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HNSciCloud pilot phase - Andrea Chierici (INFN)

Helix Nebula Science Cloud Pilot Phase, 6 February 2018, Bologna, Italy

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HNSciCloud pilot phase - Andrea Chierici (INFN)

  1. 1. Helix Nebula – The Science Cloud with Grant Agreement 687614 is a Pre-Commercial Procurement Action funded by H2020 Framework Programme HNSciCloud Pilot Phase WP5 Andrea Chierici 06/02/2018
  2. 2. Objectives Assess each pilot Give input to the final reporting Provide feedback to contractors Open pilot deployments to end users Deploy their applications Provide the platform on which the final demo can be performed 06/02/2018
  3. 3. Description of work two major tasks: Task 5.1: scalability and robustness tests Extended tests performed by the IT specialists functionality, interoperability, security, robustness and scalability When completed will start trials by end-users Task 5.2: pilot assessment Assessment against the published criteria 06/02/2018
  4. 4. Start of the Pilot Phase WP5 marks the start of the Pilot Phase of the PCP process. Prototype Platforms will be progressively expanded to larger-scale Pilot Platforms Buyers Group will execute a suite of tests and a range of application workloads. 06/02/2018
  5. 5. Work Plan February-March End of February: achieve 100% coverage of the tests in the prototype test suite for each contractor Test subset of suite against Advania (via RHEA) April: formal review (M-PIL-3.1) Possibility to terminate the work order if tests show insufficient progress 06/02/2018
  6. 6. Work Plan April-May Following the M-PIL-3.1 review, IAAS capacity increased start testing scalability, security and reliability Selected end-users will be given access to pilot platform WP5 completes at the end of May 2018, followed by a second review (M-PIL-3.2) Feedback from end-users taken into account 06/02/2018
  7. 7. Dec’18Feb’18 Access to cloud service capacity 7k/ 700TB 10k/ 1PB 20k/ 2PB 40Gbps Scalability Testing End User Access Cores/ Storage Combined capacity distributed across 2 Pilots Apr’18 Jun’18 06/02/2018
  8. 8. HNSciCloud test suite CERN • CERN Batch service • GPU (Machine learning) • PerfSONAR @40Gbps • VM Provisioning and Personalisation • Security assessments • Dockerized deployment of EOS+CERNBOX+SWAN CNRS • HTCondor dynamic expansion • LHC_VO MC DESY • HPL and HPCG (HPC) • SIMEX (photon science) • Serial X-Ray (Crystallography) EMBL • Marine Metagenomics ESRF • Functionality and user- friendliness of cloud interfaces IFAE • MAGIC hybrid cloud • CTA_dirac data fetching INFN • BelleII_SIM_PROD • Dynfarm_scale • DODAS KIT • Batch system extension • CPU benchmarks • Fed auth with ECP SAML SURFsara • BBMRi import and testing of images/recipes • LOFAR/BBMRI data transfer • LIGO/VIRGO 06/02/2018
  9. 9. Work Methodology Continue the good habits of WP4 Weekly telco among procurers (1h) Telco with contractors the same day Mailing list: Ticketing and logbook systems provided by DESY Collaborative tools provided by CERN to share documents and notes Communication with contractors through their systems 06/02/2018