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Smart home presentation


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Smart home presentation

  1. 1. .Hasibat Information Technologies Co. K.S.C.C. Smart Home Solutions Last update on July 31, 2004Visit us at
  2. 2. Hasibat Information Technologies Co. (HIT)• HIT was established in May 2004 as a Kuwaiti closed shareholding company with a capital of One Million Kuwaiti Dinars• Began providing IT solutions and services in Kuwait & the region in 1983 under the name of Kuwait Computer Company (Hasibat)• Hasibat was the First Publicly-Traded IT Company listed in Kuwait Stock Exchange• Continue to grow in all directions – Revenue – Number of staff – Products & Markets – Strategic Vision and Mission
  3. 3. Our Vision “To be the pioneer in providing IT solutions & services in the region”
  4. 4. Our Culture • Strong emphasis on Customer Satisfaction, Individual Initiative, Continuous learning and the pursuit of excellence. • Minimum bureaucracy which results in faster and better service for our customers.
  5. 5. Why HIT Strong History and Well Established Foundation Business Know-how Delivering Performance The Right Solution Unique Professional Services Distinguished Proven Methodology Long-term Relationship with Customers High Quality Project Management On-going Support Leading Industry Partners Skilled and Certified Team Understanding Market Needs
  6. 6. Smart Home Overview What is a Smart Home let you automatically dim the lights lower a TV screen and projector from the ceiling let the kids surf the internet in their bedrooms program DVD music videos from the DVD jukebox maintain the ideal climate separately for every room water the garden by remote control Arm the security system zone by zone That is … everything is at your command with choice, comfort, and convenience in every room of your home What Hasibat has for you talented and capable engineers and consultants to A state-of-the-art Home design, install and support a Automation and Networking very broad range of technologies, and… technologies for the home.
  7. 7. Smart Home Who Could Benefit From a Smart Home? People with functional limitations Busy People Disabled People Aging People People who care about their health People who care about security People who care about saving energy People who appreciate convenience
  8. 8. Smart Home Run your Data, Internet, Voice, Video, Audio, and Control your home Single using one Infrastructure infrastructure to integrate all these services. Security Features Simplicity and & Benefits Ease of Use Providing security and An integrated control system safety control over areas can provide very simple one like offices, shops, touch control of all systems garages, hobby areas, (audio/video, lighting, etc., keep out intruders, Climate, security, pool & spa monitor smart devices controls, etc.). and schedule maintenance and repair. Remote Control your home Control remotely through your mobile phone, PDA or any hand held device.
  9. 9. Smart Home The Lighting system can The Lighting system can you can share your files, printers, you can share your files, printers, automatically control lighting in automatically control lighting in scanners and Internet connection scanners and Internet connection different areas of your home, different areas of your home, through your home network. You through your home network. You turn lights on/off based on time turn lights on/off based on time can place phone calls from your can place phone calls from your or your actions. or your actions. computer or telephone set. computer or telephone set.system interface with system interface with Data, Voice Home Appliancessecurity and fire Lighting Home Appliances security and fire Networking are intelligent are intelligentdetection subsystem detection subsystem enough to anto provide to provide & Internet enough to an Internet Internetunsurpassed peace of unsurpassed peace of Microwave Ovenmind and ease of use. Microwave Oven mind and ease of use. connecting to the connecting to the internet to check internet to check Security Applications Internet for new food for new food Appliances menus and adjust menus and adjust its cooking its cooking program program accordingly. accordingly. Video & Audio Climate Distribution & Control Control Adjust the climate and Adjust the climate and The whole house audio & video system allows temperature for individual temperature for individual The whole house audio & video system allows rooms inside your home. you to play music in selected areas of the you to play music in selected areas of the rooms inside your home. residence. You may distribute audio & video Adjust the climate before Adjust the climate before residence. You may distribute audio & video coming back to your home, from any source to rooms by using a touch from any source to rooms by using a touch coming back to your home, pad button, a mobile phone or using your PC. through your mobile phone. through your mobile phone. pad button, a mobile phone or using your PC.
  10. 10. HIT Smart Home Solutions Partners 3Com is a worldwide leader building networks that linked people and enterprises into this new world of commerce and communications. Besides making the equipment that connected computers to a network, 3Com invented the hubs, switches & routers that interconnected individuals, workgroups, enterprises and networks. 3Com, combines the things the company sought to bring together: Computer, Communications and Compatibility.
  11. 11. Thank You !