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Overview of HNSciCloud - Bob Jones (CERN)

Helix Nebula Science Cloud Pilot Phase webcast, 6 February 2018, Bologna, Italy

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Overview of HNSciCloud - Bob Jones (CERN)

  1. 1. 08/12/2016 2
  2. 2. Helix Nebula – The Science Cloud with Grant Agreement 687614 is a Pre-Commercial Procurement Action funded by H2020 Framework Programme Introduction 6 January 2018 Bob Jones CERN IT department 02/02/2018
  3. 3. HNSciCloud To provide a common cloud platform for the European research community Collectively the buyers group need a means to increase the analysis capability and capacity offered to their users to keep pace with the growth in scientific data that needs to be analysed 08/12/2016 4
  4. 4. Helix Nebula Science Cloud Joint Pre-Commercial Procurement Bob Jones, CERN 5 Procurers: CERN, CNRS, DESY, EMBL-EBI, ESRF, IFAE, INFN, KIT, STFC, SURFSara Experts: Trust-IT & The group of procurers have committed • Procurement funds • Manpower for testing/evaluation • Use-cases with applications & data • In-house IT resources Resulting services will be made available to end- users from many research communities Co-funded via H2020 Grant Agreement 687614 Total procurement budget >5.3M€
  5. 5. What is being procured A hybrid cloud platform for the European research community 6 HNSciCloud PCP Source:CloudComputingforGovies,DLTSolutions, DavidBlankenhorn,VanRistauandCaronBeesley Combining services at the IaaS level to support science workflows The R&D services to be developed are to be integrated with Resources in data centres operated by the Buyers Group, GEANT network and eduGAIN fed. identity mgmt
  6. 6. Challenges Innovative IaaS level cloud services integrated with procurers in- house resources and public e-infrastructure to support a range of scientific workloads Compute and Storage support a range of virtual machine and container configurations including HPC working with datasets in the petabyte range accessible transparently Network Connectivity and Federated Identity Management provide high-end network capacity via GEANT for the whole platform with common identity and access management Service Payment Models explore a range of purchasing options to determine those most appropriate for the scientific application workloads to be deployed Bob Jones, CERN 7
  7. 7. 8 The Hybrid Cloud Model Brings together • research organisations, • data providers, • publicly funded e- infrastructures, • commercial cloud service providers In a hybrid cloud with procurement and governance approaches suitable for the dynamic cloud market In-house
  8. 8. Use cases and adopter group Bob Jones, CERN 9 Research Infrastructures are facilities, resources or services of a unique nature identified by European research communities to conduct top- level research activities in all fields Other interested Research Infrastructures and procuring organisations will form an adopter group
  9. 9. HNSciCloud project phases Preparation •Analysis of requirements, current market offers and relevant standards •Build stakeholder group •Develop tender material Implementation and sharing Jan’16 Dec’18 Each step is competitive - only contractors that successfully complete the previous step can bid in the next 10 4 Designs 3 Prototypes 2 Pilots Call-off Feb’17 Call-off Dec’17 Tender Jul’16 Phases of the tender are defined by the Horizon 2020 Pre-Commercial Procurement financial instrument We are here