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葡萄牙投资居留方案 | Portugal Golden Residence Permit Programme

3个投资方式任从选择:50万至100万欧元。(Three investment options available: 500.000 to 1.000.000 Euros)

优点 (Advantages)
持居留杈人事可获26个申根国免签证优势 (Residence permit gives visa free access to the 26 EU Schengen states)
申请程序快捷直接,一般不超过两个月 (Straightforward and fast application process in less than 2 months)
极具吸引力之企业及个人税制 (Attractive taxation system, both corporate and private)
持有居留6年便可申请成为公民 (Citizenship possible after six years of residence)
最低居留要求 - 平均每年七天 (Minimal stay requirements – 7 days per year average)
高质生活 (High quality of living)


Henley & Partners Portugal
Luis Infante

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