Remedy For Severe Piles


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Remedy For Severe Piles

  1. 1. Remedy for Severe Piles By Carlos Scarpero Piles are a condition commonly called hemorrhoids. This ailment is caused when blood vessels in the anal canal become swollen and inflamed. In some cases, piles result in the protruding of blood vessels. There are two basic types of piles. One is referred to as internal piles, while the other is external piles. There are a few common symptoms that sufferers of both types face. Itching and burning, especially while using the restroom, are two of these. Both can be treated through the use of medicated creams and ointments. These products provide a remedy for severe piles, and can be applied to the affected area. Pain is often experienced by those who have this condition. The pain is also connected to having bowel movements. Constipation can be a great source of pain for those with piles. People who have external hemorrhoids tend to suffer a bit more pain. In these cases, the blood vessels become large and protrude out of the rectal area. Often the hemorrhoids become hardened and quite uncomfortable. Ointments and creams can be used as a remedy for severe piles. A common remedy for severe piles is products like medicated pads. Many brands of this sort provide a cooling sensation to sufferers. It is wise to monitor your piles for any irregular symptoms. Those with external cases often experience bleeding. This generally occurs during a bowel movement. Blood can be seen on the stool itself. Although this can be an alarming sight, it is very normal. If bleeding intensifies, or begins to pool, this is extreme. Any extreme symptoms should be reported to your doctor. It could be the sign of another condition, and may require a remedy for severe piles. In normal cases, where blood is seen there are three common reasons. One is the use of dry abrasive bathroom tissue. These products can aggravate your case, and cause piles to bleed. Using pre-moistened wipes provide a remedy for severe piles. Constipation is another cause for bleeding piles. Diets, which are lacking in proper fiber, tend to produce hard bowels. This symptom can be addressed by eating more fiber rich foods. Incorporating fruits and vegetables will assist this process as well. These can serve as a preventive remedy for severe piles. Excessive straining or lifting, are both common causes for hemorrhoids to bleed. People suffering from this condition, may have to exercise light duty activities until piles are gone. Some opt to have these pesky problems removed altogether. This provides an option of a remedy for severe piles. Rubber band ligation is one way to remove piles.. Rubber bands are wrapped around the pile restricting blood flow which eventually cause the pile to disappear naturally. Freezing them is another method often used in extreme instances of piles. Sclerotherapy, the pile is injected with hardening liquid. This eventually causes the pile to disappear. Laser or Infrared
  2. 2. Coagulation, these days this is a rare process. The basic idea behind it is to blast the pile with a laser beam which destroys the pile. Hemorrhoidectomy, the most painful and physically demanding of all hemorrhoid removal surgeries. Hemorrhoidectomys are only used in severe cases of piles.These procedures obviously require expert medical professionals to carry them out, they can be very painful and costly. Want even more tips on how to cure hemorrhoids naturally? I have several more to share with you. I also reviewed the most popular all natural hemorrhoids treatments. Click here to cure your hemorrhoids today->