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RSMML summer training ppt

  1. 1. By Hemant Sharma 10ME001045
  2. 2. INTRODUCTION OF COMPANY  RSMML is multi mineral and multi location enterprise engaged in mining of Rock Phosphate  The company is mainly responsible for the production of rock phosphate.  The very objective of the company is to achieve cost effective technological innovations in the mining of minerals.  Company is focused about mining and marketing of high grade rock phosphate ore at Jhamar kotra, Udaipur.  Mining and basification of low grade rock phosphate to produce high grade rock phosphate concerned at its IBP at Jhamar kotra , Udaipur.  Manufacturing and selling of low grade ore as phosphate fertilizer called RAJPHOS for direct application.
  3. 3. VOCATIONAL TRAINING CENTRE  VTC is the training centre which provides safety training to every member of the company.  In this section training officer provides complete detail about the company.  In this centre training is provided by Engineers or the managers of the company so that workers can work efficiently in their respective working areas.
  5. 5. SHOVEL SECTION  The shovels used in RSMML mines is hydraulically operated.  After blasting the fragmental material it is loaded in to dumper by hydraulic excavators.  It can load 10 to 12 dumpers in one hour.  All shovels are of BEML company and each costs above 3 crore .
  6. 6. GENERAL PARTS  Arm  Sprocket  Bucket cylinder  Track frame  Arm cylinder  Idler  Boom  Boom cylinder  Bucket
  7. 7. SPECIFICATION:  Model : Pc 1000-1/BE-1000  Operating weight : 98,000Kg TRAVEL SPEED:  Low 2.4 km/hr  High 3.4 km/hr  Swing speed 4.5 rpm Engine  Rated rpm 1700 rpm  Flywheel 542 HP
  9. 9. DUMPER SECTION  Dumpers are used for the transportation purpose of raw materials.  Dumpers unload the raw materials to the dumping yard ,IBP and crushing plant.  Each dumper costs more than 3 crore .  Currently there are 15 dumpers in the RSMML.  Tubeless tyres are used in dumpers.
  10. 10. SPECIFICATIONS  ENGINE Model : Cummins Type : water cooled,4cycle turbo charged,diesel engine No. of cylinders: 12  ELECTRICAL SYSTEM Alternator : 24V,30A Batteries :12V*4Nos
  11. 11. Lighting : 24 Starting : Electric starter, DELCO REMY 24 volt*2Nos.  TRANSMISSION: Model KOMATSU japan make electric shift controlled, Transmission with lock up clutch and planetary system  TYRES: Standard size : 24*49, tube less Brake system : Wet type, disc brakes Parking : Shoe type
  13. 13. DRILLING SECTION  Drilling on hole is the most important operation in open cast mine. There are three types of drilling machines and two compressors are available.  Types of drilling machines: 1. IDM-45D - 8.5” dia 2. IBH-10 - 6” dia 3. ICM-260 - 4” dia
  14. 14. Why drilling is done?  Firstly particular site is examine for drilling.  After drilling is done blasting bombs are inserted in the holes.  After this procedure blasting takes place and the material is loaded to dumpers by the shovels.  These materials then send to crushing plants for further reducing in dimension nearer to 25 mm of size.
  15. 15.  DRILL RODE SIZE: length : 7.62m Diameter : 152mm (6”) Total drill depth : 30.48m (100”) Number of rods : Four
  16. 16. CRUSHING PLANT  In RSMML ltd there are two crushing plants: (a) Low grade ore crushing plant(LGO) (b) High grade ore crushing plant(HGO)
  17. 17. LOW GRADE ORE CRUSHING PLANT  Obtain from open cast mines.  It contains 16% to 19% of phosphate.  This low percent ore is made rich upto 34% of phosphate in an IBP plant.  In LGO plant cone crusing and double face jaw crushing are used.  Then the final product is dumped in the dumping yard and then sold in the market.
  18. 18. HIGH GRADE ORE CRUSHING PLANT  There are two HGO plants in RSMML. (1) Old crushing plant – capacity 120 tones/hr,established in 1971. (2) New crushing plant- capacity 180 tones/hr,established in 1992.  It contains 34% of phosphate and can be directly sold to the market.  Jaw crushers are used in HGO plant.
  19. 19. INDUSTRIAL BENIFICATION PLANT  The low grade ore which contain 16% to 19% phosphate is treated with some chemicals like phosphoric acid, sulphuric acid.  Then it converted into high grade ore with 34% phosphate concentration.  After this the output product is dumped in the dumping yard.  From dumping yard these final product is loaded in the dumpers.
  20. 20.  There can be more than 200 products made from treating this final material with different ingredient and then they can be directly used.  For final product the material is given to many small companies like Rama Phosphate etc which makes final product.
  21. 21. THANK YOU