The interactive and multimedia library


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Maija Berndtson's presentation in Essere biblioteca, fare biblioteche-seminar, Trento May 2011

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The interactive and multimedia library

  1. 1. The Interactive and multimedia library Being a Library. Making Libraries. Trento 20th May 2011 Maija Berndtson Library Director Helsinki City Library Architects NRT
  2. 2. If you have a garden and a library,You have everything you need.Marcus Tullius Cicero
  3. 3. What are libraries for? • Culture – all arts, continuation • Democracy – information, versatility • Development – lifelong learning • Integration – social cohesion, equality • Exploration – research • Serendipity – discovery, innovation
  4. 4. ”Fantasy is more important thanknowledge”.”Logic will take you from A to Bbut imagination takes youanywhere”.Albert Einstein, 1879-1955
  5. 5. The new library?If this is the new library accessibleeverywhere, why would you need thetraditional library?
  6. 6. The Ubiquitous Society Connects everyone and everything. Easy connection to networks ”anytime, anywhere, by anything andanyone”. A society where ICT will be everywhere in daily life and can easily be used. Person to Person plus Person to Goods, and Goods to Goods. In every aspect, communication will play an even more important role. Creation of vitality of the individual, vitalize the society. Based on users’ viewpoints. Close to the user. Users can be suppliers too, ”prosumers”.
  7. 7. Ubiquitous LibraryThe Younsei Samsung Library in South KoreaAny desired information and services are accessible to all users at any place withinthe building due to the advanced IT facilities. The wireless LAN is installedthroughout the building and it offers high-speed internet access anywhere. Then,there is a Radio-frequency identification (RFID) card. If students have their studentID cards, they can easily use any personalized services and information provided bythe library.
  8. 8. Cultural LibraryThe Younsei Samsung Library in South KoreaU-Lounge provides users with high technology equipments of the most advanceddesign. Students can enjoy abundant digital contents such as IPTV (InternetProtocol television), UCC video clips*, movies, digital book, and electronicnewspapers.*Users can create User-Created Contents (UCC) video clips beyond text and images*Thousands of most popular UCC video clips in Korea are ready for your mobileentertainment.
  9. 9. Drivers of library developmentInteractive communal OpenInformation in digital Active customer learningformat 3D virtual community environment artefacts Communications Information and exhibition centre Games and intelligent everyday digital Education content Database and Technology’s semantic Electronic and critical mass ontology hybrid books Refinement of services Data procedures open communal civic information Metainformation Passive customer Meeting Digital media place Borrowing and Meeting information technologyLinear services Literature, magazines and collectionspublishedinformation 1985 1990 1995 2000 2005 2010 2015 2020 Copyright Helsinki City Library
  10. 10. Drivers of library development Library as an active agent:Creating Citizens as active andvalues informed agents and as intelligent communities Development • Thinking and problem-solving skills of the value network Exploratory learning and • Working skills and ecosystem interactive communication • Skills to master working tools of libraries as drivers of development • Skills of active citizenship Building and strengthening the structures, processes Value-adding and networks communities Prevention of Web 2.0 methods of social exclusion of the information society: participatory economy Democratic agent Interactive Development of social IT Library capital as a passive Interaction subject: Digital media and collaboration and the internet Separate libraries as data resources IT and telecommunication1980 1985 1990 1995 2000 2005 2010 2015 2020 Copyright Helsinki City Library
  11. 11. The library as an innovation centre – modular space Data network Broadband Initiator of Activator of intelligent information activities communities LAN 3G for citizens Advice Conferences Work table space Work table space Common user interface Creation of personified, – metadata Urban office library´s services on the Meeting place net Information service Theme groups and workshops Search engine guidance SME incubator Workstations Seats, sofas Printing, scanning, Computer terminals copying, conferences Creation of new Lounge-like Participation knowledge Charging service CaféWorkshop and Workshop spaceteaching space AV technologyAV technology Helsinki neighbourhood Refinery of civic Video conferenceVideo conference associations Library 10 knowledge Web communityWeb community Facebook groups Organising library materials Involving the public to support the customer Information technology -physical content procedures -online content Copyright Helsinki City Library
