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Sansbox Mining SBM EMCA Presentation 2016


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Sansbox Mining SBM EMCA Presentation 2016

  1. 1. Innovation
  2. 2. Our Mission • The Leadership and Staff of Sandbox Mining, in collaboration with our Associates, pledge that we will strive to develop and introduce new and innovative equipment with appropriate technology to assist the South African mining industry in particular and the International mining industry in general. 2
  3. 3. Why are we here? • Currently limited technology to measure the behaviour of tendons and cable anchors once installed. • Potentially dangerous working conditions, associated with current tendon installations, have been identified. • Potential additional ways to minimise loss of production have been identified. • Rehabilitation of collapsed excavations is costly. • Potentially harmful Workforce incidents.
  4. 4. Electronic Monitoring Cable Anchor Device (EMCA) SA Patent Application No. 2010/05562
  5. 5. Electronic Monitoring Cable Anchor Device (EMCA) SA Patent Application No. 2010/05562 • Compatible with all types of Cable Anchors or Chemically grouted tendons • Ease of use: Plug and Play • Read tension in cables – REAL TIME • Each unit has a unique code for position ID • Communicate to control room via leaky feeder or optic fibre • 24/7 / 365 logging and monitoring • Monitoring on- or off- site with data backup • Mine Plan Map overlay • Potential solution to one of the DMR concerns Backup
  6. 6. Electronic Monitoring Cable Anchor Device (EMCA) SA Patent Application No. 2010/05562 Depending on the tension deviation from the set point on the anchor, LED’s colours change as follows: Correct tension: safe working conditions Danger: Evacuation – Increase in tension. Warning: Rock movement – loss in tension, inspection needed Note: Personalise warning via cap lamp cable (Optional)
  7. 7. Robust construction test. Amandelbult Dishaba & Impala 2A Mine After the blast the units were opened and examined, it was established that the units were not damaged. (refer to SRK report) 7 After: Before: 1st Blast – units installed 500 mm from the face before the blast. 2nd Blast – units were 2m from the working face.
  8. 8. Features and Benefits 8 Individual identification Ease of installation  Compact unit  Multi EMCA available on request for pillar monitoring  Manufactured to IS and ISO 9000 standards  Intrinsically safe  Waterproof Memory a. Non-volatile memory b. Instant logging and alarm conditions c. Personal alarm system attached to cap lamp battery cable (optional) d. Individual tracking
  9. 9. Methods of Communication Using: a. Fibre-optic cable interface b. Leaky Feeder c. Wireless d. Wi-Fi Line of Sight Range of 25m with the ability of MESHING Communication Protocol: a. Antares Serial Protocol b. RS232 and RS485 over serial 9
  10. 10. POWER SOURCE  Power Capable of operating off: 4.7 Volt DC battery pack Optional: 24 Volt DC battery pack 110 Volts AC 220 Volt AC  Battery monitoring  Rechargeable battery  Ease of battery change 10
  11. 11. Considerations • What will it cost ? Modelling the costs – will be based on volume? • When will the ECMA be available? The EMCA is available with stock on hand. EMCA’s Relay Units Accumulator Server UPS
  12. 12. Financial Implications Financial arrangements can be made to suit individual mines/operations. e.g. 1) CAPEX on hardware. 2) Leasing of monitoring equipment and software.
  13. 13. EMCA Underground Mesh Individually Identified Unit Range 25m Line Of Sight Communications Network Sandbox Mining Global Monitoring Control Room Each Mine monitored on individual Unit
  14. 14. Sandbox Mining Monitoring Software
  15. 15. Internet Mine Onsite Monitoring – Control Room ControlCentreOnsiteServerRoom RockEngineers Mine Shaft Head Underground Ethernet Ethernet REM Monitor Ethernet REM Console Ethernet Sandbox Mining – Off Site Monitoring SandboxMiningControlCentre REM CentreEthernet REM Monitor Ethernet Ethernet RFSignal Com port Transceiver LeakyFeeder/Etnernet LeakyFeeder/Ethernet Leaky Feeder Control Box / Ethernet AntaresViaComPort REM Service Transceiver Ant+ Ant+ Ant+ Accumulator Ant+ Ant+ Ant+ Accumulator
  16. 16. CMD (Closure Monitoring Device)
  17. 17. This is a positive indication that closure took place. Temporary support on the Face is very important
  18. 18. CMD (Closure Monitoring Device) ELI (Electronic Load Indicator) EMCA Camlock Remote Release Mechanism Height Adjustment Reflective Tape Anti Tamper Lock-out The Camlocks can easily be moved and re-installed. Meshing will automatically take place between the devices.
  19. 19. EMCA Installed
  20. 20. Sandbox Mining Pty(Ltd) • Andries Lottering (Director) • Cell: +27 79 263 8486 • • • Skype: andries.lottering • Web Address “UMUNTU NGUMUNTU NGABANYE ABANTU” A person is only a person through other people.