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Photoshop in the primary school


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This presentation was given during a recent Adobe online course called Photo Imaging - a crash course for the classroom. It gives examples of ways I use Photoshop Elements in my year 6 classroom. I use Photoshop Elements to reach some of my Art and Literacy outcomes. The skills my students learn are transferable and relevant, since Adobe Photoshop is still the market leader in photographic manipulation.

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Photoshop in the primary school

  1. 1. Henrietta Miller  Year 6 teacher  
  2. 2. What Adobe products do I use?  Photoshop Elements  Premiere Elements  Why?  Software skills that have long term use  Creativity  Design skills  Student interest  Task creation
  3. 3. Activity: Cutting out objects and placing them on another background.  Purpose: Backdrop for a play, it was projected onto the back wall of our hall
  4. 4. Further backdrops showing student skills in cutting out and resizing of simple images as well as using layers. All images were sourced using Creative Commons image licensing rules.
  5. 5. Play backdrop with student drawn object inserted into it
  6. 6. Literacy activity – Six word story
  7. 7. Literacy Activity – Juxtaposition
  8. 8. Literacy Activity – Juxtaposition
  9. 9. Skills based with purpose- title pages
  10. 10. Art lesson : Picasso portraits, using pastel drawings, Photoshop elements and worldle as a refection.
  11. 11. Literacy Activity – Student written and illustrated picture books
  12. 12. Literacy activity – Picture book  Created using Microsoft Word, own illustrations and Photoshop elements. backgrounds
  13. 13. Activity: Digi Kids Club.  Lunchtime activity club offering lessons on photography and movie making.
  14. 14. Where do you start?  With a simple task/activity ◦ That has a purpose  Build up student skills ◦ Layers, tools, filters etc  Use the Adobe Education Exchange to find excellent lesson ideas  Remember that there are usually 2 ways of doing the same thing in Photoshop  Don’t be afraid to admit your lack of knowledge to your students  Question your students, ask them to justify why they chose a particular Photoshop tool.