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Marketing Plan Hennesey

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Lhaas mkt plan

  1. 1. Laurel Highlands Animal Advocate ServiceMarketing Plan Reed Hennessey Director May 18, 2013
  2. 2. Mission Prevent cruelty to animals; provideservices that rehabilitate, providesanctuary and relieve the suffering ofanimals; and extend humane educationto people in the greater Fayette Countyarea of Southwest Pennsylvania.
  3. 3. Executive Summary LHAAS is a non-profit organization committed to preventing abuseand relieve suffering to all animals through adoptions, publiceducation and humane services. Through our efforts many animalswere rescued from abuse, neglect, and euthanasia. LHAAS target market includes: Public Service Agencies Adoptions Donated Funding LHAAS plans to expand their revenue and community presenceby promoting adoption events, educating the general public,and increasing their publicity.
  4. 4. Social Impact LHAAS success depends on the number of adoptionsand the their contracts between Fayette and thesurrounding counties for support and funding. Over thenext five years we plan to increase our impact on theissue of animal abuse by 54%. In addition, LHAAS willhave a strong impact of the environmental conditionsin Fayette County. Through the care and control ofanimals, veterinary services, population control, andeducational programs our shelter will have a positivesocial impact on our community.
  5. 5. Video Presentation
  6. 6. Market Summary LHAAS is a full service animal shelter, serving the needs of abusedand neglected animals and dealing with the consequences ofanimals who interact with humans. The most important clients arethe animals that are served in our shelter. Locally LHAAS willprovide adoption and veterinary services. The other areas thatwill be served are training and kennel services.Shelter ServicesTarget MarketTraining/KennelservicesAdoptions/Veterinaryservices
  7. 7. Market Demographics Shelter services based on county contracts offers consistent revenue tothe LHAAS. Over 70 percent of the county Animal Control budget isallocated for contractual services to Laurel Highlands Animal AdvocateService to provide housing, euthanasia, and welfare forabused/unwanted animals. There is estimated to be an annual budgetof two million or more. County agencies are looking for more serviceswhich LHAAS can provide. LHAAS represents one of the fastest growing programs for the FayetteCounty Animal Control Board. Donated funds are another source of marketing and once establishedwe will prove to the county administrator that animal care is a necessity.
  8. 8. Market Needs LHAAS provides education, outreach programs,placement for homeless animals, medical, spay andneutering assistance and kenneling services. LHAAS mainobjective is to educate the public on the overpopulationof animals that creates neglect, and abuse. LHASSthrough pet adoption programs, and other resources areusing financial donations and grants to make adifference. There exists a need in our county to providethe services necessary to support the care and shelter ofanimals. Community contribution and local employmentare additional benefits of our organization.
  9. 9. Market Strategies The drive for volunteers, adopters and donations will rely on thesuccessful implementation of our marketing plan.  Educating andinforming the public about our shelter and services will beaccomplished through our plans to build a website that allowspotential adopters to become familiar with the issue of abuseand the animals that need homes by incorporating lots ofphotos. We will also use multiple social media sites to share news aboutnew animals up for adoption, our services, and fundraisingevents. Our fundraisers will be marketed through advertising aswell as corporate and community sponsorships. We will alsoparticipate in community events and use flyers and participationis school and community events to get free publicity from themedia about our shelter. We will also need to develop relationships with local contractorsand building suppliers in order to complete construction of thefacility.  
  10. 10. Market Growth The growth of LHAAS is directly tied to theoverpopulation of animals and services needed inFayette and neighboring counties. The need for shelterservices has stayed constant in the past years and isexpected to stay in the same range. Volunteerorganizations, advocacy groups, and corporations willbe important supporters in the expansion of our services.
  11. 11. Competition The SW Pennsylvania market is moderately competitivefor shelter services. The advantage that my shelter willhave over the other shelters is that they are smaller andonly offer shelter services and limited low costspay/neuter programs. Many of these shelters are operating on a very limitedbudget with much of their services depending ondonated dollars.  Without other viable options they arenot able to operate consistently and provide for thecare and control of our animal population.
  12. 12. LHAAS Strengths Extended hours Community Outreach programs Therapeutic Animal Program Mobile Rescue Unit available 24/7 Increase awareness of animal welfare Animal education and behavior training classes Short term and long term kennel services Discounted puppy/kitten andSpay/Neuter/Vaccination Programs
  13. 13. LHAAS Weakness Current Location Size and limitations of the current facility Hours of operation - no weekend hours Cost of veterinary services provided by partnerveterinarian
  14. 14. Marketing Tools Advertisements Direct Mail Adoptions Community Events Website Social Media Links and Promotions
  15. 15. LHAAS Advertising Animal Adoptions Local television advertising Newspaper Circulation of animal showcase Literature in area agencies
  16. 16. Other Promotions Festivals Fairs Community events Senior citizen visitations School/Educational programs
  17. 17. Pricing/Grants/Fundraising Pricing Low cost adoptions Lower spay and neuter costs Bundled services Grants Seek grants to fulfill financial obligations Fundraising
  18. 18. LHAAS Services Animal Abuse Education Sheltering homeless animals Adoption counseling and placement Mobile Rescue Unit Short term and Long term Kennel Services Vaccination Clinic/Veterinary Services Therapeutic Animal Services Behavior Training Classes
  19. 19. Links Blogspothttp://socialmediaprojecthennessey.blogspot.com/ Twitter Feedhttps://twitter.com/animalshelter