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Aether financial services bondholder representative slide share


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Short presentation of Aether Financial Services - focus on bondholders representation ("Masse" under French Code de Commerce)
Aether Financial Services activities: bondholders representation, calculation agent, independent valuation

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Aether financial services bondholder representative slide share

  2. 2. PR ESEN TATION OF AETH ER FIN AN C IAL SERVIC ES AETHER? « A medium that was once supposed to fill all space and to support the propagation of electromagnetic waves » 2 OUR BUSINESS: REPRESENTING SECURITY HOLDERS AETHER FINANCIAL SERVICES comes as the trustworthy interlocutor between the issuer and holders of its securities (grouped in a Masse under French law) CONTEXT  Financing disintermediation  Risk management focus  Need for independent, dedicated and professional parties to manage all aspects of Holders’ representation
  3. 3. W H Y AETH ER FIN AN C IAL SERVIC ES? 3 INDEPENDENCE  100% held by its management  No conflict of interests with the issuer KNOWLEDGEABLE  Senior interlocutors with relevant experience in corporate finance and capital markets  Cross-asset expertise and know-how Bonds – vanilla or hybrids (private/public placement, programs, LBO, project financing) Shares of securitization vehicles Subscription/acquisition rights Warrants GUARANTEES  Professional insurance  Market standards IT and data tools  Technical and strategic committee advising management team on key issues and market / legal evolutions BREADTH OF INTERVENTION  Any rating and issuer types
  4. 4.  Attendance at the shareholders’ general meeting  Gathering of the holders’ general meeting on request of the issuer  Chairmanship of the holders’ general meeting  Minutes draft of the holders’ general meeting  Legal actions on behalf of the holders  Monitoring of guarantees, their renewal and adjustements OU R SC OPE OF IN TERVEN TION 4 HOLDERS REPRESENTATION (MASSE UNDER FRENCH LAW) A GM takes place when: - Terms adjustments - Covenants breach - Bankruptcy filing Any type of issuance In prospectus or issuance contract  Letter of engagement OTHER SERVICES RELATED TO ISSUANCES Private placements, LBO Equity-linked Facilitation, monitoring, calculation, valuation  Information channelling  Covenants agency  Calculation agency  Valuation  Example : dedicated actions / decisions to be taken in specific cases (covenant breach, rating change, …) Complex issuances Specific missions Interventions Appointment
  5. 5. Office 22 Rue d’Artois, 75008 Paris - France Headquarterssc2 Square La Bruyère, 75009 Paris - France AETHER FINANCIAL SERVICES RCS Paris 811 475 383