==== ====The Coolest Site To Choose The Best Size Freezerhttp://refrigeratorsizes.org==== ====If you need to acquire a ref...
they can limit movement in small rooms. A good feature on some models is the possibility to shiftthe side in which the doo...
it to defrost it manually as the moisture condenses and evaporates automatically.The disadvantage is that it takes up a lo...
It is important to choose the right refrigerator according to its energy consumption class. The mosteconomical ones are ma...
==== ====The Coolest Site To Choose The Best Size Freezerhttp://refrigeratorsizes.org==== ====
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Choose The Right Kitchen Fridge Size Before You Buy


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For the most up to date information on Refrigerator Sizes visit: http://refrigeratorsizes.org

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Choose The Right Kitchen Fridge Size Before You Buy

  1. 1. ==== ====The Coolest Site To Choose The Best Size Freezerhttp://refrigeratorsizes.org==== ====If you need to acquire a refrigerator, dont consider to study every refrigerator on the market.There are simply thousands of models. To make a good choice you just have to figure out whatyou require. While reviewing different features, the criteria on which most people base theirdecision is:1) Refrigerator sizes and capacityBefore shopping for a refrigerator, decide where are you going to put it and what capacity do youneed. The choice of size is made according to the proportions of space available. Conventionalrefrigerator depth is 60cm, but if you have a lot of free space, you may choose one with 80cm. Theheight depends on chamber composition and may vary from 50 to 210cm. Width differs from 60 to100 cm. The refrigerator capacity should allow to arrange products not very close to each other, sothat the air could circulate. Some more details...For small flats and for those who dont need a large refrigerator, small and compact refrigeratorwill be convenient. Such models have usually one chamber, with small freezing section (there maynot be freezer at all). The sizes of such models are 160cm height (but there are even smaller, like50cm), width and depth are usually standard 60 x 60cm. These refrigerators are actually the bestchoice for hotels and for those who live alone.European type refrigerators can also be placed in your small kitchen. They have a narrow width(60cm) but can touch even 2, 5m high. The standard depth for European countries is 60cm. Inrelation to the height, the capacity may vary from 200 to 350 liters. As the freezing chamber andcold store have separate doors, they are placed one under the other. Its common to find thefreezing chamber on the bottom, but it can be vice versa. Such models are perfect for smallfamilies. The inaccessibility of top shelves to small people, especially to children, can be adisadvantage.But if you have a large kitchen, then its recommended to buy a wide refrigerator with themaximum width of 1 meter. The Asian brands (Samsung, LG) offer these kind of models. Theiradvantage over the European models is that these ones would be much lower (under 180cm) andmore convenient to everybody to access. The freezing chamber is usually on the top.You can choose a large refrigerator among the Side-by-Side models. Their design is similar tocabinet with two side doors: freezing chamber and cold store. Their capacity ranges from 300 to650 liters. As their sizes are very large: width up to 1m, depth up to 85 cm, height up to 180 cm,these Side-by-Side refrigerators are perfect to store lot of products.Keep in mind the door opening when choosing the refrigerator because when the doors are open,
  2. 2. they can limit movement in small rooms. A good feature on some models is the possibility to shiftthe side in which the door would open.2) Built-in refrigeratorThe build-in refrigerators offer the convenience that it fits perfectly in your kitchen interior. On topof that, you can control your build-in refrigerators without actually opening its door as thetemperature detectors are on the outside. You can use the space under the refrigerator for thedishwasher and shelves. The disadvantages are the costs and its useful capacity thats 2 timessmaller then its size. A good suggestion for mounting is to let the air to freely circulate by havingslits in the furniture.3) Number of chambersAs you can choose a number from 1 to 3, its preferred to take in account all the possibilities astheir functionalities vary a lot. The refrigerators with just one chamber are small and have only onedoor. They are usually not equiped with a freezer section, but some models have a small freezer,that could store up to 2kg of meat.The two-chamber refrigerators offer a freezer and a cold store and may have one or two doors.The gains of having two doors is that the chambers are isolated and opening the door of onechamber doesnt affect the other one. On the long term, the energy power consumed is actuallylower for temperature maintenance.The triple-chamber refrigerator try to take an advantage of this idea even more, but the reducedpayload volume due to their separation actually decreased their level of popularity.The refrigerators with top freezing chambers can save up to 10% more energy than other models.Its important to take in account how large your family is, so there is enough room for their needs.4) Cold storeThe cold store is the most accessed part of the refrigerator and usually has a lot of differentshelves (glass or in form of lattice) and containers.While lattices strong point is that they dont prevent air circulating in the cold store, glass shelveshave a more esthetic look and can be easily cleaned. Make sure you can make any combinationof shelves height as you may have varying hight products to store in them.Regarding the defrosting, you can choose between dropping system and No Frost system. Whilethe dropping defrosting system collects moisture in a special tray to allow it to evaporate, itsrecommended to defreeze your refrigerator twice a year and actually cost less than the No Frostsystem.5) No Frost systemAs only one temperature is maintained in the whole chamber, the advantage is that you dont have
  3. 3. it to defrost it manually as the moisture condenses and evaporates automatically.The disadvantage is that it takes up a lot of the capacity of the chamber and limits its payload.6) Refrigerator compressorChoosing between one or two-compressor refrigerator depends on many factors.Its clear that the small refrigerator will include only one compressor. Large refrigerators with onecompressor are less expensive, but the down side is that the compressor will maintaintemperature for both, the freezer and the cold store. So, setting a lower temperature in onechamber would mean that the compressor will use additional energy to cool them both.This is the main reason why its advisable to select a refrigerator with two compressors. Firstly,only one compressor is not able to cool the big number of items quickly. Secondly, twocompressors is always a must for a refrigerator with two separate chambers. Having separatemotor cool its own chamber allows you to set different chamber temperatures. However, there areavailable a few models that allow that with just one compressor. When washing one chamber, aninteresting advantage for the two-compressor refrigerator is that you can turn off its connectedcompressor while the one for the other chamber can continue operating normally.7) FreezerThere are different types of constructions inside the freezer, depending on its position. If thefreezer is in the bottom part, then it usually has three cases that can be moved out. If the freezer ison the top, then it is usually divided by shelves.The primary criteria for freezing chamber are the payload volume and the ability to maintaincertain temperature. Products shelf life depends on the store temperature. To store just one week,the temperature of -6°C is enough and indicates that the refrigerators has one star. If thetemperature is -12°C, then the products can be stored for one month (two stars). If thetemperature is -18°C, then your food will stay fresh for three month (three stars). Having thepossibility to set the temperature lower than -18°C, allows you to keep even half a year andthose refrigerators are marked with four stars.You can have automatic or manual defrosting system. Having a manual defrosting system youllhave to switch off the freezing chamber, remove the hoar-frost and wash the chamber.Choosing the refrigerator, dont forget that the bigger is the freezing chamber, the smaller will bethe cold store. Decide, which chamber is necessary for you.8) Zero zoneThe Zero zone chamber has permanently zero temperature and high humidity. It will allow thestored food to keep fresh for a long time. Its perfect for those times when you want to cookproducts after a few hours and not want to freeze them completely.9) Energy consumption class
  4. 4. It is important to choose the right refrigerator according to its energy consumption class. The mosteconomical ones are marked with letter "A". The next are "B" and "C" classes, which are not verydifferent from the first class and are considered to be economical. The difference between classesalso consists in the ability to keep certain temperature without electricity. Thats why searching fora higher class you may overpay for the refrigerator. Considerable difference in price of two closeby the energy consumption class refrigerators isnt worth of it. The main is, that the letter showingthe class were no less then "C".Besides, if you want your refrigerator to use less energy and save some money on the long term,you should follow these simple rules. First, dont put in the refrigerator the products, whichtemperature is higher then the room temperature. Dont leave the doors open for a long time.Place the refrigerator as far away from the cooker and battery as possible.10) Refrigerator priceThe price of the refrigerator is an vital factor. You are clearly not interested an unaffordablerefrigerator. The selling price will be dependent on the volume and the number of chambers, andalso on their capabilities and the defrosting type. Added parts of the price will depend on thenumber of compressors, energy consumption class, and of course, the brand name. Additionalfunctions increase the price. As an example, a useful function is a sound to signal when the dooris being open for too much time.As the web can help you find the refrigerator reviews, your job of selecting the ideal refrigeratormay be even a lot easier than you would imagine. Knowing all these criteria, you can get the bestrefrigerator for your needs.My name si Cameron Levesque and I am an engineer whos passionate with cutting edgetechnologies. In the last years, my thermal engineering field of expertise led me to explore the newinnovations in freezing devices and I felt an overwhelming urge to follow the path of refrigeratorsand freezing compressors.To follow my reviews, visit my website athttp://best-refrigerator-reviews.netArticle Source:http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Cameron_John_Levesque
  5. 5. ==== ====The Coolest Site To Choose The Best Size Freezerhttp://refrigeratorsizes.org==== ====