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Hybrid cloud for science


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Jurry de la Mar, T-Systems presents the vision and the approach of its winning consortium for the Design Phase of the HNSciCloud tender.

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Hybrid cloud for science

  1. 1. hybrid cloud for science vision, approach and consortium Jurry de la Mar
  2. 2. Helix Nebula Science CLOUD Vision T-Systems 2 “Helix nebula will be tHe leading european hybrid cloud platform for open innovation, open science, and open to the world, for organizations and individual researchers. And open Telekom cloud will be a key partner and resource contributor.” Team T-Systems. 02/11/2016T-Systems / Jurry de la Mar
  3. 3. HNSCICLOUD - starting point. T-Systems / Jurry de la Mar 302/11/2016 public cloud Open Telekom Cloud is a leading public cloud service from Germany, scalable, secure and cost-effective. SIMPLE, SECURE, AFFORDABLE. community World wide leading and thriving community of developers, in collaboration with users. STRONGEST TEAM. networks Registered GÉANT IaaS provider and established nx10G network peering. BEST ACCESS. experience Founding member of the Helix Nebula Initiative. Multiple pilots. HPC for Science provider. STATE-OF-THE-ART.
  4. 4. Open Telekom Cloud Service catalogue service catalogue, Version 1.1 (Oct 2016) 4 Management Cloud Eye Security Network Elastic IP Virtual Private Cloud Elastic Load Balance Storage Object Storage Service Elastic Volume Service Volume Backup Service Compute Elastic Cloud Server Auto- scaling Image Mgmt. Service Identity and Access Management Anti-DDoS PAAS Cloud Container Engine Relational Database Service OBS Encryption Price Online Display Domain Name Service Direct Connect Migration aaS* Workspace Services * Release in Dec. 2016 02/11/2016T-Systems / Jurry de la Mar
  5. 5. 02/11/2016T-Systems / Jurry de la Mar 5
  6. 6. HNSCICLOUD - R&D focus. T-Systems / Jurry de la Mar 602/11/2016 LARGE-SCALE data Integration of leading transparent access and data handling functions in a hybrid cloud with full accountability of resource consumption. UNIFIED AND EFFICIENT ACCESS. SLA Extending the SLA with further service components, metrics and commitments according to the ISO/IEC 19086 series of standards. TRUSTED AND PERFORMING. business Developing new purchasing options for Science users, integrating large- scale data access and handling functions and reflecting typical organisational structures. SIMPLE AND AFFORDABLE. privacy and security Identity and access management in the hybrid cloud for eduGain and other identity providers. Extend certifications with ISO 27017 and 27018. PROTECTED AND PRIVATE.
  7. 7. Onedata multi-cloud filesystem 02/11/2016T-Systems / Jurry de la Mar 7  Eventually consistent distributed filesystem working in multi-cloud environments with POSIX and HTTP interfaces  High-throughput data access  Data replication on demand or on the fly  Working with heterogeneous storage backends including: POSIX, S3, Ceph, OpenStack Swift  Unified data access  Support for secure data sharing and collaboration based on ACL’s
  8. 8. Onedata multi-cloud filesystem 02/11/2016T-Systems / Jurry de la Mar 8  Onedata is deployed in several production and development environments including:  Polish National Grid Infrastructure  EGI-Engage  EGI DataHub  INDIGO-DataCloud  Comprehensive REST API for both users as well as administrators  Easy to use web user interface  Distributed as open source on Apache 2.0 license  Read for more:
  9. 9. consortium 02/11/2016 9T-Systems / Jurry de la Mar Project Management Scientific Challenges Technical R&D Technical & Service OpenStack Technical & Service Academic Computing Centre Commercialis ation Business Models Service R&D Cloud, HPC, Network Security
  10. 10.  Data privacy according to German legislation  Enterprise grade  Best market prices  CapEx to OpEx  Easy to use Public IaaS  On boarding  OpenStack SECURE AND COMPLIANT SIMPLE AFFORDABLE OPEN TELEKOM CLOUD  German IaaS alternative by large ICT provider