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BETS TFxO - "International Trade Finance & Forex" Coaching


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Bankers, Financiers, Export-Import Executives & Entrepreneurs! Build your strengths in the area of International Trade Finance & Forex. Get a structured coaching support (before or after office hours) with an investment of just over a month to create breakthrough results in your career and business. Call 9825025918 or Email to for a free orientation. Regards, Hemant Pant - Founder & Principal Coach [BETS]

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BETS TFxO - "International Trade Finance & Forex" Coaching

  1. 1. EXPRESS “TRADE & FOREX” EFFECTIVELY WITH AN EASE “ TFxO “ - ONLINE COACHING ENGAGEMENTS WHAT IS “TFxO” In “TFxO”, you go through a transformative coaching which opens door for you to visit and review core fundamentals of “Trade & Forex” - You are empowered with an ability to understand and express “Trade & Forex” effectively with an ease - You create breakthrough results in terms of -  Increased growth opportunities for you and your work  Minimized Risk in your career and work assignments  Leading, rather than managing, in your career and work i.e. You create a fulfilling & satisfying work-life experience with a high velocity growth HOW “TFxO” WORKS With “TFxO”, you choose an innovative & systematic coaching process for creating breakthrough results – You achieve what you aspire and even beyond that. You choose a transformative coaching - Something that alters the way you are aware of and act on “Trade & Forex”. This awareness brings a fundamental shift that leaves you with an ability to think and act beyond your existing views and limits. You set the outcome and achieve it through your own potential, teaming up with the coach. COACHING METHODOLOGY - “TFxO” Under “TFxO”, you create an opportunity to own four key actions which lead to breakthrough results for you in the domain area (of “Trade & Forex”) - declaring the outcome of coaching; opening up the domain area; exploring and challenging your own reach in the domain area; reaching beyond your limits in the domain area. You make all this possible through your active contribution in a number of systematic actions – vision sighting and outcome declaration, subject talks, knowledge repository & case exercises, query exploration & forum conversation. DOMAIN AREAS - “TFxO” With “TFxO”, you create a strong foundation in the area of “Trade & Forex” domain including areas like – 1) INTERNATIONAL TRADE: a) Key Documents, b) Incoterms® 2010, c) Payment Methods in International Trade; 2) TRADE FINANCE: a) Letter of Credit & Bank Guarantee, b) Export Packing Credit & Bill Financing, c) Import Financing Buyers’ Credit, Suppliers’ Credit & Reimbursement Account Financing; 3) FOREIGN EXCHANGE a) Forex Rate Mechanism, b) Forex Risk Management, c) Forex Remittances LOGISTICS - “TFxO” In “TFxO”, you own a series of actions and engagements with the coach, over video- conference / web-conference, tele-conference / mobile / telephone, in an audio / audio-visual environment, over a period of one month (4-5 weeks) or a half more. Domain Area Talks are generally for 1&1/2 hours, on alternate days or twice a week, while other engagements like query forum, revisions are scheduled and structured tailor-made. You structure your engagements and schedule in a way that fits into your ongoing routine. For instance, if you are a working professional, the engagements are
  2. 2. scheduled for timings before you leave for work or after you reach back home from your work. In case of being a heavily scheduled working professional, you work out your engagements on Sundays / holiday dates. You can engage in “TFxO” from your Laptop, Tab, Mobile or Desktop, saving on your travel time and energy, adding to your convenience. WHY “TFxO” While various Informative knowledge based programs, trainings, classroom, seminar, internet etc offer loads of information in an event model, you choose “TFxO” to access a systematic process of transformative coaching, over a month’s duration, to create a strong impact - An opportunity to work in an altogether different space of Coach & Coachee engagements and actions, leaving you empowered - to be at ease with “Trade & Forex” and express it effectively - to create breakthrough results in your existing and prospective area of work-life. WHO ALL PARTICIPATE – "TFxO” By owning “TFxO”, you find yourself among some of the progressive professionals, who consider their work-life as an opportunity to learn, express and grow – among some of the Bankers, CAs, Corporate Executives. At BETS, we have had a privilege to work with these professionals forming their routine contribution to leading Banks, NBFCs, Corporate engaged in Export & Imports, in the area of Sales, Relationship Management, Operations, Credit-Risk, Product, Finance & Commercial. IS THIS RIGHT TIME FOR ME TO OWN “TFxO” Right time for you to choose “TFxO” is the moment when you realize your potential and create a desire to grow and expand in work-life – when you are ready to take actions right now, without further procrastinating growth opportunity. You utilize “TFxO” to systematically hand-hold your growth actions and accelerate process towards your achieving breakthroughs. Sooner the better! Ready-Right Now, the Best! HOW TO OWN “TFxO” You work out the attached “Vision Form” yourself, as your first step towards creating breakthroughs, and forward the same on: Whatsapp to “9825025918” or Email to “”. AND You will receive a call for a registration conversation. If you find “Vision Form” creation challenging at this point, simply call on 9825025918 and you will be served with a free orientation to “TFxO”. You can easily overcome the barrier of Procrastination by acting in the Present, Right Now! ABOUT THE COACH - Hemant Pant – Founder & Principal Coach [Breakthrough Exim Trade Services - BETS] serves Executives, Entrepreneurs and Students, empowering them to understand and express International Trade, Foreign Exchange, Banking and Finance effectively with ease, to cause Breakthrough results in their Work-Life. An experience of over 15 years across organizations engaged in Banking, ITES, Chemicals & Engineering, with 2 years of Entrepreneurship (BETS), helps in creating values which are more innovative, practical and application oriented.
  3. 3. Vision Form Name City Mobile Email Id Date Guidance Note: Please go through each and every query mentioned below and express yourself with completely freedom. If you have any query or you need some clarity, call on my number 9825025918 or Email on Once you finish it, please send the same to my Email Id or whatsapp on mobile number as mentioned above. This is your first step towards creating Breakthroughs! 1. What outcome do you expect of the Coaching? 2. What are the 3 key challenges and 3 key opportunities you see for yourself: Key Challenges Key opportunities 3. What are those 3 key goals that you would like to achieve in the next 3 month that would make the biggest difference in your life: