Ageing in the 21st Century infographic


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How different countries are ageing. Part of the Ageing In The 21st Century report 2012 by HelpAge International and UNFPA.

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Ageing in the 21st Century infographic

  1. 1. Ageing in the 21st Century The world is getting much older... TEN years there will be ONE billion ARE MORE THAN Within 50,000 100 PEOPLE IN OR OVER JAPAN older people worldwide. 2012 In 2012, 12% 2050 22% 810 million people were aged 60 or over. BY 2050, The number will reach GLOBAL POPULATION TWO billion. Two people celebrate their sixtieth birthday every second 60 an annual total of almost 58 million sixtieth birthdays. Ageing is not just a developed world phenomenon... % of the population 60 years OR over 19% 27% 2012 2050 22% 34% 2012 2050 11% 24% 2012 2050 6% 10% 2012 2050 10% 25% 2012 2050 15% 24% 2012 2050 By 2045-2050, newborns in 2010-2015, Life expectancy is can expect to live to 78 years 83 years 68 years 74 years in developed regions in developed REGIONS in developing regions. in developing regions. In the past decade, the number of people aged 60 or over has risen by By 2050 nearly 80% 178 million equivalent to nearly the entire population of of the world’s older people will live in emerging and developing economies. Pakistan. Seven reasons why older people matter... In china, by 2022 the average age of 47 24 % of older men % of older women actively participate in the workforce. working farmers is predicted to be OVER 50 or 60. EVEN OVER IN DEVELOPING COUNTRIES UP TO 90% OF OLDER PEOPLE WORK. In Egypt, in 2010, people aged 60 and over made up 8% of the total population but accounted for 13.6% In East and Southern Africa, 40-60% of vulnerable of the electorate. 60+ children are cared for by their GrandPARENTS. In AUSTRALIA, 53% of Americans aged 60 OR over use the internet. women aged 65-74 contribute AUS$16 billion per year in caregiving and voluntary work. In 2012, 106-year-old Saburo Shochi from Japan became the oldest person to complete a round-THE-world trip using only public transport. Download “Ageing in the 21st Century: A Celebration and A Challenge” now