visit thencarry a light weighted BH and a good brand sunscreen. If the travels are acrossthe cities where the weather keeps on fluctuating try to carry cotton clothes andmultipurpose Bluser, which can be wore in any kind of climate and items thatcan both be worn during the day and as sleepwear. It is always handy to have afew plastic bags around certain items, particularly toiletries. When you aretraveling anywhere and especially if you have a small number of stopovers,segregate the clothes different backpacks or bags. Keep any pills and vital papersin your carry-on handbag. And for safety all you need to do is split up your bankcards, cash, travelers’ cheques and credit cards as much as possible in differentpockets of your luggage and folder while packing. In case you do get robbed, atleast you wont be short of money. Right accessorizing is crucialEarlier people believed in simple living and high thinking. This definition haschanged a bit over the years. People still believe in high thinking, but notnecessarily by living in simple manner. The standard of living has improved, many
  4. 4. reasons are favorable for this change and let’s not get into the details, but higherearnings have changed the expenditure picture. Earlier people went for shoppingonly when they had a reason like festival or occasion. Children waited for theirbirthdays and such occasions to get gifts. But the picture has changed now. Goingfor a shopping is not a much awaited thing now. Stores offer various schemeswhich lure the customers and are compelled to buy. In short, people are nowspending more for buying clothes, accessories and appliance for home etc. Thesedays there is lot of emphasis placed on lifestyle. This style can be perceived asunique style of that person.A person’s choice is reflected in its clothes and at home. A person’s nature can bestudied with the kind of choices that person makes. So it is very crucial to selecteverything carefully. Accessorizing in a right way is a tough challenge. It is notpossible for everyone to have an access to designer, an interior designer or dressdesigner, so most of the time people tend to follow the current market trends.They find out information through books, web sites, life style magazines and soon. A simple kind of living can be turned into very interesting one by just addingsome right accessories to it. It could be simple house or a simple outfit. Addinginteresting elements can change the whole picture. For example, a simple dressor formal outfit at office may not be changed much, but adding interestingaccessories to it can change the outlook. The accessories can be neck pieces,Tørklæder for women and interesting or colorful Strømper under formal trousercan brighten up the mood. Offices are a place where mostly serious stuff goes onlike deliberations, meetings, presentations etc. by adding little dash of color theenvironment can be turned interesting.It is rightly said, that one does not need to change the world to make itinteresting, but small things can change the entire world into interesting place.Similarly, adding or subtracting small things from routine office wear or collegewear can change can make lots of difference. Clothes for all.Clothes form a very vital part of our wardrobe or may be very important part ofour lives. Can you ever imagine a day without clothes , well most of the peoplewould feel miserable without them but ya there are a few of them who would notind going out without them, but yeah most of them dont admit it. Clothesrepresents what culture a person belongs. They also by chance portray ourpersonality and mood, you cannot even fake it. But you must have seen thatparticular clothes are worn in particular place. Like for example if we talk aboutsome particular type of clothing for a place like, suppose BH, it a is special kind ofcloth which is made for a special kind for purpose that is for swimming, you mustbe aware that for swimming you need to have a special kind of cloth material, thekind of material that does not absorb water and does not react with water. As theactivity involves a lot of involvement with water then it is preferred that that
  5. 5. material is of water repellent material. Similarly in the winter season you needhave warm woolen clothes on your body other wise there are high chances ofyou freezing to death.Similarly for summers we use the loose cotton or jute material for the purpose ofthe clothing. As the clothes are divided into the kind of season they should beworn in, same way there can also be classification done on the basis of thegender basis, that is the clothes that we wear can be broadly classified intomens wear and womens wear. When we are speaking of women, it comprises ofdifferent of clothes like fancy and colorful tops, skirts, Bluser, jeans , shirts etc,these are generally a lot of things with lots of floral designs and bright patterns.Where as if we talk of men, then their wardrobe comprises of the pants that theyusually wear for formal purposes, then comes their shirt which they wear for bothformal and informal purpose, the t-shirt etc .There are also a very vast differenceamong the materials from which they are made from, this is because their utilityand usage differs variantly. But of course there are so many bisexual clothing thatpeople love to wear, so ultimately it is our choice that what we choose and comeout with from our pockets a well as wardrobe. Clothes with personality and moodsPeople across the world have their interests in different types of things, some ofthem are interested in enjoying life, some of them are interested in taking lifeseriously, whereas some believe that god exists and some believe that there isnothing like god. Similarly people also have different areas of interest,some areinterested in going around the world gathering knowledge about people and theirlifestyles, such a way some people are also interested in tasting different kinds offood item, where as some of them like to dress well. There are so many differentnotions about likes and dislikes of people which they carry in their heads, all thisdepends upon their perspective and mind set, well of course some of them aregenetically based too. No two person can absolutely think alike, everybody hastheir own style and mode of thinking, and a lot of factors play role in developingthese things in them. Do you psychologist have done research and found outvarious methods by which we can guess the personality of the person and alsowhat he or she is thinking at that particular point of time. This is possible byreading the body language of the person. For this we must need to have goodobservation skills.So can you think of some common mode by which you can guess the mind set orthe personality of some one, well according to me we can easily guess thepersonality of some body by observing the kind of clothes he or she wears. Thechoice of colors and patterns,and the trend of the cloth cut can portray a lot ofthings about the persons perspective and mind set, apart from that it also givesa very broad view of his over all personality. Are you aware of the fact that byproperly observing and interpreting the persons current dressing sense, you can
  6. 6. also predict his mood of the day, like a happy person will sub-consciously wearbright colors, whereas a sad person will moves his fingers between the darkershades of his wardrobe. There are so many different types of clothes that wewear with different cuts and patterns, clothes like Bluser, skirts, shirts etc areusually common feminine wear whereas the males prefer stuff like t- shirts,pants, Strømper, leather shoes etc. so next time you walk out of your house,just take a second look into the mirror and you will know what I am talkingabout.Do you prefer to call us? you are obviously welcome. The number is: (+45) 59 2070 75. Lines are open Monday - Thursday 07:30 to 22:00, Friday 08:30 to 19:45.In case of return refers to enclosed return form as completed and returned withthe goods they may want. Also completed and printed here: www.smartgirl.dktrip. Do you have any questions related to those addressed retur@SmartGril.dkremember to quote your order number. Contact Bødkervej 5 4450 Jyderup CVR 25286510 Email ID: Website URL :