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23 Amazing Sourcing and Recruiting Quotes


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23 sourcing/recruiting quotes from speakers at SOSUEU to help you get excited about sourcing!

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23 Amazing Sourcing and Recruiting Quotes

  1. 1. 23 Amazing Sourcing & Recruiting Quotes Selected by the team at
  2. 2. On Sept. 23-24, 2015 the annual Sourcing Summit will be taking place in Amsterdam.
  3. 3. We here at Hello Talent are CRAZY EXCITED to be a part of it.
  4. 4. Some of the best recruiters and sourcers from Europe and around the world will be there to share their insights.
  5. 5. Johnny  Campbell CEO at Social Talent “The  first  thing  you  need  to  do   before  attending  an  event,  is  to   check  the  event  website  and  find   out  who’s  speaking.”­‐effective-­‐ways-­‐get-­‐most-­‐out-­‐recruitmenthr-­‐johnny-­‐campbell?trk=prof-­‐post
  6. 6. With that in mind we put together 23 quotes from some of the people who will be speaking.
  7. 7. Josef  Kadlec Founder at GoodCall Three  Reasons  to  Attend  SOSU  – “1)  You  will  gain  loads  of  knowledge,  tips  &   tricks,  and  motivation   2)  You  will  meet  with  global  talent  sourcing   thought  leaders 3)  It  is  a  ton  of  fun”­‐practical-­‐reasons-­‐attend-­‐sourcing-­‐summit-­‐europe-­‐ josef-­‐kadlec-­‐lcpr?trk=prof-­‐post
  8. 8. Victor  Soroka Talent Aqusition Manager at EPAM Systems “I  can  only  say  that  this  is   one  of  my  favorite   conferences.”­‐hr.html
  9. 9. So what can you expect to learn while you are there?
  10. 10. Katrina  Collier   Social Recruiting Specialist at Winning Impression “(In  emailing  candidates)  you  could  have  as  little  as  15   seconds  of  attention  before  your  email  is  closed so  ensure   your  communication: •is  written  in  the  “what’s  in  it  for  them?” •shows  that  you’ve  done  your  research •shows  that  you’re  worth  talking  to  and •isn’t  lazy  me,  me,  me  but  is  proactive them,  them,  them!”­‐technical-­‐talent/
  11. 11. Balazs Paroczay Head of Recruiting Strategy & Innovations Randstad Sourceright “A  long  chain  of  everyday  small  victories  gives   a  happy  life  to  a  sourcer.  So  stimulate  this   environment  and  celebrate.  Celebrate  every   little  win.  The  first  submission.  A  happy   candidate  reply.  A  quick  hire.  Everything!”­‐things-­‐i-­‐learnt-­‐while-­‐building-­‐rsrsrc/
  12. 12. Jim  Stroud Recruitment Strategies Director at Randstad Sourceright “The  Seven  Habits  of  Highly  Effective  Sourcers – 1) Be  curious   2) Use  data   3) Leverage  Imagination   4) Be  an  expert   5) Be  an  enthusiast   6) Be  authentic   7) Know  your  competition”­‐seven-­‐highly-­‐effective-­‐habits-­‐of-­‐sourcing-­‐by-­‐jimstroud/
  13. 13. Glen  Cathey SVP, Talent Acquisition Strategy & Innovation at KFORCE On  recruiting  via  Twitter:  “Engaging  people  on  Twitter   is  really  no  different  that  striking  up  a  conversation  in   person.  You  hear  someone  talking  about  the  game  last   night,  a  book  they  read,  a  work  challenge,  etc.,  and  you   can  easily  jump  right  in  with  relevant  content  and/or   questions…engaging  people  in  two-­‐way  conversations   is social.”­‐tips-­‐on-­‐how-­‐to-­‐use-­‐twitter-­‐for-­‐social-­‐recruiting/
  14. 14. Tyler  Golden Manager, Talent Recruiting & Research at Redhat “When  you  consider  that  women  make  up  half  the   world's  population  and  workforce,  but  they  hold  a   much  smaller  percentage  of  its  technology  jobs,  it's   clear  that  our  industry  is  missing  out  on  a  big  potential   source  of  talent.  That's  why  it's  critical  that  companies   invest  in  getting  more  women  into  tech.”­‐with-­‐tyler-­‐golden-­‐from-­‐red-­‐hat
  15. 15. Matthew  Jeffery Global Head of Sourcing & Employment Brand at SAP “Recruitment  IS  marketing.  If  you’re  a   recruiter  now  a  days  and  you  don’t  see   yourself  as  a  marketeer,  you’re  in  the   wrong  profession.  If  you’re  not   marketing,  you’re  not  in  it  to  win  it.”­‐interview/matthew-­‐jeffery-­‐the-­‐key-­‐to-­‐sourcing-­‐critical-­‐candidates-­‐and-­‐why-­‐recruitment-­‐is-­‐marketing/
  16. 16. Jakub  Zavrel Founder at Texkernel “Anyone  taking  candidates   through  more  than  one  page   of  questions online  does  not   deserve  candidates.”
  17. 17. Jan  Bernhart Senior Sourcing Recruiter at NetApp “I’ve  just  hired  a  VP  using   Whatsapp.  Don’t  let  conservative   minds  keep  you  from  using  the   technology  of  today.”­‐you-­‐should-­‐source-­‐and-­‐recruit-­‐with-­‐whatsapp-­‐by-­‐ janbernhart/