  12. 12. Welcome to Library 10 in Main Post Office Building withPost Office Helsinki 10
  13. 13. Library 10 in a nutshell•Opened April 1, 2005•Open 78 h/wk•Customers 2 000/day•Collection 63 000•Recorded works 47 000•Workstations 40•Public space 800 m²A Combination of Music andInformation Technology
  14. 14. Library 10 before
  15. 15. Library 10 now- Materials that seldom ( one year) circulated were removed- CDs: jewel boxes were replaced with plastic sleeves- New lower shelves were installed
  16. 16. Visible entrance Opening hours: Mon-Thu 10-22 Fri 10-18 Sat-Sun 12-18 Weekdays the lobby opens at 8
  17. 17. Low furnishings Mobile furnishings Light furniture
  18. 18. Customers• Visitors per month app. 50 000• Ages 15-30 60 %• Percentage of customers that are male 60 %• Percentage of customers that check-out materials 50 %
  19. 19. Visible customers
  20. 20. Active customers
  21. 21. Visible collections Other collections: • IT and mediaMusic: • DVDs• CDs 47 000 • Comic books• Books 5500 • Travel guides• Music notation 9000 • General periodicals• Videos and DVDs 500 and newspapers• Vinyl LPs 1000 • Bestsellers• Music Periodicals 85 • Computer games
  22. 22. Changing collectionsCurrent collections
  23. 23. Lobby and service point • Opens weekdays at 8 • Newspapers • Express workstations 12 • Automatic return machine • Pick-up of reservations • Payment of fees
  24. 24. Service and info points • Along the main avenue • Visual contact with each other • Easily approachable for customers • Convenient for staff to exit • Positioned for side by side guidance
  25. 25. Stage • Concerts, performances and panel discussions • Exhibitions • Multimedia displays • Mobile furnishings • Acoustic interior • PA-equipment • Lighting system • Online broadcasting
  26. 26. Customers as producers and organizers • Customers participate in organizing exhibitions, events, and concerts • 80 % of all events organize by customers
  27. 27. Library as a publisher• Concerts, lectures, panel discussions, writer visits, interviews, story telling, and book talks are recorded• Distribution channels: webcasts, podcasts, mp3, radio• Sharing through web
  28. 28. Do you want to be something?Do you want to be musician?Do you want to be actor?Do you want to be TV host?Co-operating with Job Centre
  29. 29. Mobile Events Technology • Speakers • Mixer • Digital receiver Box • Microphones • Digital Recorder • Screen 130” • HD-Projector • Playstation 3 • Nintendo Wii • DJ-gear • Video cameras
  30. 30. All kinds of events Movies Gigs DJ Discussion sessions Game-sessions Interviews Video recording events Broadcasting video & audio online
  31. 31. In touch with the times:Eurovision karaoke Customer can sing favorite Eurovision song on to a CD and take part in an Internet Competition
  32. 32. Studios: recording, audio, video Customers can come to the library to play, record and edit their own music, spoken word and videos. Customers can save their recordings to their own Media Card for public use.
  33. 33. Recording, rehearsing and playback • Electric piano • Stereos • Microphones • Guitars and bass • E-drums • Booking times: ½ to 2 hrs • Utilizations rate: 90%
  34. 34. Audio editing• Recording software• Editing software• Mixer• Keyboard• Drum pad• DJ record player• Booking times: ½ to 4 hrs• Utilizations rate: 80%
  35. 35. Video editing • Editing software • 3D animation software • Recording software • DV recorder • S-VHS recorder • Booking times: maximum 40 hrs in 2, 4 or 6 hour blocks • Normally used for project work
  36. 36. VHS -> DVD
  37. 37. Library RadioVoice for library services:Library introductionsAuthor introductionsInterviewsSecrets of HelsinkiPresent at the various eventsPublished & broadcasted through radio & web.
  38. 38. Group Work room• Seats for 18 people• 3M Super Close Projector• Video conferencing• Not for commercial use• For associations and organizations:- Comic association- Helsinki cyclist- Ikebana association- Board game group- Traffic policy association- Spanish literature group- etc…
  39. 39. StaffAverage age under 35All together 28Males 19• Library manager• Staff manager • Events organizer• IT planner • Library assistants• IT specialist • Apprenticeship students• Media assistant • Non-military service• Music librarians • Students as covers and trainees
  40. 40. From living room to working room • Space and equipment for creating, displaying and publishing media • Wlan-connections to various databases • Moveable tables and plugs for laptops
  41. 41. Furnish as you need
  42. 42. Work how you want
  43. 43. Library functions with a library card• Workstations• Studios• Instruments, microphones, etc.• Listening to music• WLAN for laptops• Do it yourself –devices Expanding the library card as a brand
  44. 44. The library as facilitatorThe library provides its customerswith space, equipment, and know-how as needed. The customers describe what types of events, materials, and guidance they need. The library and its customers develop activities and events together.
