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EWgreece US delegation


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The USA Delegation at the Entreor

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EWgreece US delegation

  1. 1. GREECE ENTREPRENEUR WEEK - #EWgreece | @EWgreece - USA DELEGATION HANDBOOK nd th Feb. 22 – 25 , 2012 Our Generous Supporters312 11TH AVE. SUITE 9M | NEW YOR K, NY 10001 | TEL. +1.860.918.0438 |
  2. 2. [WHY]Driven to achieve everything, entrepreneurs change the world.[WHAT]Entrepreneur Week is a global community connecting and educating both aspiringand early-stage business owners with the necessary knowledge, tools, skills andaccess to create jobs, unleash ideas and strengthen economies.Greece Entrepreneur Week is in partnership with (among others) Startup Greece,Hellenic Startup Association, European Confederation of Young Entrepreneurs,National Bank of Greece, Athens Chamber of Commerce & Industry, AmericanHellenic Chamber of Commerce and American Airlines.As well as Greece’s: • Ministry of Development, Competitiveness and Maritime • Ministry of Education, Life-Long Learning & Religious Affairs[HOW]Entrepreneur Week and its associated events immerse its attendees in an intimateenvironment alongside world renowned entrepreneurs, investors and thoughtleaders. Our platform sets the stage for entrepreneurship and its founding principlesengender change at the crux of ideation, innovation and disruption.For #EWgreece - 25 rockstar delegates from 8 countries (thought leaders,entrepreneurs, investors & policymakers) from are convening in Athens, Greece toeducate more than 500 aspiring and early-stage entrepreneurs as well as meet withthe Prime Minister and Heads of State to architect a framework for Greece to beginsolidifying and scaling its entrepreneur ambitions.312 11TH AVE. SUITE 9M | NEW YOR K, NY 10001 | TEL. +1.860.918.0438 |
  3. 3. #EWgreece - Curator -312 11TH AVE. SUITE 9M | NEW YOR K, NY 10001 | TEL. +1.860.918.0438 |
  4. 4. DIMITRIS G.E. TSIGOSPresident, European Confederation of Young EntrepreneursFounder & CEO, Virtual Trip GroupFounding President, Hellenic Start-up AssociationDimitris is the President of YES - European Confederation of Young Entrepreneurs and the Founderof Virtual Trip, a Start-up Accelerator & Seed Fund in the ICT sector.He received his diploma in Computer Science from the Department of Computer Science,University of Crete, in January 2001 and his MBA from the Athens University of Economics andBusiness, Department of Management Science and Technology, in December 2005.As a student, he was a guest researcher at the Computational Vision & Active PerceptionLaboratory of the Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm [1998] and member of the Networks &Telecommunications Group at the Institute of Computer Science, Foundation for Research &Technology, Hellas [1999, 2000].His achievements include:- Establishment of the first successful IT start-up in Greece, Virtual Trip Ltd [] at theScience & Technology Park of Crete in September 2000.- Spinning-out more than 10 IT start-ups between 2003 and 2011, including amazing successstories like eFront e-Learning [], SOLO Gateway []and AbZorba Games []- Pioneer in ICT Seed Financing, having invested more than 4.5M of euros in 10+ different ventures- Pioneer in internationalization of IT start-ups in Greece having established value-adding resellingpartnerships in 50+ Countries around the Globe and operating antenna offices in Brussels-Belgium,Madrid-Spain and Akron-Ohio in the US.- Globally first introduction of the ‘Entrepreneurial Ecosystem’ concept[] as group of non-competing start-upsachieving economies of scales without losing flexibility and strong entrepreneurial drive- Successfully completed 30+ EU-funded RTD projects, creating outstanding commercializationexamples [].- Delivered IT projects of very large complexity and criticality, like the Passport Issuing System ofthe Hellenic Democracy.312 11TH AVE. SUITE 9M | NEW YOR K, NY 10001 | TEL. +1.860.918.0438 |
  5. 5. #EWgreece - Delegates -312 11TH AVE. SUITE 9M | NEW YOR K, NY 10001 | TEL. +1.860.918.0438 |
