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Web programming by kiran and team


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Web programming by kiran and team

  1. 1. Introduction:- research paper you stupid machine, that ImThis document surveys programming". Umm, no.current and plannedlanguages and interfaces fordeveloping World Wide Web Programming is givingbased applications prefaced written instructions in aby a discussion of the logical manner that thecharacteristics of such computer can understand.languages. The principal Essentially, you give thegoal of creating this computer small steps ofdocument was to identify the instructions, and thevarious languages currently computer goes down the list,in use and to provide some executing each one in order.insight into the context in Programming allows you towhich each language is make new software andused. Secondarily, the have the computer do newauthors sought some insight things. Web siteinto the directions that Web programming is the sameprogramming was going, except you write applicationsespecially in the context of or web pages that are usedthe intense publicity by a web browser.surrounding Suns Java. How does web siteWhat is Web programming work?Programming? Basically, you will embed Programming is the intricate code within your normalart of telling a computer what HTML pages. Something liketo do. "You mean when I this:say, Give me back my
  2. 2. <html> different web page when it is loaded on a different date.<head> Dynamic!<title>My Web Page</title> What is web programming</head> good for?<body> Web site programming allows you to turn a simple,<?php static HTML page into aprint $date("Y/m/d"); dynamic, Web 2.0?> masterpiece. It allows others to interact with your web site</body> and use the application on</html> any computer with Internet access. Web siteWhen you access your page programming is often easierwith a browser, your web than programmingserver will parse, or read applications that will runthrough, your HTML page directly on the computer.line by line and when it Essentially, if you want tocomes across a make or edit anythingprogramming language, it dynamic on your website,will execute the code. In this such as a forum, acase, it writes out the current guestbook, or even a formdate on the page and then submission, you will need tosends the page back to your know how to do some webweb browser. Your web site programming.browser just sees a normalweb page with a date but theserver will generate a
  3. 3. What are web languages available andprogramming languages? suitable for Web programming. There is noAll web programming is done reason to believe that anywith web programming one language will completelylanguages. These languages monopolize the Webcan include static programming scene,technologies like HTML, although the varyingXHTML, CSS, JavaScript, availability and suitability ofand XML. However, most the current offerings is likelyweb site programming is to favour some over others.done using server-side web Java is both available andprogramming languages. generally suitable, but not allThis code runs on the server application developers areand then gives static likely to prefer it overinformation back to the web languages more similar tobrowser. The most popular what they currently use, or,web in the case of non-programming languages programmers, over higherare: PHP, ASP.NET, Ruby level languages and tools.on Rails, Perl, ASP classic, This is OK because there isPython, and JSP. no real reason why we must converge on a singleCharacteristics of Web programming language forProgramming Languages:- the Web any more than weJust as there is a diversity of must converge on a singleprogramming languages programming language inavailable and suitable for any other domain. Formatsconventional programming and protocols. The widetasks, there is a diversity of variety of computing, display,
  4. 4. and software platforms found seems almost everyone isamong clients necessitates a doing so. Power. HTML isstrategy in which the client limited in its computationalplays a major role in the power. This is intentional indecision about how to its design, as it prevents theprocess and/or display execution of dangerousretrieved information, or in programs on the clientwhich servers must be machine. However, Webcapable of driving these programmers, as they haveactivities on all potential become more sophisticatedclients. Since the latter is not in their applications, havepractical, a suite of Web increasingly been hamstrungprotocols covering by these limits. Tasks unableaddressing conventions, to be coded in HTML mustpresentation formats, and either be executed on thehandling of foreign formats server in some otherhas been created to allow language, or on the client ininteroperability [Berners-Lee, a program in some otherCACM, Aug. 1994]. HTML language downloaded from a(Hypertext Mark-up server.Language) is the basic Conclusions:-language understood by allWWW (World Wide Web) HTML is proving insufficientclients. Unmodified HTML by itself to develop thecan execute on a PC under myriad Web-basedWindows or OS/2, on a Mac, applications envisioned.or on a Unix workstation.HTML is simple enough thatnearly anyone can write anHTML document, and it