Psychology Degrees and Finding Entry-Level Careers


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With so many diverse career options to choose from, a bachelor’s degree in psychology opens up a world of possibilities.

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Psychology Degrees and Finding Entry-Level Careers

  1. 1. Psychology Degrees and Finding Entry-Level Careers
  2. 2. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, it is not difficult to find entry-level careers with a bachelor’s degree in psychology. Many occupations offer a starting salary of $30,000 or higher.
  3. 3. Psych students have the option of studying a variety of coursework including abnormal psychology, behavior analysis, comparative psychology, child development, and industrial-organizational (I-O) psychology. The study of psychological principles provides a well-rounded background for employment opportunities in the private or public sector.
  4. 4. Advertising and Marketing Critical thinking skills and the ability to analyze and understand social behavior enables job seekers with a social sciences foundation to work wonders in the advertising field. An awareness of current events, the ability to forecast future trends, and keen communication skills are vital for the success of an advertiser or market researcher. Careers in this sector can be found at
  5. 5. Business Sector Prospective employees with an understanding of human and organizational behavior have many opportunities in the government and private business arena. Human resource employees and administrative managers serve to hire prospective employees, moderate conflicts, and develop and administer employee training. Human resource-related jobs are available at
  6. 6. Criminal Justice Students with knowledge of human and social behavior may pursue a career as a corrections officer, detective, law enforcer, or parole and probation officer. People with an undergraduate degree in psychology may also serve as customs inspectors and investigators at airports. Careers can be found at
  7. 7. Daycare and Preschool Settings Many psychology students find employment as administrators in early developmental childcare environments. A psych background allows people to work effectively with staff and families to provide quality care, and develop educationally rich programs for young children. Jobs in the childcare field are available at
  8. 8. Freelance or Professional Writer Persons with a background in the social sciences can contribute articles to various publications. With optimal communications and writing skills, jobs at newspapers or magazines are often the perfect fit. Writing jobs can be found at
  9. 9. Lab and Research Assistant Undergraduate degree holders qualify to assist scientists in various projects concerning animal or human behavior. Work is available in numerous lab settings, including business, hospital and governmental, to collect and analyze data. Research and assistant jobs can be found at
  10. 10. With so many diverse career options to choose from, a bachelor’s degree in psychology opens up a world of possibilities.
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