  6. 6. SERGIO FERNANDEZ DE CORDOVAFounder, Fuel OutdoorChairman, Entrepreneur WeekFounder of Fuel Outdoor. Started in 2003, Fuel Outdoor has grown into a Multi-Million Dollarcompany with six offices in nine cities nationwide and is now a portfolio company of Och-Ziff, aglobal institutional asset management firm with over $31 billion in capital. Fuel currently has morethan 4,000 outdoor advertising locations, a growing portfolio of clients, and a very activephilanthropic program.Sergio is more than a dedicated, focused businessman; he’s a young entrepreneur with anincredible ability to turn opportunity to success seemingly overnight.Sergio co-founded de Cordova Goldman Capital Management, a holding company with long-terminvestments worldwide. Sergio is also an active investor or advisor in over 10 media relatedcompanies, such as Hyper Local Ventures, BNG, Cross Commerce Media, NLM,,Vlassified, and Availor Group.Sergio has had the honor to speak at; The European Confederation of Young Entrepreneurs AnnualSummit, speaking to European Commission members in Brussels, Speaking aboutentrepreneurship in emerging countries at the Economic Forum of the Americas; Forum for GlobalCities in Toronto, in Senegal, Africa at the 36th World Congress Event, speaking about PrivatePublic Partnerships to Delegates and Country leaders from the continent of Africa,Finally, in his Non-Profit endeavors Sergio is the Chairman of Political Affairs for EntrepreneursOrganization "EO" and is also Chairman of Entrepreneur Week. Internationally Sergio is Co-Chairman of the Young Global Leaders Board for the Global Center for Development andDemocracy [CGDD] alongside former Presidents of Latin America, and he is a founding boardmember of the UN Foundations new Global Entrepreneurs Council, an honor only given to tenaccomplished young global leaders and he is also an Official Delegate for the US Department ofStates Global Entrepreneurship Program (GEP).312 11TH AVE. SUITE 9M | NEW YOR K, NY 10001 | TEL. +1.860.918.0438 |
  7. 7. LAUREN PERKINSFounder, Perks ConsultingLauren Perkins is a branding and digital marketing evangelist who delivers integrated solutionswith an entrepreneurial perspective. Best known for her core entrepreneurial business principalsthat have made her a success, Lauren founded Perks Consulting in 2008, a boutique full-servicemarketing agency specializing in the fusion of lifestyle and technology. As Founder and CEO,Lauren oversees the agency’s mission to develop brands, products and campaigns that buildrelevant innovative businesses.Since 2001, Lauren has provided strategic counsel by integrating digital activation with coremarketing tactics. Lauren attributes her expertise to her proven success in building and executingoff-and-online marketing plans to grow small businesses such as, the prestigious New York medicalspa, Laser Cosmetica from its infancy stage to quadruple revenue growth and triple retail locationexpansion over the course of two years. In the fitness category, Lauren kicked-off retail brandingand visual merchandising programs for Nike before moving on to Crunch Fitness’s New Yorkheadquarters, to build the Community Activities department, the first interactive initiative to drivecommunity engagement and member acquisition.As traditional marketing and communications efforts merged with the digital space, so didLauren’s strategic approach. She continued to parlay her key competencies into 360 degreeintegrated strategies for companies in need of marketing solutions. She also served as a consultanton her expertise in product launches to guerilla marketing tactics for brands in the lifestyle spaceincluding Toyota, Bloomingdales and ABC TV.A supporter of engendering the start-up workplace ratio, she invested in the first ever womensexecutive network, 85 Broads in 2009. Lauren’s strategic vision paved the way to reinvigorate 85Broads’ business model, brand identity, website platform and global social mediaimplementation. In 2011, Lauren was invited to be one of 50 global emerging women leaders toattend the inaugural Banco Santander“W50” summit at the UCLA Anderson School ofManagement that focused on executive leadership and board management.312 11TH AVE. SUITE 9M | NEW YOR K, NY 10001 | TEL. +1.860.918.0438 |
