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Photography presentation

Published in: Art & Photos
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  1. 1. Photo journalism Wojtek Mrozowski
  2. 2. What is Photo Journalism • The objective of a photojournalist is to be a visual storyteller. By photographing and editing images in a way that the media wouldn’t be able to. Photojournalists work locally or travel abroad to document current events, some even go into active war zones to get the uncut and unedited take on the war.
  3. 3. Use of images • The pictures that are taken by photojournalists would most likely end up in newspapers and would be used by tv news outlets who would pay the photographer, without having to send anyone from their company out to these places. These images are sometimes shocking due to their raw nature.
  4. 4. Photojournalists • Some of the most famous photojournalists are: Don McCullin, Robert Capa, Eddie Adams, Steve McCurry, Kevin Carter and Dorothea Lange. All of these photographers took images that captured the minds of the public and their images are still being remember and used
  5. 5. Past examples • This is the classic image used to describe the Vietnam war, civilian casualties with the American forces in the background not doing anything to help. This is image was also censored and never released on Tv or in any newspaper because of the frontal nudity of the girl in the middle, some say that the image was never used to hide the horrors the Americans have committed in Vietnam. ‘’The Terror of War’’ - By Nick Ut ( ages/nick-ut-vietnam.jpg)
  6. 6. Present example • This is an example of present photojournalism, coloured, high definition image. Even with the modern technology used to take the picture, it still has the same impact as any other one ( mages/67490000/jpg/_67490296_ gilbertson-9final_mk.jpg)
  7. 7. Photojournalism techniques • Some of the most important things to think about while taking photographs with the intended purpose of photojournalism would be: Timing, the timing has to be right in order to capture the right moment and the right emotion from the subject. Exposure, the longer you leave the shutter open the more light gets in making the image brighter and showing off the darkness, if you shut they shutter quickly less light gets in making the image darker and somewhat more interesting and sinister.
  9. 9. What is advertisement photography? • Advertisement photography is a specific type of photography used to take pictures for adverts.
  10. 10. Advertisement photography examples
  11. 11. Important techniques for advertisement photography • The most important technique for advertisement photography would be lighting, the lighting is one of the most important things that can be used by a well skilled photographer to show a new side of the product being advertised.
  13. 13. What is landscape photography? • Landscape photography is a photograph that shows a very wide field of view, that showcases nature or any other landscape and shows little if none human interaction
  14. 14. Examples of landscape photography
  15. 15. Important techniques for landscape photography • Yet again the most important technique for landscape photography would be lighting, field of view, depth of field and a wide lens used to capture the perfect moment for the right photograph
  17. 17. What is fashion photography? • Fashion photography is the type of photography used to showcase clothing, makeup etc. It is the type of photography that captures the perfection of the chosen outfit or specific makeup product.
  18. 18. Examples of fashion photography
  19. 19. Important techniques for fashion photography • Lighting and contrast is very important for this type of photography, lighting showcases just the right side of the outfit, and contrast brings out the colours which make the outfit look the way it does