70 million+ person market! expert crafted guide


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Who Else Wants to Unleash The Full Power of Their iPhone™s – Easily and Hassle-Free?

Discover How One Easy System Can Teach You a Hundred and Ten Different Ways You Can Use Your iPhone™ for Business Productivity and Personal Enjoyment

A Genuine Must-Have For Every iPhone™ User – Guaranteed!

Dear Friend,

When Apple Inc. first came out with the prototype for the iPhone™ in 2007, Apple’s founder Steve Jobs had just one thing in mind – the seamless union of true smartphone computing and art. The iPhone™ may well be the most popular and most powerful pocket-sized personal computer in the market today. There are many other competitors but few come close to the quality of the iPhone™, which is also a hallmark of Apple products.

The iPhone™ is far from being just a smartphone. It is a powerful device capable of doing almost anything that you can do with a full-sized personal computer or Mac computer. If you are an iPhone™ owner, you also know that it commands a nice price tag. It’s pricey, but you really get what you pay for since Apple products all have a sterling warranty and killer customer support.

In 2011, iPhone™ sales have skyrocketed to 28 million units worldwide – a record-breaking year for the iPhone™!

So many people are buying the iPhone™ and Apple has legions of fans and loyalists across the world… Why are people so loyal to this smartphone anyway? Here are a couple of reasons.

With the iPhone™ you can:

Play HD games

Rediscover your town or city as it guides you while you drive

Send messages to large groups of contacts in a snap

Control your Mac or PC remotely even if you’re in another country

Retrieve email from multiple email accounts with a touch of a button

Learn new recipes through the Web

Discover new places to go to on your next vacation

Discover the location of your friends and family members

Spoken language accounts for only 30% of face to face interactions.

Connect with video chat – for free and while on the go

Organize your images, music and video

And So Much MORE

The iPhone™ Just Keeps Getting Better

The list that you have just seen is actually a tiny tip of the potential things that you can accomplish with the iPhone™.

At the time of this writing, Apple has already released the fourth generation iPhone™, the iPhone™ 4S which has been equipped with a powerful knowledge processor and virtual assistant Siri.

If you have an iPhone™ 4S already, know that you now possess an indispensable virtual assistant that can handle almost every request that you can think of, from sending messages to finding things on the Internet for you.

The iPhone™ is powerful… But does having it alone mean that you’re getting the most out of your money?

Fact is, the iPhone™ is much more than just a phone. It’s much more than just a music player. It can actually become your most indispen

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70 million+ person market! expert crafted guide

  1. 1. Who Else Wants to Unleash The Full Power of Their iPhone™s – Easily and Hassle-Free?
  2. 2.  How will you accomplish all of these things with your iPhone™?