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Bluesky connect volume 1

  1. 1. VOLUME 1 APRIL-JUNE 2010 BLUESKY CONNECT From the desk of the CEO I used to avidly watch most of back eventually progressing to win the match. the FIFA world cup matches and Another learning could be from the England team; was encouraged to borrow sev- highly rated individuals but unable to integrate as a eral takeaways wherein the team. Besides when success was not forthcoming the analogies of team working can finger pointing and blame game began. be extended to Organizations. Team based sports has always Lastly the world cup champions-Spain, provides valu- been an inspiration for corpo- able takeaways-Familiarity and stability ring in consis- rate working and the world cup tent performance. A high percentage of the players in is not only the highest competi- the Spain team represent Barcelona. These players tive sporting event, but also a matter of pride for know each other‟s game too well, resulting in better each country. coordination. Moreover nothing succeeds like suc- cess! Their winning streak from Euro 2008 and them Argentina seemed to have been the favorites at the being dubbed as the best team got extended to their start but were overpowered by a young and inex- winning ways in the World cup. Retention and stability perienced German side, that too by a margin of 4 of the right employees in organizations make a differ- goals. It‟s here that tactics employed by the Ger- ence on consistency and customer satisfaction. man coach became the nemesis for Argentina. The lesson-Individual stars in companies are of limited Lastly, the World Cup is a prized and prestigious tour- use if not supported by well crafted Corporate tac- nament for any nation. It galvanizes individuals to tics and strategy. Moreover after Argentina con- bring out their best. No external motivation is essential ceded the first goal, the entire team‟s rhythm went as every footballer dreams of winning the world cup. bust making it difficult for them to pull back. Often How often do organizations have a galvanizing mission companies build themselves for success and rarely that employees aspire for. Creating a mission transfers factor the risks that could derail their plans. When the onus from an employer lead proposition to an em- the streak of success snaps, corporate seem to spi- ployee lead proposition. When this happens employ- ral downwards faster than the rate of growth. ees work in an empowered mind set rather than a con- ventional job. Conversely the match between Brazil vs Holland had it‟s own learnings. Despite being a goal down Don Holland was able to demonstrate the grit to bounce The Power of Differentiation! One of the common challenges rate consistently echoes one Companies that intend to be per- SME‟s face is on the equitable intent-„I want my company to be formance focused must make a and socialist system adopted in performance driven’. Fundamen- start by creating a differentiated assessing performance. Loyalty, tally what is performance- environment for employees. Re- stability, integrity; weigh heav- whether it be at an enterprise or wards, privileges, flexibilities, ily on such enterprises when it an individual level? It‟s more of recognition are some of the meth- comes to performance evalua- a relative comparison with a ods. Employees too especially tion and reward disbursement. benchmark. If we were to jog top performers are seeking dif- Fear is the biggest factor that our memories, right from an ferentiation. The absence of a limits enterprises in transition- early stage starting with school, differentiated society would in- ing towards a more it has been ingrained by society evitably lead to exit of talent. Dif- “Differentiated” approach. to have a competitive approach- ferentiating though is difficult to to seek higher rank than others. pull off. More importantly it The potential fear of loyal em- Parents are more interested on needs appropriate metrics of ployees leaving, disgruntlement whether their child outper- performance and well defined and upsetting the applecart is formed other students expectations. In its absence, it the top most concern. However (Benchmark) as against their could get ambivalent and be- in the same breath every corpo- own stand alone performance. come a sensitive.
  2. 2. BLUESKY CONNECTAdditions to the Bluesky tribe CLIENT UPDATES Is a privately owned and op- Khana Khazana on a Roller Coaster! erated post pro- duction studio Master Chef Sanjeev Kapoor with The increasing work pressure thisspecializing in visual effects for his team is in a big way attracting month called for a break time forfeature films & commercials. They fleet of food lovers by launching an employees of Khana Khazana withhave established themselves as increasing number of outlets-“The “KK-Idol.” All the members in-one of Indias top visual effect stu- Yellow Chilli”, brand of restau- cluding the senior managementdios in the short span of 2 years. rants not only in India but in Middle participated in KK Idol where im-Their film portfolio includes sev- East too. promptu teams of two wereeral bollywood films which in- formed. Knives and recipes this The fast paced expansion of restau-clude Chak De and Om Shanti Om time being replaced by lyrics and rants division has demanded Hu-which have won them a few mike made everybody hold theirawards along the way. man Resource Department to gear stomachs tight with laughter. up adequately to hire an increasing number of Restaurant Managers to Also it‟s the learning and develop- Operates as a maintain the service standards of ment season at Khana Khazana supplier to the the Sanjeev Kapoor brand. Besides with both technical and non- Indian re- the growth of outlets has also in- technical modules like Food Cost-search and clinical markets. They creased the intake of chefs who ing, HACCP, Keeping yourselfalso assist international companies would get trained at the Head Of- organized at work and many otherto source scientific products, fice under the close guidance of programmes were conducted bymanufacturers and partnerships in Master Chef and his team. Cus- expert internal and external train-India. ers PlaySpans in- All is virtual. -Recon-Get rolling in 100 game virtual Chat Training at Playspan . . . days or get rolled out goods com- merce and mi- 100 days Performance System: Acropayment platform enables The customer support executives Term Coined by Recon‟s virtualgame publishers and developers at Playspan have to deal with Sales Head; Mr. Vijay Malla, andto generate new revenues, ac- Gamers across North America supported by Tabassum is a termquire new users, and extend the resolving various queries relating that has become well acquainted to payments or gaming issues. with all the employees of Recon aloyalty of existing users. PlaySpanis an in-game commerce network company into the manufacture and These gamers come from very distribution of edible oil. Mr. Mallafor your virtual assets and digital diverse backgrounds making it came up with a brilliant idea ofgoods. very difficult for the CSA‟s to be evaluating the performance of new able to deal with their concerns. joiners on the basis of tasks given for 100 days. Since 1992, R&S Bluesky is now introducing ses- Electronics has sions on chat training where these It is the time period which is given been active in executives will be trained on how to new joiners to demonstratethe Indian film industry installing to chat and provide customer sup- their potential and caliber in Re- port to the mighty gaming popula- con. The targets based on variousDolby Cinema and studio prod- tion of USA 24*7. parameters are allotted to newucts, offering technical know-howto set-up Dolby Film mixing stu- joiners and then a weekly tracking is done to observe the trend ofdios. performance of the employee.
