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  1. 1. SAP SD Training will provide the background tosetting up all the relevant and necessary sales parameters to configure the system to the requirements of your business. Learn how to determine whether an organisation should be using SAP contracts or sales orders.html5 consultants
  2. 2. Using the condition types, you learn about the types of prices,discounts, and surcharges exist in the SAP system The conditiontypes which are pre-defined in the standard SAP delivery systeminclude customer-specific discount, freight charge, materialsurcharge and price list price You can determine how prices as wellas surcharges and discounts are created Whether separate pricingis carried out for individual business transactions and at what point intime prices are determined (e
  3. 3. g for sales promotions, price increases, etc ) You learn to definethe html5 consultants valid tax types and the rules of tax calculationfor each country with which you have business contacts
  4. 4. You learn to define regional codes (city code and county code) ifyou are using the SAP System in the USA or Canada, for exampleYou learn to allocate delivering plants for tax calculation and definetax relevancy for each tax type for customers and materials Learnthe rules about material determination functions With materialdetermination, the material entered is replaced automatically by thematerial found during document creation
  5. 5. This material determination is dependent on the sales documentand can, for example, be used in a promotion when a product is onlyto be sold with special packaging During order processing, thesystem can then automatically exchange the material with the normalpackaging for the material with the special packaging for a givenperiod of time Learn how to define sales document header anditems including the the following for sales documents - orderreasons, reasons for rejection, various blocks, various order typesand number ranges The sales and distribution module can be setup to perform a whole range of functions relating to inventory control
  6. 6. One of the most important links to the materials module is checkingavailability for every item in a sales document or delivery Anotherimportant function is serial number management which allows you todistinguish between individual items of a material that are managedwith a single material number There is a material master record foreach type in the system
  7. 7. For control purposes, the company wants to know which customerreceived which collector type, and which serial number(s) of thecollector type were supplied to the customer, when the individualsolar collectors were delivered It is therefore necessary to assign aserial number to the customer delivery in addition to the materialnumber Discover how your POS systems are integrated with theSAP system
  8. 8. You can configure how data that is sent from the ERP system to thePOS systems is prepared, and how the data that is sent by the POSsystems to the ERP system is processed in the ERP systemCommunication with the POS systems is achieved using an SAP EDIinterface and intermediate documents In this activity you thereforecannot configure the technical parameters for communication withthe POS systems
  9. 9. Invoicing is a critical business function that must be configuredcorrectly to ensure customers understand their invoice and makeprompt payment Learn how to configure invoicing from sales ordersor contracts
  10. 10. html5 consultants