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Social Splits Success


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Social Splits Success

  1. 1. Social Splits Success Where Creating Collaborations, Cultivates Revenue, Placements, and Resilience in ANY economy.
  2. 2. JOBS: Mine Yours Ours Business Candidates: Development: Mine Social Splits Mine Yours Networked Yours Ours Ours Process/Technology: Mine Yours Ours
  3. 3. Imagining a world with limitless New Frontiers: Split Success potential to explore and expand business, increase partners, suppliers, customers and candidates… Social Splits is the new model, and it will introduce new revenue streams doing what you already do, but better. Honoring Individual and Collaborative : Best Practices, Processes, Tools Advances Value Participation Growth Revenue Partnership Ease of Business Embracing New Opportunities Celebrating and Rewarding Leadership
  4. 4. Attract Success, Release Limitations • Success Attributes • Limitations ▫ Where there is opportunity there is ▫ Mine Mine Mine (Jobs, People, a community Paper Resumes) ▫ Experience Matters, Partnership ▫ Challenges as Excuses Compounds. ▫ Social Networking is really just a ▫ Best of Practice Advances in Candidate Sourcing Utility Collaboration and Sharing. ▫ This is the way its done.. Its always ▫ We Can Create Uncommon been done, and always will be Opportunities in any economy done. ▫ We have unique experiences and ▫ Splits when jobs have aged, ‘pad’ resources, lets discover the right my chances, first priority to my mix for revenue generation people, my listings, my ▫ Perhaps there is a better way. opportunity. ▫ Leveraged percentage of a little can ▫ Social Networking Advancements attract a lot to the bottom line. makes me redundant.
  5. 5. • Web 2.0 Business.. not just noise! ▫ Social Networking Accounts for More than 20 % of All U.S. Online Display Ad Impressions Business Social Networking ▫ June 2009 Facebook had more than 87 million By the Numbers… unique U.S. based visitors. ▫ LinkedIn has over 47 million members in over 200 countries Executives from all Fortune 500 companies are on LinkedIn ▫ Twitter records 21 million U.S. visitors in July, 3,000% gain from last year
  6. 6. • Social Media Questions: Sound Off… ▫ What have you adjusted in your traditional recruiting model to create unique value? What are the best practices? ▫ What are some celebrated Customer Successes The limitations? delivered through social networking? The opportunity? ▫ How has your Jobs Order Management Changed? How can we help? ▫ Have you developed or experienced any process gains from social networking ? ▫ How might Social Splits be leveraged in a down economy? An Up Economy? ▫ What Web 2.0 Tools have best enabled you to work with Split Partners to Produce positive and LinkedIn Recruiting Professionals : efficient sourcing and employment solutions? ▫ How has a solid Online Networking Profile (individual or corporate) helped generate new revenue? ▫ How are you leveraging Social Networking for Passive Candidate Identification?
  7. 7. Dawn Christine Mular Dawn Christine Mular CEO Helping Friends, LLC 3867 West Market 102 Akron, OH 44333 330.703.1007 LinkedIn Recruiting Professionals :