  8. 8. NAM BUI ☺Co-Founder & Director, Inc. Magazine’s Business Owners CouncilVice President, Quanta Family OfficeToday, Nam leads Inc. Magazine’s Business Owners Council, which is a membership organizationfor top entrepreneurs and family business owners. A new Inc. magazine initiative that cultivatesthe community of Inc. 500 | 5000 companies, America’s fastest growing privately held companies.Prior to starting the Inc. Business Owners Council, Nam joined Quanta Family Office and QuantaCapital and currently serves as the Vice President and Principal tasked with growing and leadingthe organizations U.S. practice and investments. Quanta’s global and core business is in contractmanufacturing and their principal investments are global in scope and synergistic to the corebusiness. However, Quanta’s U.S. practice currently and primarily invests in but not limited to realestate, venture debt/financing, technology, manufacturing, and early stage venture capitalinvestments. Quantas controlled source of capital allows us to invest without the timing andasset-class limitations of traditional private equity funds and permits us to be structurally flexibleand agile.Prior to joining Quanta, Nam led a division of Ferrazzi Greenlight (a C-Level marketing andmanagement consultancy), where he oversaw operations and sales for the organization’s Trainingand Professional Development Practice. At Ferrazzi Greenlight, Nam worked with cadre of thoughtleaders and gurus within the organization’s network. Before joining Ferrazzi Greenlight, Namworked for The Irvine Company (based in Newport Beach, California) in development andacquisition and growth for their commercial and retail properties. Before joining The IrvineCompany, Nam was an associate for Asia America Holdings, LLC based out of Irvine, CA where hefacilitated in formation of the company’s Family Office. Nam is still personally involved in the AsiaAmerica Holdings, LLC’s Family Office through sourcing potential strategic alliances andinvestment partnerships for the organization.Nam earned his dual Bachelor of Arts Degrees in Political Science and Urban Studies and Planningwith honors from the University of California, San Diego (UCSD). He currently resides in New YorkCity but spends his time between New York and California.312 11TH AVE. SUITE 9M | NEW YOR K, NY 10001 | TEL. +1.860.918.0438 |
  9. 9. JAMES ALLWORTHFellow, Forum for Growth & Innovation – Harvard Business SchoolJames Allworth is a blogger for the Harvard Business Review, and is the co-author of theforthcoming book How Will You Measure Your Life? Prior to this, James worked at Apple Inc.and Booz & Company.He graduated from the Harvard Business School as a Baker Scholar, for results in the top 5%of his class, and from the Australian National University with 1st Class Honours.312 11TH AVE. SUITE 9M | NEW YOR K, NY 10001 | TEL. +1.860.918.0438 |
  10. 10. ELMIRA BAYRASLIThought Leader, Global EntrepreneurshipElmira writes about global innovations and entrepreneurship on Entreventures on the past several years, Elmira has worked to support start-ups in emerging marketsat Endeavor, served as the Chief Spokesperson for the OSCE Mission to Bosnia and Herzegovina inSarajevo and assisted former Secretary of State Madeleine K. Albright.Elmira is a member of the Council on Foreign Relations, an advisory board member for the TurkishWomen’s International Network and Turkish Philanthropy Funds and a mentor for the WomenInnovate Mobile entrepreneur incubator. She is a regular speaker on innovation and start-ups andis currently writing a book on the obstacles to global entrepreneurship.312 11TH AVE. SUITE 9M | NEW YOR K, NY 10001 | TEL. +1.860.918.0438 |