  18. 18. Bill  Boorman Managing Director, Technology & Innovation at “Recruiters  need  to  stop  thinking  in  terms  of   social-­‐media  channels like  Twitter,  Facebook,   LinkedIn,  or YouTube  and  (instead)  think  of  all   social  media  as  a  combined  communications   channel.”­‐recruitment-­‐tips-­‐bill-­‐boorman/
  19. 19. Conni La  Douceur President & Chief Sourcing Strategist at ExecuQuest “Supplementing  internet  findings   with  original  telephone  research   elevates  candidate  quality  and   empowers the  proactive  pipelining   we  all  seek.”­‐search-­‐or-­‐are-­‐you-­‐skipping-­‐a-­‐strategic-­‐step/
  20. 20. Ben  Higgins Contestant  on  the  American   Reality  Show  “The  Bachelor” “At  the  end  of  the  day  I  was  able  to   open  up  and  have  feelings  for   somebody  again,  and  thats something   that  I  can’t  take  for  granted.”
  21. 21. Oops.  Sorry,  we  had  the  wrong   Ben  Higgins. Let’s  try  again.
  22. 22. Ben  Higgins Head of HR Operations at Societe Generale “Todays  dynamic  talent  know  the  importance   of  investing  in  their  own  personal  brand  and   they  can  better  relate  to  organizations  that   make  a  commitment  by  having  their  own   employer  brand.”­‐branding/societe-­‐generale-­‐attracts-­‐great-­‐talent-­‐with-­‐a-­‐great-­‐employer-­‐ branding-­‐program_153/
  23. 23. Irina  Shamaeva Chief Sourcer at Braingain “A  true  Sourcer needs  to  be  open-­‐minded,   resourceful,  and  creative.  While  some  sites   and  tools  may  seem  to  cover  the  “wrong”   territory,  many  can  be  used  quite  productively   if  you  give  them  a  chance  and  dig  a  little   deeper.”­‐internationally-­‐non-­‐traditional-­‐ways-­‐irina-­‐ shamaeva?trk=mp-­‐reader-­‐card
  24. 24. Vince  Szymczak Sourcing Expert at Randstad Sourceright “With  more  and  more  people  being  present  online in   many  positions  the  real  challenge  is  the  engagement   with  the  candidates  – and  the  end  result  depends   more  on  your  selling  than  searching  skills.  What  you   have  to  realize  however,  that the  way  you  search  and   who  you  search  for  impacts  the  difficulty  of  the  sales   efforts  you  have  to  make.”­‐for-­‐interested-­‐not-­‐only-­‐qualified-­‐candidates/
  25. 25. Barbara  Braehmer Founder at Intercessio “Passive  sourcing  is  a  process  and  not  a  one-­‐time  event.   Your  goal  with  passive  sourcing  measures  is  to  find  out   who  the  talent  is,  where  these  hand-­‐picked  individuals   are  online,  what  methods  have  the  best  chance  that   they’ll  respond  to  you,  and  that  the  accompanying   measures  help  to  retain  them.”­‐passive-­‐sourcing-­‐geheimnisse/
  26. 26. Matt  Burney Strategist Employer Insights at Indeed “Social  media  has  changed.  We  used  to  believe  it   was  this  engagement  tool…  (now)  we  should  be   treating  it  like  media.  (Social  media)  allows  us  to   do  the  same  things  (as  traditional  media)  we  just   need  to  think  of  it  in  the  right  way.”
  27. 27. Shane  McCusker CEO at Intelligence Recruitment Software “Twitter  should  not  be  considered  the  end  goal (of   sourcing  and  recruiting),  rather  Twitter  is  the   channel  through  which  recruiters  can  find  and   engage  with  the  talent communities  they  are   interested  in.  With  Twitter  sourcing,  it  is  all  about   who  knows  who.”
  28. 28. Andreas  Dittes Co-Founder & Managing Director at Talentwunder “You  could  (interview)  a  lot  of  people  and  just  spend  a   little  time  (with  each  of  them),  or  you  could  talk  to  just   five  instead  of  one  hundred  and  spend  a  lot  of  time   with  them.  Our  goal  isn’t  to  replace  a  recruiter,  but  to   give  them  tools  to  determine  if  there  is  a  fit  before  they   talk  to  (candidates).”­‐future-­‐of-­‐work
  29. 29. Matt  Buckland Head of Talent at LYST “Let  candidates  know  what  they  stand  to  gain   from  being  an  employee.  If  you  can  hint  at  a   brighter  future  for  those  who  come  and  work   for  you  it  might  just  be  the  tipping  point  for   them  to  hit  that  big  red  apply  button.”­‐job-­‐adverts-­‐suck-­‐and-­‐what-­‐you-­‐can-­‐do-­‐about-­‐it/
  30. 30. Matt  Buckland -­‐ bonus quote
  31. 31. Kasia Borowicz Head of Talent at The Sandpit “Authenticity  plays  a  vital  part  in   attracting  candidates…  When  you  are   selling  a  role  to  a  candidate,  it  really   matters  how  you  feel  about  it.”­‐sourcers-­‐work-­‐for-­‐great-­‐ companies/
  32. 32. Sourcing Summit Europe is going to be FANTASTIC and we cannot wait to be there. As you can see, the speakers are going to be amazing. To learn more about the lineup visit:
  33. 33. Want to try our unique sourcing tool ? Click here to create your free account!