UX & Social Media - Markedsføring Seminar 4/4


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UX & SOCIAL MEDIA by Rune Leth Andersen
As a business it can be difficult to handle the social media - and while it at the same time can be hard to measure the results, it is a topic that is met with some skepticism in parts of the corporate world. But a companys Social media value can be measured and a social strategy can be developed. Rune will answer:

Why is social media vital for the business future success?
Why is UX important to include in the business strategy?
What is the business and marketing value of social media?
How is a successful social strategy developed?
How big a role does UX play is this?

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UX & Social Media - Markedsføring Seminar 4/4

  1. 1. UX & Social media Presented by Rune Leth Andersen
  2. 2. hello My name is Rune Leth Andersen and I’m a UX Architect
  3. 3. Online I can be found as @theruneMy time and thoughtsare focused on:
  4. 4. Online I can be found as @theruneMy time and thoughtsare focused on: UX
  5. 5. Online I can be found as @theruneMy time and thoughtsare focused on: UX
  6. 6. Online I can be found as @theruneMy time and thoughtsare focused on: UX
  7. 7. Social media is importantIt can’t and shouldn’t be ignored Photo by las – initially on Flickr
  8. 8. Social media is aboutpeople not technology.
  9. 9. 81% of consumers seek advice &guidance from friends and familythrough social networks. ! ! ? ! !
  10. 10. Socially engaged users spend onaverage 20-40% more than others.
  11. 11. 77% of online shoppers use reviews tomake their purchase decisions.
  12. 12.  ”We don’t have a choice onwhether we do Social media, thequestion is how well we do it. Erik Qualman
  13. 13. Social media is difficultThere are no one-fits-all method Photo by Electricnude on Flickr
  14. 14. 1 Social media is often not credited
  15. 15. The common tools doesn’t measure socialAnalytics tools such asGoogle Analytics use the“Last Click” method tomeasure with.Social media is rarely“Last Click”.
  16. 16. 2 Often misunderstood by company management
  17. 17. Management expect too muchDoes the companymanagement understandwhat social media is andwhat can be expected?Social media is not:  a salestool  a “quick fix”  free
  18. 18. 3 Social media marketing and analyse is not easy
  19. 19. The value is not always easy to proveCompany managementoften want concretefigures – a ROI they canunderstand.Social media ROI can bedifficult to measure.
  20. 20. Social UXThe core of succesful social media marketing
  21. 21. What about AIDA?The popular marketing funnel AIDA is still validwith social media marketing.It just need a small addition.
  22. 22. Listen  Identify your brand reputation  Find influential users and brand advocates  Clarify where bad publicity stems from and where PR crisis’ occur
  23. 23. Follow the trendTechnology changes, people don’t. Ensure themarketing focus is not on a dying platform.
  24. 24. Define  Identify what communication is happening around the company brand and where they take place.  Establish what persona type the company should be perceived as.
  25. 25. The salesman
  26. 26. The salesman Defined persona
  27. 27. ProduceCommunication is tailored for already existing socialmedia conversations.
  28. 28. Measure47% of surveyed companies was not able tomeasure the value of social media.
  29. 29. four ways of measuring Social media ROI
  30. 30. DirectWhere theeffect ofsocial mediacan bedirectlymeasured.
  31. 31. Direct CorrelatedWhere the Measurementseffect of are done oversocial media a time-spancan be and compareddirectly to a similarmeasured. time-span without social.
  32. 32. Direct Correlated RelativeWhere the Measurements The effecteffect of are done over of social issocial media a time-span comparedcan be and compared with thedirectly to a similar effect ofmeasured. time-span other media without social.
  33. 33. Direct Correlated Relative ProxyWhere the Measurements The effect Terms likeeffect of are done over of social is ”sentiment”,social media a time-span compared ”share ofcan be and compared with the voice” anddirectly to a similar effect of ”conversionmeasured. time-span other media volume” without social. (buzz) is used here.
  34. 34.  ”The ROI of Social media is yourbusiness will still exist in 5 years. Erik Qualman
  35. 35. One last thingLast but not least Photo by Andrew_D_Hurley on Flickr
  36. 36. Respect socialA good social media strategy takes time andinvolves the whole business. Often is it left to oneperson with little time and even less of a budget.
  37. 37.  ”Social media should be 1% of100 peoples’ job, not 100% ofone person’s job. Steve Rubel
  38. 38.  ”I can accept failure but I cannotaccept not trying. Michael Jordan
  39. 39. Questions? www.hellogroup.com Flæsketorvet 68, 1sal Telefon: 8888 6600 james.kelway@hellogroup.com tobias.hoegsberg@hellogroup.com@jameskelway @tobiashoegsberg jeppe.henckel@hellogroup.com rune.andersen@hellogroup.com@jeppehenckel @therune