  11. 11. DAN SCHMITTFOUNDER, THE INCUBATION FACTORYDan Schmitt is co-founder, President, and Chief Executive Officer of AAQ and the founder of TheIncubation Factory (“TIF”). By 1998, AAQ had become the 156th fastest growing company in theUnited States on Inc. Magazine’s Top 500 list. In 1997, Dan co-founded Advanced BusinessFulfillment (ABF), which applies document processing solutions to the healthcare industry. In 2003,ABF had become the 23rd fastest growing company on the Inc. 500 list and #1 in Missouri, and itwas sold to WebMD for $260 million in that same year.Dan was the mastermind of the AAQ and ABF business models and the architect of a methodologyfor creating new business initiatives. In 2005, he combined his expertise in business development,administration, finance, and marketing to create The Incubation Factory – a privately fundedEconomic Development Platform. Dan’s primary roles as CEO are setting company strategy andvision, creating company culture, and supporting the TIF executive team. Dan participates in theevaluation and selection of all portfolio companies and takes an active role in strategic consultingand business model development of each incubated company. He is an investor in all of TIF’sincubated companies.For the last 10 consecutive years, Dan has spent nearly $25MM in developing a platform that hasbeen coined “Open Source Capitalism”. Part maverick, part scientist, part psychologist and newage “wanna-be”, Dan has created a new entrepreneurial vision he believes can turn the repeatingcycles self-destruction into a new vision of Spontaneous Abundance that puts the “intended” formof capitalism and democracy at the heart of daily operations…meaning every aspect of our lives.The “factory” has a unique process that if duplicated en masse, re-innovates innovation itself. Danstrongly professes start-ups are it’s own industry whose time has come to put a renewedinfrastructure around as Dan proclaims, “The Innovation Sector (i.e. start ups) is unequivocally themost important in the world”. His personal motto is “Save the entrepreneur…Save the World”.312 11TH AVE. SUITE 9M | NEW YOR K, NY 10001 | TEL. +1.860.918.0438 |
  12. 12. ANGELA O’CONNORVP, Market Development – The Incubation FactoryAngela O’Connor is the Vice President of Market Development for The Incubation Factory. Sheoversees and directs all initiatives involved in the company’s global expansion including identifyingand developing strategic partnerships both within and outside of the United States. Angela hassuccessfully initiated start-up companies in Healthcare, International Supply Sourcing &Logistics. She developed and implemented business and operational strategies, includingmanagement of foreign organizations, operations, finance, production and distribution.She brings over twenty years of business and entrepreneurial experience with extensiveexperience in sales, sales management, international supply chain management, partneracquisition, international logistics, establishment of manufacturing processes and all facets ofinternational facility establishment. Most recently, she co-founded and built one of the largestpackaging manufacturing facilities of its kind in the western hemisphere, located in San Pedro Sula,Honduras.Angela brings an evangelical passion and perspective to her leadership role in TIF’s introductionand spread of its platform for Open Source Capitalism. A fierce proponent of freedom-centeredliving, global democracy and limitless human potential, she believes that these things are onlypossible with an integrated, accountable and fair economic approach. Increasingly aware of theshared widespread frustration with current paradigms and failing systems, she is completelyconfident that the world is ready to embrace the tangible solution that is The Incubation Factory’sOpen Source Capitalism.With widespread adoption of this “new game”, she knows that a modern renaissance of mankindis within our grasp.Angela O’Connor graduated Magna Cum Laude with a double major in Business and PoliticalScience from Birmingham Southern College in 1988. Angela resides with her family in Denver,Colorado.312 11TH AVE. SUITE 9M | NEW YOR K, NY 10001 | TEL. +1.860.918.0438 |
