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Dreamforce 2017 Session on Change Management


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The Chicago Council on Global Affairs (CCGA) provides a forum for world leaders, policymakers, and other experts to speak on global issues. CCGA chose the Salesforce Platform to manage over 200 events a year, membership, event, email marketing, social media engagement, grant seeking, and donor/constituent portal management needs. Join us as The Chicago Council on Global Affairs' Database Services Officer Sara Darga and Heller Consulting's Founder and Chief Strategy Officer Keith Heller share how CCGA used a comprehensive change management program with the Change Management Success Framework during their Salesforce implementation project. They'll step through the various strategies used to establish support, build awareness, provide knowledge and training, and reinforce positive behavior to migrate their community to the new system.

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Dreamforce 2017 Session on Change Management

  1. 1. Change Is In The Air Tools and Techniques to Ensure Users Adopt Your New CRM Keith Heller, Founder & Chief Strategy Officer, Heller Consulting @TeamHeller ​Sara Darga, Database Services Officer, Chicago Council of Global Affairs
  2. 2. ​Database Services Officer Chicago Council on Global Affairs Sara Darga Your Speakers ​Founder & Chief Strategy Officer ​Heller Consulting Keith Heller
  3. 3. About the Council • The Chicago Council on Global Affairs is an independent, nonpartisan membership organization that provides insight – and influences the public discourse – on critical global issues. • The Council convenes leading global voices, conducts independent research, and engages the public to explore ideas that will shape our global future. • The Council delivers robust digital content including research and live streaming events. • The Council presents more than 200 events annually.
  4. 4. • Complex system • Database team managed majority of data entry and reporting • Low usage institutionally Interaction with the legacy database
  5. 5. Our Goals: What we needed to do. Modernize and streamline the constituent journey across the 3 main interaction points • Membership • Event Registration • Donations Democratize and streamline data entry Expand access to all staff and interns Leverage automation and self-service tools • Enhance customer service • Enhance constituent engagement ​
  6. 6. How we were going to do it ​Constituent and staff workflows (journeys) ​New systems • Salesforce/NPSP • Cvent • Predictive Response • FormAssembly • Salesforce Customer Community ​New business processes ​The path forward
  7. 7. Challenges • Multitudes of exceptions surfaced and required complex highly detailed solutions • Requests for detailed step-by-step guides to all scenarios • Waiting for final product before reviewing updates
  8. 8. Organizations go though change, people go through transitions. ​
  9. 9. ​Change management is the use of targeted strategy and tools to enable organizations to successfully transition through technology and operations planning and implementation ​
  10. 10. Steps to managing the change at the Council 1. Encouraged formation of steering committee 2. Staff surveys 3. Developed Future State Vision 4. Identified Critical Success Factors 5. 5 specific change management plans 6. All Staff Change Management Workshop
  11. 11. Critical success factors 1. 100% adoption 2. Single point of truth 3. Constituents choice 4. Expand reach & grow revenue 5. CRM culture
  12. 12. The Workshop • Heller worked with Change Committee to develop agenda • Workshop included all staff in the conference center • Kick off by Council president, steering committee leading various pieces of the workshop • Heller’s role was to facilitate the exercises
  13. 13. Goals of the workshop • Make sure everyone was on the same page about the project • Help people understand their personal and departmental barriers to successfully transitioning • Present the change plans outlining the methods the Council put in place to ensure staff can be successful – presented by senior leaders to all staff • Communications & engagement • Training, enablement and user adoptions • Stakeholder / manager plan • Coaching plan • Support and ongoing management plan
  14. 14. Change management deliverables • Change Assessment and Plan • User and Stakeholder Analysis • ADKAR Analysis • Sponsor Roadmap and Coaching • Communications, Training, & Adoption Strategies
  15. 15. Where are we now • Widespread usage • Constituent management • Marketing • Event management • Financial data • Adoption dashboards • Ongoing training and coaching
  16. 16. Different for every organization ​Every organization is in a different place, with different people and different needs. ​Heller has a variety of services depending on where the project is: • Implementation Readiness – User Adoption Planning • User Adoption and Go Live Planning • User Adoption – Stabilization & Enhancement Training
  17. 17. Download today’s resources • These presentation slides • White Paper: Managing Technology Change at Enterprise Nonprofits • Heller’s CRM Adoptions Services ​