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Sahabat pulau

  1. 1. BACKGROUND BPS 2012  10.268 millionHigh number of drop out student drop out from school student 1,65% elementry school 56,9% financial 2,33% middle school reasonHigh number of illiteracy Minister of Education (2009) 8,7 million student were illiterateIndonesia has low level Human Development places 124 from 187 countries Index ( 2011)
  2. 2. Who We are???Sahabat Pulau Sahabat Pulau is a community-based, sustainable action-oriented project that involves local youth to support Indonesian children education
  3. 3. Who We Are Sahabat Pulau is a youth-led, community-based, non-profit organization.Together with local youth, we work to create sustainable action-oriented projects to helpaddressing some education problems in Indonesia by supporting Indonesian children totheir further study. We help and motivate underprivileged children to continue theirformal basic education and re-introducing the passion for reading and writing. Ourprograms enable Indonesian youth to contribute to be a volunteer and serve as thechild’s mentor, motivator and supporter. Sahabat Pulau was established firstly as Indonesian Youth for Education (IYE) inMay 2011. We consist of young generation who share common interest in thedevelopment of education (especially for children) in Indonesia. We have been operatingsince January 2012. Now, we already have 12 “Rumah Baca Harapan” in six differentprovinces, 112 candidates of ‘Kakak Asuh’ and 102 candidates of ‘Adik Asuh’ from all overIndonesia.
  4. 4. GOAL• Increase children’s motivation to continue their study• Improve children’s interests for reading and writing
  5. 5. OBJECTIVEEmpowering the Indonesian Youth to be aware with educationalissues . Encouraging the youth of Indonesia to active in volunteering activities for education, as the way in self improvement and Intellectual Social Responsibility. Providing mentor and motivator (big sisters and brothers)) for improvement of Indonesian children education Evoke the spirit of reading and writing for youth and children
  6. 6. Who is InvolvedThis project is initiated by Alumni Associations with differentbackgrounds but with the same goal for better education inIndonesia. Moreover, our alumni are spread all over Indonesia.Those are: 1. IELSP 2011 2. IYE Advisor 3. YES (Youth Exchange and Study) 4. Alumni of Kapal Pemuda Nusantara – KPN (National YouthShip Program) 5. Indonesia Canada Youth Exchange Program (ICYEP) –Canada World Youth 6. CIMB Niaga Scholarship Community 7. University Student Volunteer & OSIS (Student Board)
  7. 7. Launching Rumah Baca Harapan (RuBaH) in Talang, Central Jakarta.
  8. 8. Lauching “ Rumah Baca” in Sekkang Langga ( Jl. Poros Soroe –Massuwalie village , Pinrang South Sulawesi 91261
  9. 9. Rumah Baca Harapan in DepokRumah Baca Harapan in Lampung Village, Garut Learn English by Games Crafting Sing a song
  10. 10. Next Project Indonesia Youth Volunteer camp One Youth One Children Program Youth National Writing Competitions Establishing more Rumah Baca Harapan/ Reading and Learning House
  11. 11. How to Support us Providing Trainer for capacity building Funding/Donate Sahabat Or you can supportBeing a trainer or providing us by funding ourtrainer to our committees Pulauand volunteers how to programs to help us Fundingmanage project, improve achieve our goals toorganizational skills, and make a betterkeep high motivation in Indonesia.ourselves. And alsoimprove our skills, Book Donation Volunteer / Kakak Asuhcreativities andknowledges in order to Thus, through this Being a volunteer to help usteaching, motivating, proposal we kindly for teaching in RuBaH,educating, and supporting request the collection organizing RuBaH, and alsoadik asuh and children. of books, magazines, participating on Sahabat learning CD, or other Pulau’s activities/events. Or educational you can being a “kakak supplement for the asuh” to motivating, society . mentoring, or supporting “adik asuh”.