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  1. 1. Quick Solution Delivery Offered by Knowledge IT Industry Wise Solutions Patent & Intellectual Manufacturing Medical & Health care Beauty & care Education Oil and energy Property Industry Industry Industry Industry Industry Electronics Franchising Industry Products Construction Public Utilities Government Industry Industry & Services Industry Knowledge IT Solutions 1. IP Management 2. HR Collaborative 3. Incidence Response (IPM) Management (HRCM) Management (IRM) 4. Incidence & Emergency 5. Corporate Governance Management (IEM) Management (CGM) Knowledge IT Products Object Forensic Administration Project Review Manager (OM) Manager (FM) Manager (AM) Manager (PM) Manager (RM) Discovery Workflow Schedule Human Resource Corporate Manager (DM) Manager (WM) Manager (SM) Manager (HRM) Manager (CM) 2012 © Knowledge IT Corporation. All Rights Reserved
  2. 2. Pick and Use Functions that you NeedWith any application, you effectively use only 10% of the application. But withKnowledge IT’s SaaS applications, you use only those functions that you need. The Knowledge IT Products Object Forensic Manager (OM) Manager (FM) Review Workflow Manager (RM) Manager (WM) Project Administration Manager (PM) Manager (AM) Human Resource Discovery Manager (HRM) Manager (DM) Corporate Schedule Manager (CM) Manager (SM) Easy Third Party Software Integration 2012 © Knowledge IT Corporation. All Rights Reserved
  3. 3. Knowledge IT’s 4 Types of Application Based on Needs & User Demand Knowledge IT offers a variety of SaaS applications which do not require initial investment and installation effort, by providing easy-to-deploy software services at competitive pricing. The applications supports small businesses and large corporations, contributing to increasing effectiveness and reducing expenses. Professional Business Enterprise UltimateIndividuals・SOHO Small and Medium Small and Medium For large companies Personal Offices enterprises or Enterprises or looking for full control or Small Offices Shop owners Enterprise Subcontractors and autonomyBest for individual Suitable for system ranging Ideal for organizations and Highly specialized set ofuse and smaller from two to multiple users. businesses with large groups. administration tools in anbusinesses Data access for packaged Security, access privileges as application is ideal for large groups predetermined privilege based. well as functions can be of people in an organization. ThisTypical Usage Secure user access. determined by the customer and Ultimate set comes with the freedomSize: 1-5 Users Typical Usage set/added per category of users to build a solution view and dig- Size: 2-100s of Users from Packaged Solution. down feature according to each Typical Usage customer’s need. Role based as well Size: 50-1000s of Users as privilege based access control can be set by the Business and above. Typical Usage Size: 100s – 1000s of Users and above 2012 © Knowledge IT Corporation. All Rights Reserved
  4. 4. Incidence List and Incidence Data ImportClick to add a newincidence Pre Import Screen Imported data observed as Inverted cells 2012 © Knowledge IT Corporation. All Rights Reserved
  5. 5. Incidence Registration Page Default Fields Dynamic Fields Dynamic Fields Select the employees to whom the mail needs to be triggered.Seven types of DisasterEscalation form 2012 © Knowledge IT Corporation. All Rights Reserved
  6. 6. Auto Mail NotificationClick on the link to view the details of the mail thathas been triggered to this employee’s account. Auto mail View with the details of the Incidence added 2012 © Knowledge IT Corporation. All Rights Reserved
  7. 7. Mail View along with EscalationEscalation mail inReview manager Escalation mail view 2012 © Knowledge IT Corporation. All Rights Reserved
  8. 8. Search and Search Result View Incidence Search with Full text option Incidence Search Result 2012 © Knowledge IT Corporation. All Rights Reserved
  9. 9. Annotation Registration and Approval Annotation approve list Annotation iconAnnotation related to particularIncidence can be added here. 2012 © Knowledge IT Corporation. All Rights Reserved