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  1. 1. Medical Equipment Maintenance Management System (MEMMS)
  2. 2. Vision Our vision is to create a software platform to automate Equipment Maintenance and Management in a hospital to improve equipment efficiency, equipment availability and equipment life resulting in better quality care at lower cost . 
 Improving patient care & safety
  3. 3. Medical Equipment Support Service - Process Improving patient care & safety
  4. 4. Major Functions ➢ Preparation of Master Data / Physical Inventory of Equipment ! ➢ Scheduling of Preventive Maintenance tasks based on manufacturer recommendations and Bio Medical Engineering experts. ! ➢ Scheduling of internal and external calibration tasks ! ➢ Management of break down maintenance calls and tasks ! ➢ Spares Inventory and Order Management ! ➢ AMC/CMC contracts documents and information management ! ➢ Management Reporting Improving patient care & saftey
  5. 5. Key Features ➢ Equipment information including responsible party, location and unique serial info is maintained. ! ➢ Barcoding (NABH approved) Equipment for easy identification and easy access to service history data related to the equipment. ! ➢ Preventive maintenance schedule (daily tasks, weekly tasks and monthly tasks if any )set by experts for all the critical equipment ! ➢Equipment information including error codes etc available in the app for the Service Engineer ! ➢Equipment information update from the app by service engineer ! ➢Capture of any non critical tasks like nurse/technician training etc are captured on the app ! Improving patient care & safety
  6. 6. Screen shots Improving patient care & safety
  7. 7. Screen shots Improving patient care & safety
  8. 8. Screen shots Improving patient care & safety
  9. 9. Screen shots Improving patient care & safety
  10. 10. Screen shots Improving patient care & safety
  11. 11. Screen shots Improving patient care & safety
  12. 12. Screen shots Improving patient care & safety
  13. 13. Benefits ➢Configuration and calibration of the equipment on a timely basis improving the equipment output accuracy ! ➢Scheduled maintenance and tracking will improve equipment life ! ➢ Better tracking of breakdown calls and Service tasks reduces downtime of equipment improving equipment availability ! ➢ Equipment history details being available for taking informed condemnation decisions ! ➢Improve Service Engineer productivity by tracking the tasks and the time taken for each of the tasks ! ➢Spares inventory management ensure availability of critical spares when required and thus reduce equipment down time ! Improving patient care & safety
  14. 14. Platform - Technology ➢ Microsoft server software with SQL Server Database ! ➢ Android based App ! ➢ APP works offline/online ! ➢ Service oriented architecture ! ➢ Easy Integration with other systems ! ➢ Email/SMS alerts ! ➢ Chat application in APP with the data being stored for any search ! ➢ Management Reports exportable to pdf or excel format ! ➢Scheduling of reports that will be generated and emailed Improving patient care & safety