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TDC Core Business


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TDC Core Business

  1. 1. “Innovating the Nation’s Success” Talent ♦ Creativity & Innovation ♦ Entrepreneurship Learning ♦ Consulting ♦ Technology Talent Development Consulting is a knowledge-based consulting firm which focuses on talent development, creativity, innovation and entrepreneurship eco-system via learning, consulting and technological initiatives. TDC is diversified into 9 core businesses by giving emphasis on quality services and high performance result based on several key value drivers: 1. It is disruptively innovative TDC is not just ‘another training or consulting firm’ in the market. TDC’s solution is tailored based on disruptive innovation principles founded by Prof. Clayton Christensen from Harvard Business School. 2. It offers value-based solutions We are social entrepreneurs which center our belief at the value creation models (personal esteemed value creation, organizational value creation, national value creation and entire Ummah value creation). 3. It is personalized and customized Everyone’s problems are unique and the solutions have to be crafted to address the uniqueness of the scenarios. TDC understands these issues by providing personalized and customized solution frameworks.
  2. 2. OUR CORE BUSINESSES 1) TALENT DEVELOPMENT Our foundation is on Talent Development Total Solution which cover the whole eco- system (from the early childhood to personal adulthood and organizations). We have 6 Talent Development programs and they are as follows: o School of Talent Program The first-ever talent development program in Malaysia which offers total development stages of individual potential. SOT is developed based on 25 best practices in talent development and management throughout the world including Harvard’s Professor Howard Gardner’s Project Zero and Alvin Toffler’s future school project to name a few. Divided into 5 stages of programs, SOT is the complimentary solution to our existing exam-based education system. For further information, visit o School of Talent Development Center (Franchise Program) School of Talent Development Center is the education franchise business which offers 21st Century Learning Experience covering academic, social and entrepreneurial talent of children. There are three segments of the franchise ie 1. Junior Kid Talent Program for 2-6 years old 2. Young Teen Talent Program for 7-12 years old 3. Teen Talent Program for 13-17 years old 4. Young Entrepreneur Program for 18 years old above The franchise program is open to eligible to all Malaysians subject to assessment and training.
  3. 3. o Talent Revolution Workshop This workshop is tailored to individuals who are interested to revolutionize their talents. This workshop is targeted to graduating students, fresh graduates and middle career professionals. This reality check workshop reveals the painstaking fact that your way to success is based on your talent and passion or else, you would remain a mediocre. o The Chemistry of Talent for Organization The training retreat for organizations to identify individuals talent and how to position and synergize in order to create high performance team. o Talent Developer Certification Program A certification program for aspiring talent developer in school, colleges, university and organizations. 2) CREATIVITY o Creative Kids Program o Mind Mapping Workshop o De Bono Series of Workshops o Creative Problem Solving Workshop o Imagination Mover Workshop o Creative Problem Solving Workshop o Everyday Business Creativity Workshop
  4. 4. 3) INNOVATION o Art of Innovation Workshop by IDEO o Ten Faces of Innovation Workshop by IDEO o Disruptive Innovation Workshop by Innosights Inc. o Innovation Eco-System Workshop o 5-Day Crash Course on Business Innovation o Accelerated Innovation by Solution People o Social Innovators & Entrepreneurs Workshop o Innovation Economy Series 4) GLOBAL BRANDING INITIATIVES (Guided by Interbrand) o Training with Interbrand o Consulting with Interbrand 5) LEADERSHIP BENCHMARK o 21st Century Leaders Program o Five Minds of the Future o Visionary Leadership Course o KPI for Leaders & Managers o Kuasa Karisma: Membina Ketokohan dan Keterampilan Diri Pemimpin 6) GOOD TO GREAT BUSINESS TRAINING SERIES o More than 10 business development and organizational trainings 7) PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT SERIES o More than 10 personal development program including NLP, ESQ and other motivational contents.
  5. 5. 8) BUSINESS JIHAD SERIES (based on Tan Sri Muhammad Ali Hashim’s idea on Bisnes Jihad This Enterprenuership institute is based on idea of Business Jihad popularized by Tan Sri Muhammad Ali Hashim of Johor Corporation. The institute offers wide range of business and entrepreneurial courses encompassed by spirit of business jihad. The courses are spiritually, intellectually and professionally enriching and gives fresh business outlook from Islamic perspective and global business practices. 9) TALENT TECHNOLOGY The technological division of TDC, talent technology is pioneering the enabling of successful learning and education initiatives through innovative solution via: o Learning Technology & Contents o Games Technology for Education & Learning o Creativity & Innovation Learning Tools o Personalized E-Learning o Personalized Generated-Books