  3. 3. BLUESKY CONNECTThe Bluesky Lab– What’s NewHR Maturity GridWith new HR systems continu- tangible metrics and a definite pany on specific initiativesously invented, designed and score that assesses the level of and actions it needs to under-implemented; BlueSky is a cen- HR maturity within the Organi- take to improve its score. Thetre of knowledge in itself. Eve- zation. HR maturity Grid is plotted onryday is a beginning and a a quarterly basis. The HR maturity system fac-gateway to a new creation! tors in several dimensions and The biggest advantage of theThrough this newsletter, we aim touch points of Human Re- HR maturity Grid is that itat sharing some of those valu- source extremely vital for an makes HR entirely account-able innovations and be the organization‟s maturity and able for its for the “Next Prac- development. This is trans- Bluesky is continuously en-tices” For this very first edition lated into a tangible score riching and further improvingof „BlueSky Connect‟, we have enabling the respective com- this model. All Bluesky clientsthe ‘HR Maturity Grid’ to pany to understand what are have been plotted on the ma-share with all of you. the HR areas that it‟s strong in turity score and you may en- and corresponding areas it is quire with the On-site HR Re-The HR Maturity grid is a tool weak. It also provides a com- source on the samethat provides a Company withThe BLUESKY Cricket LeagueOne of the biggest events Gamers to all the other tending it to the field in aof the year for Bluesky clients from various in- competitive arena.has been the Bluesky dustries; Every client par- Khana Khazana being theCricket League (BCL) that ticipated! winners of the BCL - Iwas held in the month of One of the major aims of Champions, and PrintMay across the entire cli- BCL was to foster recrea- Services the runner up.ent base of BlueSky. tion and work-life balance Every participating teamThe kind of response and among employees of all for us, was a WINNERparticipation that BCL the clients apart from the with the kind of team-received was phenome- competitive team spirit spirit and team supportnal!! There were 15 teams which gets extended to that they brought to thein total that participated in the work place. It focused tournament. 3 Cheers tothe tournament; right on team work in the com- every participating team!!from the Spice Masters to pany with winning beingthe Print Masters to the the ultimate goal and ex-Upcoming BlueSky Events Mad Over Donuts??!! - BLUESKY has recently tied up with Mad Over Donuts and as a gesture, they are offering complimentary donuts for all the Bluesky clients within Mumbai. Management Development Program - BLUESKY MDP is designed to prepare and equip Managers to be effec- tive in their roles through systematic inputs on various facets of Management, the cornerstone being on managing people effectively. Filing of Returns - Under Bluesky Connect we extend a value offering to our growing client base. In order to make the process of Filing of Returns a little simpler we arrange for a Chartered Accountant to carry out the proc- ess for the client employees. A nominal fee is charged for each Annual Return per person. This is payable by the respective employees to the financial consultants after the filing of returns. Trekking - Very soon Bluesky is going to arrange for a trek for all its clients!! So dear friends, get ready for the trek and wait to hear more from us very shortly!
  4. 4. BLUESKY CONNECTSkier Speak….LIFE AT BLUESKY!!!Competence, Competitiveness, Candor, fun and Performance iswhat defines Bluesky and serves as an employee destination! Ourcommitment to performance and constant innovation drives everyindividual in this organization! Bluesky is a place for all those witha strong determination to make an impact and support an organi-zation in taking their business to the next level. It is that transfor-mation that every company requires. What really sets us apart isthe element of fun & humor prevalent despite impossible to beatdeadlines and fire-fighting situations. To sum up the Bluesky cul-ture in one line, it is a company with young bloods pumping in con-tinuous innovations, raising the bars continuously a level higher! Bluesky Tip!!From the Clients…. If your current job isnt keeping you engaged and motivated, it may be in your power to change it. Begin by identifying your“The contribution of Bluesky in ITV has motives, strengths, and passions to help you better understand which aspects of your job will keep you engaged and inspirebeen very relevant, as Bluesky has got higher performance. Then, create a diagram of your currentsystems in place. job including your job tasks, noting which you do most often.There is also some amount of structur- Next, create a diagram of your preferred job indicating whiching that has happened in terms of the things you want to do more or less of and which tasks you wantway we function for example the atten- to add. This chart can help you articulate what you want to do differently. Be sure to engage your supervisor in this processdance policies have brought in regulari- and assure him or her that you wont let your current taskszation the way the employees maintain slide, and also that any new tasks you propose are central totheir attendance. the company.Payal’s positivity and her balance na-ture of handling both the company andthe employees has helped a lot. Get Powered today!!I am very happy that Bluesky has come Looking at outsourcing your HR function?? Get in touch with our Busi- ness Development Team now!in our organization and it will defi- Sonia Fichardo — 9819821185 sonia@bluesky-hr.comnitely help this company to move aheadand reward its people as well”. Bluesky HR Solutions Pvt Ltd 221, Laxmi Plaza, off new link road Andheri(W), Mumbai 400053 -Mr. Anil Wanvari Phone: +91 22 407-41111 CEO & Editor in Chief E-mail: