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The Saudi delegation

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EWgreece Saudi Delegation

  1. 1. Entrepreneur Week Greece Athens, Greece February 23rd – 25th, 2012Saudi Delegation Online ProfilesName LinkedIn Profile TwitterOmar Al-Madhi http://www.linkedin.com/in/almadhi @madisonpartnersLateefa Al-Waalan http://www.linkedin.com/in/lateefalwaalan @lwallanMaria Mahdaly http://www.linkedin.com/in/mariamahdaly @mariamahdalyAbdullah Al-Munif http://www.linkedin.com/pub/abdullah- @abdullahalmunif almunif/2a/332/95aAbdullah Al-Mutrif http://sa.linkedin.com/pub/abdullah-i-almutrif/2/9/204 @almutrifOsama Natto http://www.linkedin.com/in/osamanatto @osamanatto Hellenic Start-up Association - www.hellenicstartups.gr Entrepreneur Week - www.entrepreneurweek.net
  2. 2. The Saudi Arabian DelegationMr. Omar Al-Madhi (Delegation Leader)Founder, Madison PartnersOmar H. Al-Madhi is Assistant Deputy Governor for Research, Analysis & Councils at theSaudi Arabian General Investment Authority | SAGIA. Omar is also an Advisor to HE theMinister of Labor and on the steering committee for several of the Ministry of Labor’sinitiatives.Omar was elected as a Young Arab Leader in October, 2010. He is also an Eisenhower Fellow.As an Eisenhower Fellow, Omar was awarded the Ward Wheelock Distinguished Middle EastFellow honor. He is also the recipient of the 2007 MIT Sloan Martin Trust Fellowship &Achievement Award for Leadership and outstanding potential. Omar was also awarded theMILE PALM2 Young Executive Scholarship.Omar led the first Saudi Entrepreneurs delegation to the G20 Young Entrepreneurs’ Summitin Nice, France (November 2011). He is a founding member and serves as the Chairman of themembership committee at Oqal, a non-profit organization aimed at linking capital with ideasand supporting the creation of a prosperous SME sector in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. He isa founding general secretariat member of the Saudi-Japanese Industrial Cooperation JointTask Force. Omar is also engaged in the MIT Arab Business Plan Competition as an adviserand juror.Omar has been involved in the establishment of several entrepreneurial ventures. He is thefounder and Managing Director of Madison Partners, a private advisory firm with a missioncentered upon creating and maximizing value for clients in the Middle East. The firmoccasionally undertakes equity positions and co-invests in early-stage business opportunities.He is also a founding investor in HoneyBee Tech Ventures, the developer of “Laimoon”. Hellenic Start-up Association - www.hellenicstartups.gr Entrepreneur Week - www.entrepreneurweek.net
  3. 3. Delegation of 5 Young Saudi Entrepreneurs (Short Bios)Ms. Lateefa AlWaalanFounder, Yatooq (www.yatooq.com)Lateefa recently founded Yatooq as an innovative new startup focused on delivering the greattaste of homebrew Arabic coffee to you wherever you may be. Lateefa is also actively involvedin the development of women’s networks in Saudi and is a founding member of CellA+, aprofessional women’s network aimed at empowering women.Ms. Maria MahdalyCo-Founder, Rumman Company (www.rummancompany.com)Maria is a social entrepreneur who is passionate about the social aspect of the business bysupporting the youth of the community. In 2009 Maria was named one of top 30 studententrepreneurs in the world at the Global Student Entrepreneur Award and continues toexplore entrepreneurial ventures. Maria participated in many local and internationalconferences as a youth motivator and a role model, at the age of 21 Maria was appointed aboard member and head of business development at Rumman Company and in one yearperiod she raised the value of the company by 300%. Hellenic Start-up Association - www.hellenicstartups.gr Entrepreneur Week - www.entrepreneurweek.net
  4. 4. Mr. Abdullah Al-MunifFounder & CEO, AlMunif Holding (www.almunifholding.com)Abdullah has been heralded as one of the leading young entrepreneurs in Saudi Arabia andfeatured in several publications including pieces by Professor Dan Isenberg of BabsonUniversity. His primary businesses have been in the gastronomy sector and include Saudirenowned brands: Anoosh and Baby Burger.Mr. Abdullah Al-MutrifManaging Partner, Protech (www.protech-me.com)Abdullah is considered one of Saudi Arabia’s leading youth leaders through his involvement inthe establishment of several national committees for young businessmen including theEastern Province Young Businessmen Council. He is a former VP of National YoungBusinessmen Committee and an avid entrepreneur in the tech space with many brandscurrently under management. Abdullah is a winner of the Prince Salman Young EntrepreneurAward and was selected as a Member of the Saudi Delegation at the G20 YoungEntrepreneurs’ Summit at Nice, France. Hellenic Start-up Association - www.hellenicstartups.gr Entrepreneur Week - www.entrepreneurweek.net
  5. 5. Mr. Osama NattoFounder & CEO, Innovative Business Solutions (www.ibsolutions.com.sa)Osama is a serial entrepreneur and currently leads a company aimed at becoming the mostappreciated technology consultant in Saudi Arabia providing value-added technology servicesto rising businesses and expanding companies. He was selected as a member of the SaudiDelegation at the G20 Young Entrepreneurs’ Summit at Nice, France. Hellenic Start-up Association - www.hellenicstartups.gr Entrepreneur Week - www.entrepreneurweek.net
  6. 6. Delegation of 5 Young Saudi Entrepreneurs (Full Bios)Mr. Abdullah Al-MunifAbdullah is a young Saudi but with an impressive track record of enterprise.Predominantly in Food Retail Abdullah has created and established three food chainsthroughout the Kingdom which he directs as Chairman and CEO.These chains are now fully recognized brands being " Anoosh Chocolates " - 15 Branches(www.myanoosh.com ); " Pane Piatto " - coffee shops - 20 Branches ( www.panepiatto.com );" Baby Burger " - 5 Branches. All three continue to expand with a further additional 28 outletsplanned in 2012.In addition Abdullah has established a Distribution Company servicing the whole Kingdomessentially providing food stuff to Hotels and Supermarkets and also certain of theWholesalers and the Kingdoms 80,000 Groceries.Although, primarily in the food retail business Abdullah has diversified - this includesChairman of SouthWind Telecom the leading Distributor for the Operator "Zain" within theKingdom. Hellenic Start-up Association - www.hellenicstartups.gr Entrepreneur Week - www.entrepreneurweek.net
  7. 7. Maria MahdalyIn October 2007, three entrepreneurial Saudi women packed up their determination andvision and left their jobs at a publishing house in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia to launch a business oftheir own. Less than three years later, Rumman Company, an innovative Media PublishingHouse based in Jeddah has 21 employees, annual revenue between one to five million Sar($266,000 - $1.3) and has achieved a standard five-year growth rate (2004-2008) of 596percent.What began in the living room of Rumman CEO Enas Hashani’s house is now a thrivingenterprise that owns, operates and manages socially responsible and youth-oriented venturesin media publishing and production. In addition it provides corporate and social eventmanagement and soon will launch the Grow a competition to nurture the ecosystem of thestriving young entrepreneurs.Enas Hashani, who along with General Manager Maria Mahdaly and COO Bayan EsamAbuzinadah co-founded the company.The trio initially found an enthusiastic investor, moved into a small office and launched whatare now their two main ventures - Fainak?, one of the first and most active on-and-offlineyouth media sites in Saudi Arabia, and Destination Jeddah – City Insight on the Go. Thesetrademark products have grown to include Fainak Buzz, Fainak Newzine and Fainak Events,and each illustrate Rumman’s ability to successfully target and showcase a largely under-represented audience – Saudi youth.Due to Rumman’s large on-and-offline database of young subscribers, it has become aprimary resource for companies eager to market their products to youthful audiences.General Manager of Rumman. Mahdaly was named one of the top 30 student entrepreneursin the world by the U.S.-based Entrepreneurs’ Organization and has been invited to attendPresident Barack Obama’s April 2010 Summit on Entrepreneurship in Washington, D.C.Rumman’s other main product - Destination Jeddah: City Insight on the Go! is the mostpopular English-language monthly magazine distributed to more than 70,000 readers inJeddah. In the past few years, Jeddah has opened tremendously to business investment andtourism, which is why Rumman Compant decided to create this Destination Jeddah. The aimwas to educate people, even locals, about what Jeddah has to offer.On January 25 2010, Rumman Company placed first out of 31 companies on the Saudi FastGrowth 100 Start-Up list and received an award during a gala dinner at the GlobalCompetitiveness Forum in Riyadh. The Saudi Fast Growth 100 is a national program topromote entrepreneurship and innovation in Saudi Arabia that ranks the fastest-growingemerging companies in the Kingdom. Hellenic Start-up Association - www.hellenicstartups.gr Entrepreneur Week - www.entrepreneurweek.net
  8. 8. Osama NattoOsama Natto was born in Makkah, Saudi Arabia in 1977 with an Entrepreneurial spirit.By the age of 17 Osama already had several part-time jobs and several businesses includingselling Jewelry, a small production studio and others.Before graduation from King Fahad University of Petroleum and Minerals with Honors,Osama joined Procter & Gamble while still a student in 1999.Osama left the corporate world after 6 years due to the restrictions in innovation and budgetsand went off to start several businesses regardless of doubts from his colleagues and somefamily members.Osama first business, Omnitec Al-Saudia, short lived but his second business, InnovativeBusiness Solutions, was ranked twice in a row as one of the top 10 fastest growing start-upbusinesses in Saudi Arabia and once on the top 20 growing businesses in Saudi Arabia.Today Osama is a partner and Board Member in several businesses and he continues to workwith his friends to setup new businesses with an average of one new business every 18months.Osama’s latest venture, Innovative Business Solutions (IBS), is a Jeddah-based businessfounded in 2005 as an IT & Telecom Service Provider Support entity. It has evolved in the lastthree years to focus on Smart Environment Solutions. The services include technical designand project delivery management. IBS is a three-time winner on the Saudi Fast Growth Listby SAGIA. IBS has a track record of six Smart Environment Projects with the key flagshipproject being the Headquarters Business Park the largest office building in Western SaudiArabia. IBS vision is to become the number one Saudi company in the field of SmartEnvironment locally and recognized internationally.IBS’s Smart Environment Solutions is defined as equipping Real Estate entities withtechnological solutions to offer (A) Energy & cost saving deployment & operational models aswell as (B) convenient, practical and/or luxurious means of interactions with the end user.Some refer to Smart Environment as Smart Buildings or Intelligent buildings, but such latterterms are currently limited to either traditional building management systems (BMS) orbuilding automation systems (BAS). However, “true” Smart Environment extends topositively impact all different types of the building across varying occupants. Real Estateentities span across all different building types to be smart building, smart community oreven Smart city. Types include, but not limited to, single villas or multiplex residential villas,residential apartment buildings, residential compounds, commercial office buildings, retailbuildings, hospitals, universities, utilities buildings, etc.IBS services offering for the Smart Environment market are: 1- Smart Environment Technology Business Consulting 2- Smart Environment Definition & Design 3- Smart Environment Vendors Selection & Tendering 4- Smart Environment Project Delivery Management 5- Smart Environment Operation Management Hellenic Start-up Association - www.hellenicstartups.gr Entrepreneur Week - www.entrepreneurweek.net