  45. 45. Meetingpoint in the Lasipalatsi Film and Media Centre- Showcase for the information society and a meeting point and a modern market place in the heart of Helsinki
  46. 46. Meetingpoint in a nutshell• Guidance for electronic services and communication• Co-operative with public and private sectors• Urban Office• Laptop services for seniors
  47. 47. Laptop doctorThe Laptop doctor helps customersone-on-one with updates, security issues,and installation of programs
  48. 48. The laptop club - learning together•Once a week - every week•Every week a new subject to learn•Topic chosen by club members•Learning together- helping each other
  49. 49. The moving laptop classroom The Laptop classroom can be packed in a small space, for example two sport bags The Laptop classroom moves easily by public transportation (or taxi) anywhere in the Helsinki area No need for a computer classroom
  50. 50. Local library Media days Professional knowledgeFun Fun Fun! Music Everyday digital media
  51. 51. Urban Office in Meetingpoint open for all- modern equipment, free work and business negotiation place- skype calls, scanners, headsets, printing, WLAN-N wireless, web cams forloan, chargers
  52. 52. Mobile soundproof walls
  53. 53. Urban Office for urban wanderers
  54. 54. Office kiosks and chairs
  55. 55. Urban Info Old and new office supplies: •Hole puncher •Tapler •Tape •Pens •Adapters •Cables •Memory card readers •DVD, CD-RW, USB, ZIP drives
  56. 56.
  57. 57. Paradigm shift
  58. 58. Rikhardinkatu Library Library 10 (1904) (2007)
  59. 59. Kallio Library 1919 Itäkeskus Library 2007
  60. 60. Helsinki City LibraryVision 2005 - The boundless library – a source of enlightenment and inspiration throughout your life.
  61. 61. Helsinki City Library 2010 • 588 600 inhabitants • 36 libraries • 1,9 million library items • 9,2 million loans • 15,6 loans / inhabitant • 6,4 million physical visits • 11 visits / inhabitant • 6,8 million virtual visits
  62. 62. Rikhardinkatu Library 1882
  63. 63. Pasila Library, 1986
  64. 64. The Central Library – developing thecity center for citizens and for those who visit Helsinki
  65. 65. The New Central Library in Helsinki - FactsA hub of knowledge, skills and stories• 5,000 visitors a day• 1.5 million visitors a year• Extensive selection of items to borrow• Events and guidance• 10,000 m² of the library of the future• Open public space, free for all• Open 24/7 – part of it• Every day something new• Construction cost about 69,9 million Euros
  66. 66. The New Central Library, 10 000 m² Orientation, 490 m² Service point for circulation, 440 m² Events, 1740 m² Meeting, 1050 m² Learning, 2100 m² Doing, 2200 m² Staff, 1360 m² Maintenance, 620 m²
  67. 67. World of thrills, frills and adventure• Lobby, lounge, creative office, oasis, silent areas, exhibitions spaces, Suomi-experience, studysauna, studios, auditorium, cinema, wintergarden, meeting rooms, free speaker’s corner, brainstorm, play room, family space, space for young people, restaurants, cafés, shops, market, gallery…
  68. 68. What do we want?• Lots of space, c. 10 000 square metres for the customers• Circa 200 000 item collection, part of it already in electronic format• Low, moveable bookshelves• Plenty of different meeting places• Lecture rooms, studios, workshops, urban office• Not one style and design
  69. 69. More new spaces• Space for families and their needs• Space for young people and their kind for games and meeting one another• Extensive area for newspapers and magazines, newest technological applications• Silent areas, conference rooms, places for happenings• Café, restaurant
  70. 70. Other fun and jolly things• Stands for introducing and displaying new materials• New ways of finding and grouping / arranging library material with the help of new technology such as RFID• Sawing machines, workbenches, musical instruments• Gallery, space also for customers’ own works of art
  71. 71. And the Sauna• Helsinki citizens already expect the new central library to have a sauna for their own and tourists’ delight
  72. 72. Intelligent buildings become intellectualthrough their users.
  73. 73. Anticipated time schedule• 2017 opening of Central Library• 2014 building begins• 2013 invitation for tenders• 2012 actual planning• 2011 architectural competition• 2010 June: project plan accomplished
  74. 74. Meeting Point Number 1 in Helsinki for1,5 million people Architects NRT
  75. 75. The public space which is lively, exciting,colourful and involving Architects NRT
  76. 76. A covered square kuvateksti A covereThe park in the library - thelibrary in the park The library in the park – the park in the library
  77. 77. The strength of the library• Customer is the “doer”• Service is based on the customer’s needs• Creative milieu for everyone• Every “performance” is unique and individual• Personal guidance face to face
  78. 78. Central Library