Vintage Refrigerators


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Vintage Refrigerators

  1. 1. Vintage Refrigerators.Vintage refrigerators are fridges from the 50s, 60s, and 70s. These fridges are highly sought afterwhen they are still in their original state, meaning that they should have been manufactured in thosetime periods.Because these vintage refrigerators is so scarce, it is very hard to find a working refrigerator that isstill in it’s original condition and that can be seen in the price that these vintage refrigerators fetchin the open market.There is nowadays a big market for "new vintage" appliances. These are new appliances that aremade to look vintage. These "new vintage" appliances, although looking old, offer all theadvantages of a new refrigerator. These vintage refrigerators are very energy efficient and stillmaintain the charm and distinctive lines of a true vintage fridge.Vintage Refrigerators - Where Does One Find One?Vintage refrigerator retailers are not well advertized and there are limited suppliers of this type ofappliance. You can find a list of vintage refrigerator sellers at the bottom of this article.Vintage Refrigerators Prices.When it comes to vintage refrigerators the prices are certainly in the premium range, starting at$2,500 and continuing up in the $6 to $7,000 range. Certainly not inexpensive by any means buttheir bold colors and smooth lines (only found in the vintage era) are well worth the cost to mostpeople.
  2. 2. Vintage Refrigerators Colors.You will find that the colors offered in the vintage line are certainly retro. From robins egg blue tocandy apple red, there is a color for everyone. Although most people still prefer the traditionalrefrigerators in white, black, or stainless steel, there is a growing crowd who favors bold colors andretro lines to go with their retro personalities. They reason that their homes should be a personalextension of their personalities. After all its your home and you should have what you like, and notwhat the other people think you should have.Useful Tips For Buying A Vintage RefrigeratorVintage refrigerators possesses an unique style and look. Also known as retro fridges, these modelsare part of decades that have come and gone. Getting one of these vintage refrigerators is anexcellent method to capture the essence from the retro years. If you compare modern and vintagerefrigerators, you will find all of the modern fridges have additional features like a water dispenser,french doorways, bottom freezers, ice makers, and much more. In comparison, vintage refrigeratormodels returns us to the fundamental “ice box” design that had a great degree of functionality atthat time.Before purchasing vintage refrigerators you should consider the cost of running the appliance. Forexample, older model fridges are less energy-efficient than more recent ones. If you are worriedabout the environment, you might choose a less energy consuming model which is much moreimportant than authenticity. On the other hand, if cost is not a factor and you want to have a genuinevintage refrigerator, you will find these models still available.Restored vs. Un-restoredThere are basically two kinds of vintage refrigerators – restored and un-restored. Vintagerefrigerators which are restored are fully working models which have hadsome maintenance work done to them.Un-restored models are the ones that you simply find at garage sales or elsewhere that somebodyhas saved and has forgotten about them. On many occasions people will be very glad to offload avintage refrigerator, stove, or ice box.There are also companies that will take your old vintage refrigerator and re-fit it with the latestenergy efficient motor, compressor and plumbing necessary to run your appliance.
  3. 3. Whether you decide to purchase a restored vintage refrigerator or perhaps a reproduction, be readyto spend a good deal of money. In either case, you’ll probably be out a couple of hundreds ofdollars. Remember, though, the price of a brand new, high-finished model is probably in the samerange as the vintage options, therefore it is really only a matter of preference.Retro KitchenShould you decide to have a retro kitchen you will not be able to combine brand new modern homeappliances with a fridge or oven dating from the 50′s. Probably the most popular methods peoplebegin using these home appliances is to dedicate an area or a portion of an area to a completetransformation from the previous decade. For instance, you can produce a kitchen which has arestored vintage refrigerator and an oven in addition to authentic flooring and counters. This reallyis known as a retro kitchen, which is an enjoyable method to add an unique character to your house.Types of Units. Vintage RefrigeratorsOne of the most popular types of retro ice boxes you will find are the old style Coca Cola vendingmachines. These were very popular in the 40s and 50s. They can still be completely functional.Other brands that are commonly found are Northstar, General Electric, Molteni, and Elmira StoveWorks.Where Can You Find These Appliances?There are several good places to look. One of the best places to start is by looking online at siteslike eBay. This online auction site has lots of people selling their old and used appliances. Often,they are happy just to get any amount of money to get rid of them. You can also look at Craigslistand see if anyone has anything for sale.If you are looking to get fully restored vintage refrigerators and appliances, then finding an onlineretailer such as and are good places to look.They have lots of fully restored units available to purchase immediately.For More Information On Refrigerator Sizes And Refrigerator Dimensions
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