Career orientation and development


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How to beat the labour market competition

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Career orientation and development

  1. 1. How to be Favourably Competitive on the Job Market
  2. 2. Facilitated by:1. Henry Clarke Kisembo 0788657721 and 0728301147
  3. 3. Career Orientation Career Orientation is a comprehensive and sequential educational concept designed to provide individuals at the middle school level with the necessary information and experience to prepare them for living and working in an ever-changing economy, society, and environment.
  4. 4. Career Orientation Career Orientation is a career development instructional guidance program designed to prepare students to have a greater understanding of educational and career opportunities and options and to assist them in making meaningful and informed career choices.
  5. 5. Objectives of Career Orientation• To gain an understanding of your own interests,abilities, aptitudes, and strengths.• To develop an individual inventory of valuable career development foundation skills.• To gain valuable career information and related job training options and opportunities.
  6. 6. Objectives of career Orientation• To become acquainted with various forms of employment and to develop job acquisition and job retention skills.• To experience hands-on activities for self appraisal purposes and for exploratory career experiences.• To develop a tentative career and educational plan relevant to their individual interests, abilities, aptitudes, and goals.
  7. 7. Career Development In organizational development (or OD), the study of career development looks at: how individuals manage their careers within and between organizations and how organizations structure the career progress of their members, it can also be tied into succession planning within some organizations.
  8. 8. Career Development In personal development, career development is: " ... the total constellation of psychological, sociological, educational, physical, economic, and chance factors that combine to influence the nature and significance of work in the total lifespan of any given individual." "... the lifelong psychological and behavioral processes as well as contextual influences shaping one’s career over the life span. As such, career development involves the person’s creation of a career pattern, decision-making style, integration of life roles, values expression, and life-role self concepts."
  9. 9. Being Favourably Competitive onthe Job Market Being Favourably competitive on the job market combines a variety of aspects and factors including; Education background, skills attained, Work Experience, Environment, Access to Labour markets information, Ability and willingness to sale oneself, Timing, personality and Character.
  10. 10. Skills, Values and Personalattributes Selling oneself (Writing a CV) Understanding interview processes and preparing Understanding your studies career path Access to information on labour markets Environment around the labour markets and within the workplace Exploring opportunities; Volunteering, Internships, Attachments and Mentorship programs
  11. 11. Skills, Values and Personalattributes Timing; knowing when the job market is on the high or low Personality and Character; Honesty, Ambition, Creativity, Flexibility, Focus, Organized, Enterprising, Attitude, Confidence, Not money driven, Self expression, Time management, Not desperate, Communication, Interpersonal relations, Team work, Negotiation ability, Leadership qualities, Trust, Dependable,
  12. 12. Workplace Ethics and attributes Set goals and priorities Decision making; strategic and rational thinking Knowledge of duties and responsibilities Respect not fear; people and property Conflict resolution Customer care Report writing
  13. 13. Conclusion In life you have to set goals and priorities, need to understand yourself and also the environment you are living, need to make strategic, rational and sound decisions and judgement; although there will be challenges in your pursuit for happpiness, the bottom line is to see opportunities and place yourself in a position to take advantage of them; it all begins with you.
  14. 14. Resources for job opportunities Newspapers; Invaho, Newtimes Websites;;;;; Networks and associations; JCI Rwanda, YES Rwanda, DOT Rwanda, PSF, RDB, MIFOTRA, MINIYOUTH etc Inform friends and family and circulate your CV
  15. 15.  Murakoze Cyane Merci beaucoup Thanks a lot