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Excellence in Project Delivery


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Deliver Excellence in Project Delivery and Management-
Excellent method to deliver strategy- we help you to convert your policy to implementation strategy. We can also help to implement the strategy.
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Excellence in Project Delivery

  1. 1. A brief introduction to the unique services that are now available to you Hemant Anand +1 306 978 2111
  2. 2. Program Delivery Project Delivery General Project & Engineering Support
  3. 3. Program Delivery Planning ModellingExecution
  4. 4. Purpose Lead the organization through a full strategic planning exercise Time frame 3 to 9 months Value proposition Creation and publication of a useful and measurable strategic plan Implementation of a process to assess progress and a methodology for developing strategy updates
  5. 5. Purpose Work with an organization to create or enhance the organization project development & execution model Time Frame 3-9 months Value Proposition Implementation of a process that engages and enlightens the stakeholder community
  6. 6. Purpose Lead the transformation and revitalization of a specific aspect of a Project Delivery Office or Project Services in an E,P,CM setting. Help the organization to shift its processes to more competitive and self learning methods Time Frame 9-18 months per office Value Addition Successful completion of organizational transformation
  7. 7. Project Delivery Initiating Planning Assessing Supporting Coaching Re- energising Controlling Updating
  8. 8. Purpose Setting the project on a firm foundation Fill position of Project Delivery Specialist for a defined time frame per project Time Frame 1 to 6 months per project; thereafter on call at short notice Value Addition Develop a project team to manage the project effectively during the critical part of the project
  9. 9. Purpose • Review and assess a E,P, CM organization to identify and recommend areas for improvement • Provide an external perspective on where, how, and why an organization can improve itself Time Frame • 3 to 12 months Value Proposition • Completion of organization review that identifies realistic and actionable changes
  10. 10. Purpose Coaching-Sustained coaching service for Project Managers, Engineering Managers and Engineering leads designed to help improve their management and leadership acumen Time frame • 3-7 months Value proposition Sustained personal growth of the leader- PM’s, engineering managers, engineering leads
  11. 11. Purpose To turnaround a project that is not meeting objectives Time Frame 3-9 months Value Proposition Project turned around and begins to close gap in expectations
  12. 12. Purpose To track and monitor costs for the defined time frame Time Frame 3-18 months depending on duration of the project Value Proposition Tracks project costs and enable Project Manager to take timely decisions
  13. 13. Purpose To manage projects risks to cost proactively Enhance the organizations ability to take corrective action in time Time Frame 2-7 months per office Value Proposition The project manager can take early and effective actions to prevent cost over runs
  14. 14. Purpose To determine how long it should take to complete the project Time Frame 3-9 months Value Proposition To know duration based risks on a project and thereby prevent cost over runs
  15. 15. Purpose To determine how long it should take to complete the project Time Frame 1-5 days Value Proposition To align various stakeholders on a project to a common understanding of the scope and time required thus reducing scope , schedule and cost risk
  16. 16. Purpose ●Responsible for all scheduling and re-planning activities as per contract requirements. ●prepare and update project progress. Time Frame 3-9 months- or as required by the duration of the projects Value Proposition Project Manager gets a regular overview of the expected time to complete for the project
  17. 17. General Project & Engineering Support Business case development Vendor Assessment Solution Selection Meeting Facilitation Multi functional Support
  18. 18. Purpose • Augment the organizations with general project and engineering management services Time Frame 1-9 months Value Proposition • Ensuring the Project organization makes the best decisions
  19. 19. Program Delivery •Planning •Execution •Modelling Project Delivery •Initiating •Planning •Assessing •Supporting •Coaching •Re-energising •Controlling •Updating General Support •Business case development •Vendor Assessment •Solution Selection •P&ID recording •Meeting Facilitation •Multi functional