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Presentation is the key word in today’s world. First impression can be very influential on personal as well as professional front.

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BH, Bluser, Strømper, Tørklæder for

  1. 1. Accessorizing can make or break any personalityAuthor: Henrik HoltPresentation is the key word in today’s world. First impression can be veryinfluential on personal as well as professional front. These days it is firmlybelieved that first impression is the last impression, moreover I would like to add,that this first impression is the lasting impression. This print on someone’s mind lasts until something really very strong and influencing incident takes place, which may lead to change in the image of that person. Otherwise most of the people go with the first impression for long. So, it becomes a hard task to leave a good and lasting impression on the others. These days presentation takes the center stage. However mediocre a product may be, but if the cover is attractive, it can manage to make a customer buy it at least for single time. Similar is the case of any movie. Even though the actual movie may not be able to spellbind the audience till the end, it may still get viewers to buy a ticket and watch it at least once owing to its promos and post production activity. So everything revolves around being presentable and gettingnoticed. Talent and intelligence may be noticed at alater stage. This reminds me of a story. For a post ofoffice secretary interviews are conducted in someoffice. Many candidates try their luck. One of them failto make it to the venue and on this pretext she callsthe head of the interviewing committee and describeshim the situation she was in and seeks apologies.Further to their discussion she also describes herexpertise, her expectations and ambitions. Impressedby her conversational and interpersonal skills, the top boss offers her the jobimmediately and requests her to come for meeting the next day. She drops in and
  2. 2. he is aghast by her mediocre looks, but retains her job for her skills. Suchincidents are very rare nowadays, because looks, presentation have gained highervalue. There is nothing bad in it; as the matter of fact it is good to look good. This‘look good’ factor affects our mindset positively and boosts confidence. Wearingright kind of clothes, shoes and accessories is very much mandatory in every walkof life. Dressing up should be suitable to occasion. However simple the outfit maybe but adding right kind of Strømper, Tørklæder can give it that complete lookand even help making a style statement. Simply adding spice to your lifeSpicing up life can be very tedious at times. Breaking up the routine and adding a dash oflife to the normally dull day can be very much exciting and desired. These days life hasbecome very monotonous, this monotone can be broken by including some out of theway stuff like change in food items, change in room setting or even change in dressing.There are other ways to change the outlook of life like change in perspective, attitudeetc. These processes require more time and are more stressful, whereas the abovementioned changes can be easily adopted and they have the ability of making a day fullof newness. Let’s take example of changing in the dressing style. Normally speaking professionals who have to be clad in suits and earthy colored formals always can get some respite on Friday when they can actually mix the casual with formal and opt for trendy office wear. Earlier there were not much of varieties in clothing available for men. They had to be restricted to suits (three pieces, two pieces) or typical office wear. But these days there is wide range of various styles of jackets, trousers and shirts available in tremendous designs, which actually offers men a great choice to select from. These jackets and suits can be so specific that people actually can recognize the event by just having a look at it. They are custom made and are designed to fit the occasion. Now the trend is to dress for the event, unlike initial days where people wore the best of clothes for happy occasion and regular dress for normal or unhappy event. People have become more fashion conscious than before, they can understand the trends and have the willingness to go with them and adopt style which suits them as well as in which they are more comfortable. A style statement is not written down anywhere nowadays. People follow their own style andare able to carry it off well.
  3. 3. Let’s not forget the fairer gender. They have always dominated the fashion scene. Theyhave wide range of BH, Bluser, skirts etc. available. They have always been thedesigners delight. Designers get to experiment more with styling women than men. It ismainly due to gifted body shape and tender looks as well as their own enthusiasm fordressing up, that the women always get upper hand in fashion scene.Do you prefer to call us? you are obviously welcome. The number is: (+45) 59 2070 75. Lines are open Monday - Thursday 07:30 to 22:00, Friday 08:30 to 19:45.In case of return refers to enclosed return form as completed and returned withthe goods they may want. Also completed and printed here: www.smartgirl.dktrip. Do you have any questions related to those addressed retur@SmartGril.dkremember to quote your order number. Contact Bødkervej 5 4450 Jyderup CVR 25286510 Email ID: Website URL :