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How to Win People Heart & Mind


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Published in: Education
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How to Win People Heart & Mind

  1. 1. COURSE OBJECTIVES i) Negotiate, build and sustain effective deals and effective working relationships in resolve disagreement; ii) Enhance mental effectiveness by learning the keys to rational thinking, as well as the barriers that keep one from optimal decision-making; iii) Develop confidence in the negotiation process as an effective means for resolving conflict; iv) Understand the nature of negotiations and gain a broad intellectual understanding of the central concepts in negotiation; and v) Improve analytical abilities and the capacity to understand and predict the behavior of individuals, groups and organizations in competitive process. MODULES CONTENT
  2. 2. i) START WITH WHY Inspiration Paradigm Understand purpose, cause and believe Understanding Strength of Weaknesses ii) 3 C’s Becoming Anthropologist Audience point of view Be likeable Buy in decision iii) COMMUNICATE AND OBSERVE The power of observation Reaching people emotion Using Six Senses Take a lead iv) BUILD RAPPORT Radiate Energy Win-Win Building empathy v) CONFIDENCE The Secret Art of Negotiating Be YOU Confidence Magnitude vi) CAPTURE Maximum Effect Magnetize Others vii) WHAT’S NEXT? Reinforce What You’ve Learned Continue Fostering Your Personal Development
  3. 3. TRAINER PROFILE MOHD HELMI MD SUHAIMI Innovation, Talent Development Trainer Age 30 years old Academic BACHELOR OF ECONOMICS, IIUM(2007) Experiences - Founder, Inspirasi Bakat -Trainer: Talent Development Consulting -Media appearances:  TV3 (Motivasi Pagi),  TV1 (Fitrah Kasih)  SALAM FM (30 slots Motivational Talk).  TV1 (Generasi Y) -‘Anugerah Pelajar Mithali’, 2000 by Johor Department of Education as achievement of leadership qualities approach. -Book writer‘Saya Remaja Inovatif’ published by PTS Publications & Distributors, 2010. -Blog: -Website: -FB: -In training sphere, he has conducted several types of training in government agencies, corporation as well as educational institutions Training Experience 13 years Expertise - Focusing on talent development, creativity & innovation, entrepreneur & personal and organizational development. -Designing, developing and upgrading training programs as demand by clients -Conducting training and coaching for various level -Writing & researching
  4. 4. Clientele