  13. 13. SUSAN FONSECAFounding Member SIngularity UniversityFounder/CEO Women@TheFrontierSusan is a Founding Member of Singularity University (SU). She organized SU’s 2008 FoundingConference, helped source 1.5M seed funding, and negotiated a 5-year partnership with NASA.Susan spearheaded SU’s TED09 public launch and executed SU’s inaugural Graduate Studies andExecutive Programs. Today, SU Alumni are in 60+ countries around the world.Susan is titled “Founding Architect” for her role in building the initial DNA that is SU.Susan is also the founder of Women@TheFrontier, an explosive forum highlighting female change-agents that are leveraging exponential technologies and innovative platforms to address globalgrand challenges.An anthropologist and lawyer, prior to SU Susan negotiated diplomatic and internationalcollaboration with Central American Presidents, Ambassadors, U.S. State Officials and IndustryCEOs that culminated in the successful vote and passage of the U.S. & Dominican Republic –Central American Free Trade Agreement (DR-CAFTA). In addition, Susan has produced technicaland scientific conferences (e.g., Life Extension Conference, Singularity Summits, Aging Conferenceand Convergence).Susan’s focus is to create strategic alliances and global networks that empower, inspire and drivepositive change.312 11TH AVE. SUITE 9M | NEW YOR K, NY 10001 | TEL. +1.860.918.0438 |
  14. 14. #EWgreece - LINKEDIN PROFILES -312 11TH AVE. SUITE 9M | NEW YOR K, NY 10001 | TEL. +1.860.918.0438 |
  15. 15. USA DELEGATIONSergio Fernandez de Cordova - – Bui – Allworth – Bayrasil - Perkins – O Conner - Schmidtt - Gary Whitehill - 11TH AVE. SUITE 9M | NEW YOR K, NY 10001 | TEL. +1.860.918.0438 |
  16. 16. Entrepreneur Week - Founder -312 11TH AVE. SUITE 9M | NEW YOR K, NY 10001 | TEL. +1.860.918.0438 |
  17. 17. GARY WHITEHILL Founder of Entrepreneur Week & The Relentless FoundationA relentless entrepreneur and driven philanthropist with a footprint on four continents; broadexperience spanning entrepreneurship, M&A, business turnarounds, and Fortune 100 boarddirectorships.A visionary in structuring the macro-level dynamics of entrepreneurial ecosystems, Gary hasauthored 10 professional articles and given more than 50 presentations in forums around theworld on a multitude of topics pertaining to entrepreneurship. His works have been featured inseveral prestigious publications, including the Harvard Business Review, Inc and Time Magazine.Gary is also an investor in 8 companies spanning multiple verticals, including: consumer products,outdoor advertising, print and technology.Philanthropically, Gary is driven by a desire to ensure every continent remains competitive globallyin the entrepreneurship space. He seeks to build a framework to teach every child in grades K-12the tenets of entrepreneurship inside the classroom by 2030. This mission commenced with theformation of The Relentless Foundation in 2009. Gary also plans to expand upon his ambitiousvision and launch a network of entrepreneurship curriculum-based schools in major metro citiesaround the world by 2040.Fulfilling his passion for promoting innovation in large corporations, Gary played an instrumentalrole in architecting the first Fortune 50 Entrepreneur-in-Residence program in history at Dell.Currently, he resides as a member of the AOL Small Business Board of Directors, Astia GlobalBoard of Directors, Dell Entrepreneur-in-Residence Advisory Board and Holcomb Nature FarmBoard of Directors. In 2011, Gary represented the United States at the Young G20 Summit in Paris,France advising heads of state on innovation in technology and communication. Recently, Garywas nominated to represent the United States at the G8 Young Global Leaders Summit in Chicago,Illinois this May.Gary was Division I collegiate athlete in both Football and Track & Field at Central ConnecticutState University and graduated with a triple degree in management, marketing andentrepreneurship.312 11TH AVE. SUITE 9M | NEW YOR K, NY 10001 | TEL. +1.860.918.0438 |
  18. 18. #EWgreece - Misc. Info -312 11TH AVE. SUITE 9M | NEW YOR K, NY 10001 | TEL. +1.860.918.0438 |
  19. 19. HOTEL INFORMATIONNJV ATHENS PLAZA HOTEL: WhitehillCell: (860)-918-0438Email: Gary@GaryWhitehill.comSkype: GaryWhitehillEasiest (for smartphone users) = What’s App312 11TH AVE. SUITE 9M | NEW YOR K, NY 10001 | TEL. +1.860.918.0438 |