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HNSciCloud Phase 1 Award


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Marc-Elian Bégin, SixSq, presents the vision, the approach and consortium of its winning consortium for the Design Phase of the HNSciCloud tender.

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HNSciCloud Phase 1 Award

  1. 1. HNSCICLOUD PHASE 1 AWARD November 2nd 2016 Helix Nebula Science Cloud Award Unclassified 1
  2. 2. Helix Nebula Science Cloud Award Unclassified 2 Established Partnerships OUR TEAM RHEA: Prime contractor, proven management of large contracts for institutional customers, cyber security experts T-Systems: Leading European Public Cloud provider working with CERN and other institutions, GÉANT connection ExoScale: Dynamic, innovative cloud provider worked with CERN, GÉANT connection SixSq: SlipStream/Nuvla; brokerage and automated multi-cloud application deployment
  3. 3. Helix Nebula Science Cloud Award Unclassified 3 Network-aware, multi-cloud, agnostic environment… OUR VISION We start from a production service: innovate -> demonstrate -> collect feedback -> improve We build on established, market-leading cloud services You enhance your community or private cloud with access to public cloud services You create cloud native applications to take full advantage of the cloud, or You drop-in your application as is Any Cloud, any App…
  4. 4. Helix Nebula Science Cloud Award Unclassified 4 Deliver end-to-end optimised network and data throughput CHALLENGES Deliver strict throughput from home institute to the cloud Deliver strict, and scalable, throughput from data source to the VM Support a wide range of applications Support different data layout and access patterns Integrate containers and their management solutions with ease Provide seamless user access and security through single sign-on … with minimum complexity!
  5. 5. Helix Nebula Science Cloud Award Unclassified 5 Support all connection means Direct, libcloud, jcloud, terraform, native API Reporting, Accounting & Management By User, Project, Organisation Service Level Agreement Monitoring Define SLA using SLALOM Identity & Access Management SAML 2.0, eduGAIN integration GÉANT Data Protection Code of Conduct Complementary partners, coherent solution, flexible implementation… PUTTING IT ALL TOGETHER Nuvla (Management) User Open Telekom Cloud (IaaS) Exoscale (IaaS) <manage> <provision> <provision> <provision> <provision> HPCaaS <interface>
  6. 6. Helix Nebula Science Cloud Award Unclassified 6 Proven, innovative cloud service providers… IAAS CLOUD SERVICES Exoscale Apache CloudStack Data centres in Switzerland, expanding to other European countries Optimized for cloud-native applications Open Telekom Cloud from T-Systems Public Cloud, data centres in Germany, certified and audited OpenStack and open standard APIs for all functions Established, high-bandwidth network connectivity throughout Europe Scientific use tested and verified by CERN … transparent access to different providers and to your own clouds!
  7. 7. Helix Nebula Science Cloud Award Unclassified 7 Performance optimization in virtualized environments Introduction of HPC resource flavors in Open Telekom Cloud Use of T-Systems HWW commercial HPC-service based on HLRS-infrastructure Access through GÉANT Experience based on work with various research organizations and industry GPU also available via Exoscale Cloud and dedicated HPC options HPCAAS
  8. 8. Helix Nebula Science Cloud Award Unclassified 8 Proven solution that provides… MULTI-CLOUD AND HYBRID CLOUD Choice of cloud based on price, performance, service guarantees, etc. without vendor lock-in Transparent interoperability with your own community and private clouds Fast deployment of new features and fixes thanks to a rapid innovation cycle Automated deployment and dynamic management of applications to minimize costs and maximize performance True multi-cloud application support to take advantage of geo-redundancy, fail-over, etc. … just add data!
  9. 9. Helix Nebula Science Cloud Award Unclassified 9 Demonstrate POSIX access to wide range of data sets stored in variety of services Understand scalability, performance Integrate existing tools/services Meet data protection norms GDPR compliance ISO 27xxx series Provide access while protecting data… LARGE DATA SETS
  10. 10. Helix Nebula Science Cloud Award Unclassified 10 T-Systems connected via DFN NREN Exoscale connected via CIXP Currently connected at 10 Gbps Committed to deliver 40 Gbps for Phase 3 Efficient data access relies on fast networking… GÉANT NETWORK CONNECTIVITY
  11. 11. Helix Nebula Science Cloud Award Unclassified 11 Recipes to facilitate scalable deployments of standard container management tools Mesos, Kubernetes, … Work to provide transparent access to virtualization technologies Reducing complexity and overheads… CONTAINER SUPPORT … your feedback needed!
  12. 12. Helix Nebula Science Cloud Award Unclassified 12 Previous R&D developments commercialised Services Software Widest possible choices, avoid vendor lock-in Evolution of Helix Nebula Marketplace, incorporating lessons learned New service options proposed to meet Buyers Group needs Buyers group need to consider new procurement models to realise the full benefits of “as a service” cloud procurement A Proven Track Record BUSINESS MODEL & COMMERCIALISATION
  13. 13. Helix Nebula Science Cloud Award Unclassified 13 Flexible, commercial data analysis platform… GOING FORWARD Solution brings together production products and services into coherent analysis platform Established players in cloud ecosystem Proven delivery within Helix Nebula Extend existing capabilities to meet the needs of large-scale, scientific data analysis… Provided ”as a Service”!