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Alphabet from A to Z


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Alphabet - From A to Z

“Let me Google that” became a fundamental phrase in our daily life. But Google is much more than only a search engine. In fact, so much more that a new company was founded: Alphabet, of which Google is only a part of. This next-gen Alphabet embraces a lot of different cool technologies, products and projects. Come and join us on a tour through the breath-taking landscape of Alphabet.

Talk at first Google Developer Group Brunch 2015
Together with Benjamin Raethlein

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Alphabet from A to Z

  1. 1. From toA Z Alphabet
  2. 2. enning uszynski @henningmus enjamin äthlein @B3nRa
  3. 3. istoryH 1995 Research Project „BackRub“
  4. 4. istoryH 1998 Google Inc. was founded 1995 Research Project „BackRub“ istoryH
  5. 5. istoryH 1999 First dog joins the company 1998 Google Inc. was foundedistoryH
  6. 6. istoryH 2000 First April Fools „MentalPlex“ 1999 First dog joins the company istoryH
  7. 7. 2001 Eric Schmidt joins Google 2000 First April Fools „MentalPlex“ istoryH istoryH
  8. 8. 2002 First Google API 2001 Eric Schmidt joins Google istoryH istoryH
  9. 9. 2004 Google goes Wallstreet (IPO) 2002 First Google API istoryH istoryH
  10. 10. 2006 Verb „google“ is added to dictionary 2004 Google goes Wallstreet (IPO) istoryH istoryH
  11. 11. 2007 Android is announced 2006 Verb „google“ is added to dictionary istoryH istoryH
  12. 12. 2008 First Google I/O 2007 Android is announced istoryH istoryH
  13. 13. lphabetA Transparency & Oversight Improvement through focus Making the world a better place
  14. 14. Google[X] Fiber GoogleNest Ventures Capital Calico Maps Android Search Ads Apps Youtube Loon Wing Self-driving car Makani Robotics Verily Alphabet Sidewalk Labs
  15. 15. 3.5 billion searches per day It was a rare sighting of a queries-per-day figure presumably from Google, which had search executives quoted extensively in the story Search Quick FactsoogleG Each query uses 1.000 computers to return in 0.2s That means for over three years now, Google has been claiming exactly the same amount of searches per month. That’s incredibly unlikely. More likely is that growth has grown to some degree. Average search travels 2.500 km We fetch tens to hundreds of billions of pages. When I first got here [in 1999], it was about 50 million pages, and that was the biggest index then. It's hard to imagine, but it's three orders of magnitude bigger today 2012: Crawling 50m pages in under a minute Last week, I talked to Google Search lead designer Jon Wiley about the process of designing Google's iconic interface. What goes on behind that white box?
  16. 16. ndroidA Market leading mobile OS 1.6 million Apps released
  17. 17. oogleG Still not profitable 98 Apps released in Play Store 2 years saved every day thanks to routing Biggest ad network of the world
  18. 18. nvestment ArmsI Google Venture Early Stage Google Capital Late Stage
  19. 19. estN Sensor-driven Smart Home Solutions Acquired for 3.2 billion in january 2014 Saved 1billion kWh in 2013
  20. 20. idewalk LabsS Founded 2015 by NYC mayor and Google Improving city life First project: WiFi for New York City
  21. 21. alicoC Founded by Google in 2013 to cure death Has the resources to achieve the impossible Emerged from Google Health
  22. 22. erilyV Formerly known as Life Sciences (since 07/12/15) Liftware spoon in stores since 2014 Glucose measuring contact lenses Baseline Study
  23. 23. oogle[X] G Working on moonshots Founded 2010 by Larry & Sergey Gave birth to the Solve for X movement
  24. 24. oogle GlassG Start: 2012 | Beta: 2013 | End: 2015 Social perception was rather bad No Google[X] project anymore
  25. 25. elf-driving CarS 1.2 million road deaths worldwide every year Sensors can measure 200m in every direction Sparks discussions in every field
  26. 26. ingW Originally plan: Deliver defibrilators Till 2017: Drone delivery like Amazon Fly in about 150m height
  27. 27. ingW
  28. 28. oonL
  29. 29. oonL ൗ2 3 of world population not connected First trial run in 2011 Traveled over 16million kilometers
  30. 30. akani PowerM 90% less material, 50% more energy Google invested 15 million over 7 years
  31. 31. obotic CompaniesR Acquired 7 companies in 6 months Competing with Amazon‘s delivery drones First managed by Andy Rubin
  32. 32. obotic CompaniesR
  33. 33. We are a small band of pirates. Makers. Believers. We like epic shit.
  34. 34. oliS
  35. 35. oliS
  36. 36. acquardJ
  37. 37. acquardJ
  38. 38. angoT Announced 2014 Depth Perception, Motion Tracking, Area Learning Pure research project with first devices Ex-Microsoft Kinect Engineer is responsible
  39. 39. raA pen odular martphone latform
  40. 40. bacus &A aultV Concept of Passwords is broken Potpourri of security mechanisms Security for everyone
  41. 41. ecapR Google is more than search Alphabet enables the future And that future looks damn bright
  42. 42. Improving the lives of as many people as we can