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Heritage Lottery Fund

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Heritage lottery fund presentation boardroom

  1. 1. Hertfordshire Sustainable Funding Fair : Hatfield 11 November 2013 Kate Brown Development Officer
  2. 2. Heritage Lottery Funding – Our programmes outlined - What is Heritage - Information on our grant programmes and - How Heritage Lottery Fund (HLF) can help you
  3. 3. retailer camelot government How many of you play the Lottery…? This is where our money comes from good causes including Heritage Lottery the lucky winner!
  4. 4. Heritage Lottery Fund is the UK’s largest dedicated funder of heritage More than £4.4billion spent across the UK… £375million in the East of England… Over £30m across Herts… There is competition for our funds. Verulamium Museum, £850k
  5. 5. What is Heritage? What do you think of when we say Heritage?
  6. 6. Is it this?
  7. 7. What about this?
  8. 8. 26 Or this?
  9. 9. learning… conservation… Heritage can be all of those things… but it can also be… enjoying getting involved…
  10. 10. What is a “project”? We see a “project” as work or activity that: is not part of the everyday work of your organisation and has a time limit for when it should be carried out; and has specific aims. We give priority to applications from not-for-profit organisations. This can include charitable or voluntary groups, a Local Authority (including town or parish councils), and schools etc.
  11. 11. We can fund capital work such as restoring an old bus, refitting a museum display or conserving an archive. We can pay revenue costs, such as new staff to help deliver a project. We can pay for volunteer training and activities and events that help the community to get involved. A project may typically last for three years but could be anything from six months to five years.
  12. 12. outcomes Heritage Lottery has moved away from ‘criteria’; instead, we want applicants to focus on the ‘outcomes’ of the project. The outcomes are the difference you will make with Lottery money. To help applicants, we have created a menu of 14 outcomes. Bushey Rose Garden, £942,000
  13. 13. heritage the outcomes in more detail people communities
  14. 14. outcomes for heritage with HLF investment, heritage will be: - heritage is better managed; - in better condition; - better interpreted and explained; and - Identified and/or recorded Stevenage Town Centre Gardens £88K n
  15. 15. outcomes for people with HLF investment, heritage will have: - learnt about heritage (weighted in all grants); - developed skills; - changed their attitude and/or behaviour; - had an enjoyable experience; and - volunteered their time The de Havilland Airfield Community Heritage project £37,100
  16. 16. outcomes for communities with HLF investment: - environmental impacts will be reduced; - more people, and a wider range of people will have engaged with heritage; - your local area/community will be a better place to live, work or visit; - your local economy will be boosted; - your organisation will be more resilient Lost Rails of Hertfordshire £49K
  17. 17. why should we fund your bid? Meeting Outcomes is only part of our assessment. We look carefully at value for money Tell us why you need Lottery money and why now Think about how you will demonstrate evidence of need: include letters of support Hertfordshire’s Hidden Histories, £48,400
  18. 18. HOAC Green Flag Awards 15 August 2013 Cheshunt Cedars Park 50K
  19. 19. If my bid is unsuccessful, can I apply again? Yes… If I have received funding before from HLF, can I apply again? Yes! We won’t fund a project we have funded before, and it may strengthen a new bid if you can show ‘lessons learned’ from any previous project. If you are planning lots of bids to us… prioritise your applications
  20. 20. Development areas These are areas across the East of England which may have had less funding than others. There is no ring-fenced money for these areas, but we do extra outreach to encourage bids. In Hertfordshire we focus on Broxbourne, Three Rivers and Watford.
  21. 21. our main grant programmes
  22. 22. Sharing Heritage £3,000 - £10,000 Grants to help share and celebrate community heritage Projects lasting up to 12 months NO fixed match-funding requirement One short application form Apply at any time Decision in 8 weeks Any not-for-profit group can apply
  23. 23. Our Heritage £10,000 to £100,000 Grants to help share and celebrate community heritage Projects lasting up to 3 years NO fixed match-funding requirement One round application Apply at any time Decision in 8 weeks Living Costume £ 23,300 Any not-for-profit group can apply, local authorities, partnerships, for profit groups and individual owners of heritage
  24. 24. Our Heritage
  25. 25. St Albans’ signal box 50K
  26. 26. Heritage Grants £100,000 -£5,000,000
  27. 27. Heritage Grants Two round application process with development phase in the middle £100,000 - £2million applications must deliver a minimum of one outcome from each of the categories (heritage, people and communities); applications of more than £2million must contribute to more than one outcome from each of the categories quarterly deadlines: up to £2million decided by our East Of England Committee over £2million go to National Board match-funding required 5-10% - depends on the size of the grant request
  28. 28. Young Roots £10,000 - £50,000 Grants to help young people (11 to 25) take part in heritage activities Projects lasting up to 3 years NO fixed match-funding requirement One application form Apply at any time Decision in 8 weeks Friends of Cherry Hill £30,000K projects MUST be a partnership between a youth body and a heritage organisation
  29. 29. outcomes for Young Roots The six outcomes which a Young Roots application must deliver are: - people: developed skills; - people: learnt about heritage; - people: changed their attitude or behaviour; - people: had an enjoyable experience; - communities: more people and a wider range of people will have engaged with heritage; and - at least one outcome from our heritage category
  30. 30. Jaywick: Life on the edge £25K
  31. 31. our special grant programmes
  32. 32. First World War: then and now £3,000 - £10,000 Grants to explore diverse aspects of First World War Projects lasting up to 2 years NO fixed match-funding requirement One application form Apply at any time Decision in 8 weeks Any not-for-profit group can apply
  33. 33. Grants for Places of Worship urgent structural repairs are the priority… you can apply up for a grant between £10,000 and £250,000; four deadlines per year open to all listed grades; two-round application process; and we can fund up to 95%...
  34. 34. And… up to 15% of the overall project cost can be toward new facilities… in addition to structural repair, projects must also encourage wider public access… this grant is now open for applications
  35. 35. outcomes for Grants for Places of Worship From our list of 14 outcomes, there are two outcomes which a Grants for Places of Worship application must deliver. They are: - heritage in a better condition (weighted); and - more people, and a wider range of people, will have engaged with heritage
  36. 36. and still more….. Start up grants - £3-10K To create constitutional framework and assess options for managing/taking on the Heritage business planning /training/options appraisals Plus….. on our website Guidance if your project involves: Learning, Digital ideas, Interpretation.. Case Studies Dates for Events: Funding fairs/ office surgeries
  37. 37. How can we help you with your project idea?
  38. 38. Talk to us! Funding maybe competitive but we are always looking for good projects to fund! Use the project enquiry service and get feedback and advice from us on your bid before you apply! Watford Caribbean Association £23k
  39. 39. Contact us! For more information and advice www.hlf.org.uk Kate Brown, Development Officer 01223 224883 kateb@hlf.org.uk or contact the regional office on 01223 224870. Heritage Lottery Fund Terrington House 13-15 Hills Road Cambridge CB2 1NL