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A History of Viruses


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The earliest worms and viruses were created for geeky fun and did little harm, but how times have changed. There have always been viruses, and as we connect more and more devices, the risk of infection multiplies. In fact there are hundreds of thousands of documented viruses, with more being discovered every day.

Some can cause irreparable damage such as data loss, or a serious loss of productivity. Others turn out to simply be a nuisance by causing odd behavior on a system. Some can wipe out the information on a hard drive, tie up traffic on a computer network for hours, or turn an innocent machine into a zombie. Computer viruses can be a nightmare.

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A History of Viruses

  1. 1. A History of Viruses
  2. 2. A History of Viruses Heather Beck Product Support Manager Bytware
  3. 3. A History of Viruses Your Presenter: Heather Beck About Bytware  Supporting the needs of the IBM community since 1986  IBM Advanced PartnerWorld member  Pioneered automated monitoring and notification  Developed first native anti-virus solution for IBM i
  4. 4. A History of At Your Take A PeekViruses Users For Security And Service—Now! Beck Your Presenter: Heather Bytware Customers
  5. 5. A History of Viruses Today’s Objectives • Infamous threats • Viruses and IBM Power Systems • Options for protection Your Presenter: Heather Beck
  6. 6. A History of Viruses Creeper Your Presenter: Heather Beck
  7. 7. A History of Viruses Melissa Your Presenter: Heather Beck
  8. 8. A History of Viruses ILoveYou Your Presenter: Heather Beck
  9. 9. A History of Viruses Operation Aurora Your Presenter: Heather Beck
  10. 10. A History of Viruses Zeus Your Presenter: Heather Beck
  11. 11. A History of Viruses Your Presenter: Heather Beck Viruses and IBM Power Systems
  12. 12. A History of Viruses Options for Protection Your Presenter: Heather Beck
  13. 13. A History of Viruses Q&A Your Presenter: Heather Beck
  14. 14. Thank you for joining me!