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How charities can raise funds from personalised greeting cards


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How charities can raise funds from personalised greeting cards

  1. 1. How UK Charities Can Raise Funds All Year Round from Personalised Greeting Cards 100% cost free
  2. 2. What’s new? Hello Market, the leading specialist in personalised marketing print, has launched the first ever range of greetings cards able to feature a chosen charity as well as made specific to the sender and receiver. Fundraising groups across the UK can now benefit from a risk- free, no-cost extra income stream thanks to a new technology set to revolutionise the charity greetings card market.
  3. 3. The Proposition • 100% cost & risk free. • Raises awareness of charity. • Fits with an everyday fun and repeated activity. • Incentive to communicate to donors, corporate supporters, staff and their friends • A free dedicated, branded and managed website • Quality product at very competitive price. • Raises roughly 30p per card for charity. • Additional earnings from any other use of direct mail or fulfilment through Hello Market
  4. 4. How it works
  5. 5. Everyone benefits Sender • Prices are much lower than the TV advertised alternatives but the cards are the same high quality. • An easy to use text and image editor, a doddle to upload pics! • Their personal image is enhanced by sending a card referencing the charity the care about. • No trailing around shops and searching for a stamp, the card is printed and delivered direct. • Not limited to sending one, they can send as many at one time as they like. Receiver • Will cherish and very probably retain cards where their name and relevant images are printed! • Proud to show off their luxury personalised greeting card to their friends and family. • Warm feeling that their receipt of the card has contributed to a worthy cause. Fundraiser • It’s cost free! • Earn 10p plus 10% of production cost, netting over 20p per card. • All year round with cards for all occasions on offer. • Every card has the charity logo printed on the back, thus widening awareness of the charity to potential new supporters. • Get a free dedicated website branded with the charity logo and banner ads to promote it. • Charity can also earn 10% of production cost of other use of Hello Market.
  6. 6. The cards Send one or many Your charity logo here Easy to edit text and upload photos All occasions. All year round.
  7. 7. Try it out
  8. 8. Next steps Telephone The Charity Team 01535 683443